18:00:50 <sarob> #startmeeting ambassadors
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18:01:12 <mrmartin> so we doubled the number of attendees since the last meeting.
18:01:19 <egallen> great
18:01:23 <sarob> meeting agenda is at #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/ambassadors
18:01:31 <sarob> which i didnt update :/
18:02:01 <sarob> but i think we just need to review the state of the most excellent groups site
18:02:13 <sarob> and task from the summit etherpad
18:02:26 <sarob> #topic groups site update
18:02:38 <sarob> take it away mrmartin
18:02:45 <mrmartin> ok, so, the groups portal is out, the oauth2 is working now
18:03:01 <mrmartin> I sent out an email to ambassador list, and asked everybody to login
18:03:16 <mrmartin> so I started to assign the registered group owners to their groups.
18:03:56 <marcelodieder> Yes. For me work. There are any difference with roles to ambassadors, owners?
18:04:04 <marcelodieder> ..in the portal?
18:05:04 <mrmartin> marcelodieder, it is a task on the storyboard, to identify the amabassadors. I'm working on that, because it requires a 3 project integration (groups, openstackid.org, openstack.org profile)
18:05:29 <mrmartin> but as a small workaround in the next release I want to add a temporary role and display that for ambassador profiles
18:05:50 <marcelodieder> mrmartin: great.
18:05:54 <mrmartin> and try to assign the ambassadors to their user groups somehow
18:06:46 <mrmartin> so the registration is going on, the main goal here to assign the groups their owners, so we can remove the content import from the groups.json file hosted at groups-static-pages repository.
18:07:20 <mrmartin> for the next release, the localization will be enabled, so we can also start to work on translation of the user interface
18:08:09 <mrmartin> regarding the groups currently we have two options, we can manage the events / membership on meetup.com, or manage everything on groups portal.
18:08:42 <mrmartin> so actually it is not mandatory to move every content here, we are just trying to support content synchronisation somehow.
18:09:31 <sarob> so how can i manage a user group?
18:09:50 <sarob> you have me listed as a coordinator for san francisco
18:10:18 <mrmartin> so you can post content, manage the events
18:10:33 <marcelodieder> yes...For example how I can put member with admin for a user group?
18:11:30 <mrmartin> actually, the members can join to a group, because it is a decision of a user.
18:12:19 <mrmartin> sarob: you are a group administrator now for SF group.
18:12:42 <sarob> mrmartin: swweet
18:13:14 <mrmartin> the group administrators have an Administer Group tab, and they can manage permission, people roles, or remove somebody from a group.
18:14:09 <mrmartin> and you can edit the group details using the Edit tab
18:14:39 <mrmartin> so if you fill in the description field, this will appear on the group page.
18:15:00 <sarob> can i assign other people to be admins for other groups?
18:16:03 <mrmartin> you can add group administrator role to members of your group only, and only in the groups you are managing.
18:16:09 <egallen> You can find my account too mrmartin:
18:16:32 <sarob> superuser that can assign others admin groups, manage a region of groups, would be a good idea
18:16:56 <sarob> you being godadmin
18:17:05 <mrmartin> erwan, please join to france group.
18:17:30 <egallen> Done
18:17:30 <mrmartin> sarob: yeap, there will be two roles to cover this area, one is ambassador, and the other one is the community manager
18:17:38 <sarob> if a new group needs be created or the group admin/organizer drops off, the ambassador for ...
18:17:44 <sarob> mrmartin: cool
18:18:09 <mrmartin> egallen: you are a group admin now
18:18:13 <sarob> when will ambassador role be avail?
18:18:20 <egallen> \o/
18:18:24 <mrmartin> but the short term goal is move-in all ambassadors, and group leaders
18:18:44 <sarob> mrmartin: ah, no mass use yet ?
18:18:45 <mrmartin> sarob: I hope it will be in the next release, if everything goes well, I can roll this out during next week
18:18:56 <mrmartin> sarob feel free to use
18:18:58 <sarob> mrmartin: roger that good buddy
18:19:39 <mrmartin> I want to reach a point, where every group leader is assigned to his group and can edit his group details.
18:19:55 <mrmartin> the second goal, is to move-in all data that is required for reporting.
18:20:10 <mrmartin> for example estimate somehow the size of the community.
18:20:12 <sarob> mrmartin: ideas on importing attendees and attendee history?
18:20:39 <mrmartin> sarob: it is not an easy question, because we need to assign their user account with their openstack.org profile
18:20:40 <sarob> mrmartin: read my mind, yo
18:21:14 <sarob> mrmartin: ah, understand
18:21:15 <mrmartin> so I can imagine some hibrid solution, where we are fetching data somehow from meetup.com accounts, and slowly migrating in the groups
18:21:20 <mrmartin> entirely into portal.
18:21:25 <mrmartin> but it will take time.
18:22:06 <sarob> mrmartin: my account is by email address, same one i use for meetup
18:22:10 <ozstacker> gday
18:22:20 <sarob> ozstacker: hey
18:22:27 <mrmartin> sarob: yeap, but we don't know that for the whole community.
18:22:50 <sarob> ossetacker: good morning
18:22:59 <sarob> mrmartin: understood
18:23:11 <mrmartin> I need to check the meetup.com api, and maybe somehow we can assign the accounts together based on email addresses.
18:23:16 <ozstacker> 5.22am here, waiting for the elections results chatting with Tom and Kavit
18:23:27 <mrmartin> like linkedin and facebook is doing.
18:23:28 <sarob> mrmartin: reporting part im very interested in fine tuning
18:23:49 <sarob> mrmartin: that would be very cool
18:23:49 <mrmartin> sarob: me well
18:23:56 <ozstacker> think i'm gonna flake out and crash soon
18:24:03 <sarob> ozstacker: good luck there mate
18:24:16 <ozstacker> awesome jonb on the portal mrmartin
18:24:20 <ozstacker> job rather
18:24:28 <mrmartin> thanks, the exciting part starts now
18:25:27 <mrmartin> so this is the actual status.
18:25:36 <marcelodieder> OK, so now we need send email to all contacts to login in the portal?
18:26:16 <mrmartin> marcelodieder: first I ask you to send emails to group leaders only, and get them registered
18:26:59 <sarob> mrmartin: i have a san fran user group organizer meeting today, so i will share
18:27:10 <mrmartin> ok.
18:27:13 <marcelodieder> ok
18:28:19 <sarob> mrmartin: anything else?
18:28:23 <mrmartin> we have storyboard project, so if you found a bug, feel free to enlist here.
18:28:40 <mrmartin> thats all regarding the portal.
18:29:02 <mrmartin> I'll have a question in an another topic.
18:29:06 <sarob> mrmartin: can you post the storyboard project link to the groups portal somehow?
18:29:11 <mrmartin> yeap.
18:29:37 <marcelodieder> I think we can use the "User group contacts" to send email. I will send to "my list".
18:29:58 <marcelodieder> but, there are some groups without "Ambassador".
18:30:11 <sarob> mrmartin: more of the people getting into the portal will not have experience with groups and lots of feedback will probably happen
18:30:54 <mrmartin> it have a chance.
18:31:03 <sarob> #action ambassadors need to use groups.openstack.org, share with other organizers, provide feedback
18:31:17 <mrmartin> we need to write a FAQ or something with most common questions to handle typical L1 customer care.
18:31:45 <sarob> mrmartin: can you start?
18:32:00 <sarob> mrmartin: then share with ambassadors for updates
18:32:01 <mrmartin> yeap.
18:32:11 <egallen> OK
18:32:25 <mrmartin> I can create a new page, and publish on the portal through github.com/openstack-infra/groups-static-pages repo.
18:32:25 <sarob> #action mrmartin will create groups portal FAQ and share with ambassadors for updates
18:32:38 <sarob> mrmartin coolo
18:33:17 <sarob> moving on
18:33:31 <sarob> #topic review actions from last meeting
18:33:39 <sarob> #link http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/ambassadors/2014/ambassadors.2014-12-16-08.03.html
18:34:29 <sarob> mrmartin: seems like you got some of the organizers down, as you assigned them to groups
18:34:56 <mrmartin> yeap, good progress with that.
18:35:03 <sarob> mrmartin: is the list shared somewhere like gsheet?
18:35:30 <mrmartin> it is available in this file: https://github.com/openstack-infra/groups-static-pages/blob/master/groups.json
18:35:32 <sarob> mrmartin: we have seen a few of them, not sure where
18:36:03 <sarob> mrmartin: you want us to update the json directly?
18:36:39 <mrmartin> you can do it, but middle term, the content import from this file will be turned off.
18:36:53 <mrmartin> as the groups portal will be the source of the data
18:37:09 <mrmartin> but later we can export the same json from the portal
18:37:34 <egallen> I’ve seen some update to do, I’ll modify the json
18:37:51 <sarob> mrmartin: so no drupal config json like file to update ambassadors and organizers ?
18:38:14 <mrmartin> no, we will export this data from the groups portal
18:39:04 <mrmartin> this is the goal of the transition. but if we want to move all data into the portal, first we need to assign group coordinators to their accounts
18:39:29 <mrmartin> which is enlisted currently in the "coordinators" field of the json.
18:40:12 <sarob> mrmartin: so the drupal site is completely separate right now
18:40:27 <sarob> mrmartin: and the file at #link https://github.com/openstack-infra/groups-static-pages are exports
18:40:29 <mrmartin> it is importing the data from the json file.
18:40:43 <mrmartin> no the groups.json is the current source of the data.
18:40:52 <sarob> mrmartin: okay
18:40:59 <mrmartin> but I will turn of the data synchronisation from there, if everybody registered himself.
18:41:06 <sarob> mrmartin: got it
18:41:40 <mrmartin> and then the portal can export this: https://groups.openstack.org/feed/groups.json
18:42:12 <sarob> got it
18:42:22 <egallen> without the emails
18:43:18 <mrmartin> I think we can add a lot of reporting if we see the requirements now
18:43:40 <sarob> egallen: yeah, it seems to be missing a unique id of some kind
18:43:48 <mrmartin> it is a typical thing, for example to query all of the actual contact information for an ambassador's group
18:43:55 <mrmartin> or send them a notification email
18:44:08 <sarob> mrmartin: there are two sean roberts for instance
18:44:14 <mrmartin> nice
18:44:19 <sarob> mrmartin: hard to believe i know
18:44:42 <mrmartin> is it somebody else, right?
18:44:52 <mrmartin> so you are not sharing a common email address
18:44:54 <sarob> mrmartin: i think you want to key off their email address in export
18:45:19 <sarob> mrmartin: no, some dude from england i think
18:45:31 <mrmartin> ok.
18:46:06 <sarob> mrmartin: just saying, name is going to be not unique enuf
18:46:12 <mrmartin> it can happen
18:46:33 <sarob> is kavit around?
18:46:45 <sarob> he was working on the starter packs
18:47:03 <sarob> i spoke with some HP peoples yesterday
18:47:04 <mrmartin> the users are identified by ouath2 token, so if openstackid.org handles this well, then must work.
18:47:32 <sarob> mrmartin: i was thinking for reporting, and json export
18:47:52 <mrmartin> yeap, starter pack is a question here, the Finland user group leader was asking about that.
18:48:51 <sarob> susanna litwin from HP has big plans for getting involved with the openstack community
18:49:10 <mrmartin> sarob: share some details with us
18:49:20 <sarob> she already has hp starter packs and other very similar to ambassador stuff brewing
18:49:53 <sarob> i asked her if she can help us get jump started
18:49:57 <marcelodieder> sarob: yes. I also spoke with she about the packs to community
18:49:59 <sarob> she is up for it
18:50:09 <mrmartin> what is included in a HP starter pack? I guess we need some vendor independent thing.
18:50:20 <sarob> she has been promoting the hp mvp group
18:50:32 <sarob> mrmartin: true
18:50:50 <sarob> she has her own hp agenda
18:51:11 <mrmartin> I'm a member of this MVP group, but to be honest, I don't know too much.
18:51:19 <sarob> but she is very willing to advise us on how to do the similar activities for ambassadors
18:51:33 <sarob> the short of it is
18:51:58 <sarob> litwin has been doing user groups and community events for years
18:52:34 <mrmartin> Tom or Stefano told something about a webshop where we could some coupons to order t-shirts etc.
18:52:55 <mrmartin> I don't know the status of that.
18:53:25 <mrmartin> but we see the demand from group leader side.
18:53:37 <sarob> having her advise on the admin side of doing this stuff is where we have little experience
18:54:10 <sarob> i will follow up with her next week
18:54:12 <mrmartin> I guess we need to put some usefull stuff into a starter pack.
18:54:19 <sarob> yup
18:54:41 <sarob> i have little clue of what to put in it
18:54:48 <sarob> she does
18:55:15 <sarob> she understands the admin and logistics side
18:55:23 <sarob> we understand the commmunity side
18:55:33 <sarob> we can help each other here
18:55:52 <mrmartin> ok, for example, if we want to send out something, need to consider for example producing things regionaly, and for example sending stuff from EU for EU countries
18:55:59 <sarob> like she was planning a MVP invite only meeting to discuss design
18:56:16 <mrmartin> so we can avoid the administration and extra custom taxes
18:56:24 <sarob> i advised that has to be public invite or no one will come
18:56:35 <sarob> that kind of sharing stuff
18:56:52 <sarob> mrmartin: ah, i didnt consider that
18:57:18 <sarob> mrmartin: so some region starter packs should be locally sourced
18:57:37 <marcelodieder> sarob: do you think we can talked with Suzanne about this?
18:57:48 <egallen> For « gifts » I don’t think there is any taxes
18:57:50 <sarob> the simple stuff always seems to be the hardest
18:57:52 <mrmartin> sometimes it is easier to handle, but need to know local rules.
18:58:08 <marcelodieder> I think first we need decided what put in packs
18:58:45 <sarob> marcelodieder: agreed
18:59:05 <mrmartin> egallen: the regulation here - Hungary - that I need to pay a customs investigation fee, and I guess over 20EUR or something value, I need to pay to 27% VAT
18:59:20 <mrmartin> and over another limit I need to pay customs tax
18:59:23 <sarob> i havent asked about the official group process yet :(
19:00:15 <mrmartin> the feature is in the portal, so we need to turn on a flag only.
19:00:33 <marcelodieder> what is the actual status about packs? With Kavit right?
19:00:57 <sarob> mrmartin: i still dont understand the how to official user group
19:01:02 * sarob me slow
19:01:29 <mrmartin> so we have the feature in the portal, I can select whether a group is not-supported or offical
19:01:32 <sarob> does anyone have a link to a wiki page or faq?
19:01:59 <mrmartin> I guess the details was included in the google sheet shared by Tom.
19:03:14 <sarob> its just a list of places and columns https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AjQnDbrPrXMHAJqdT-u0GNZK6ASlytP6an7orOaiUQs/edit#gid=0
19:03:24 <sarob> #link https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AjQnDbrPrXMHAJqdT-u0GNZK6ASlytP6an7orOaiUQs/edit#gid=0
19:03:38 <mrmartin> check the Intstructions tab
19:03:57 <mrmartin> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OfficialUserGroupProcess
19:04:18 <sarob> okay, i didnt see the tab
19:04:37 <sarob> i dimly remember this etherpad
19:05:19 <sarob> #info official user group process https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/OfficialUserGroupProcess
19:06:04 <sarob> #info official user group scorecard https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AjQnDbrPrXMHAJqdT-u0GNZK6ASlytP6an7orOaiUQs/edit#gid=619550744
19:06:44 <sarob> so we need to start getting groups in our region to become official
19:06:58 <sarob> i will start with my group first :/
19:07:12 <sarob> i think i pass...
19:07:19 <mrmartin> we did a review for EU groups with egallen
19:08:06 <sarob> mrmartin: how'd that go?
19:08:27 <mrmartin> need to check, but as I remember, France, Switzerland and Hungary passed
19:08:33 <sarob> cool
19:08:39 <mrmartin> the requirements are a bit strict
19:09:16 <egallen> I’ve a contact with most of the organisers, we have to be sure that groups are independents from companies, in some contries there is 2 groups
19:09:21 <mrmartin> for example if a group not doing regular meetings
19:09:36 <sarob> so how does a group "Agreed to Social Media and Event Policy"
19:10:24 <sarob> just cover #link  http://www.openstack.org/brand/event-policy/
19:10:27 <sarob> ?
19:11:01 <mrmartin> this can be a feature request for the portal
19:11:11 <sarob> ah second paragraph has good information
19:11:24 <sarob> im not sure i have ever seen this page before
19:11:56 <sarob> who ever goes to the branding site?
19:12:06 <sarob> makes some sense
19:12:18 <mrmartin> if somebody creates a new group now, we have this checkbox: I have read and agree the Terms and Conditions and OpenStack Event Policy
19:12:37 <sarob> with a link to this page?
19:12:40 <mrmartin> but for existing groups I guess nobody approved that formaly.
19:12:44 <mrmartin> yes.
19:13:06 <sarob> mrmartin: yeah, i dont remember seeing it, but i like what it says
19:13:52 <sarob> once you get groups fully up, you can route this stuff back into groups
19:14:21 <sarob> we should include a link to this on the event sites themselves
19:14:36 <sarob> i rant on this all the time with sponsors
19:16:50 <sarob> we have gone a bit long
19:16:55 <mrmartin> I think sponsorship is not evil, but direct product marketing and sales speech is not so good.
19:16:59 <mrmartin> ok.
19:17:09 <mrmartin> when will be the next meeting?
19:17:10 <sarob> should we conclude or continue a bit more?
19:17:18 <egallen> Just one thing : Do we submit an Ambassador talk for the Vancouver summit like in Paris ?
19:17:23 <sarob> good question
19:17:26 <mrmartin> egallen +1
19:17:32 <sarob> egallen: yes we should
19:17:41 <mrmartin> do it
19:17:48 <mrmartin> who will submit the proposal?
19:17:52 <sarob> another meet the ambassadors
19:18:00 <sarob> any of us can do it
19:18:25 <sarob> just make sure you add the other ambassadors as speakers then any can see it and edit
19:18:34 <mrmartin> egallen: can you do it?
19:18:36 <marcelodieder> We talk in the meeting on the last summit to speach about the groups stats...
19:18:56 <marcelodieder> We can provide feedback about the user group
19:18:59 <mrmartin> we will have stats soon
19:19:07 <marcelodieder> mrmartin: yeah
19:19:14 <sarob> whats our group big accomplishments we want to promote?
19:19:25 <sarob> its something to think about
19:19:38 <sarob> 90% user groups official
19:19:42 <mrmartin> need to finish this starter group
19:19:46 <mrmartin> the official group status
19:19:46 <sarob> groups portal all fixed up
19:19:50 <mrmartin> new groups
19:20:09 <egallen> We can start an etherpad for the  meet the ambassadors Vancouver : https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/meet-the-OpenStack-ambassadors-Vancouver
19:20:26 <sarob> how about promoting how active users are in the user groups
19:20:31 <sarob> and how its increasing
19:21:09 <marcelodieder> we can get feedbacks with leaders groups about users, numbers events, meetups...
19:22:01 <marcelodieder> I can do a GForm to get stats from this groups.
19:22:14 <mrmartin> marcelodieder: we can get most of the stats from the groups portal data
19:22:54 <sarob> the kind of active to total members
19:23:02 <marcelodieder> yes, but others stas that are not in the portal
19:23:19 <sarob> i think success looks like larger and larger numbers of active members
19:23:32 <mrmartin> ok, let's start to collect what type of data we want to collect
19:23:33 <marcelodieder> users, events, users in the last year
19:23:38 <sarob> it doesnt have to come from the portal right away
19:23:48 <sarob> true that too
19:24:25 <sarob> sfo 4,500 members with 447 active members
19:24:48 <mrmartin> yeap, London have around 700members with 60 active
19:24:55 <sarob> 164 events over the pass two plus years
19:25:11 <marcelodieder> So, active users, new users (last year), number events/meetups, next events
19:25:19 <marcelodieder> sarob: cool!
19:25:34 <sarob> it would be very cool to jam all of our stats together on stage and show what impact
19:25:38 <mrmartin> 10% active
19:25:39 <sarob> the user groups have
19:26:01 <sarob> making a difference
19:26:22 <marcelodieder> yes. And we can compare with the next summit. Tokyo.
19:26:24 <mrmartin> we could try to find out a way to raise the conversion rate based on actual registered numbers. if you can raise 10%, you can double the number of actives.
19:27:16 <sarob> talk= ambassadors making a difference in the community
19:27:23 <sarob> or something like that
19:27:53 <egallen> OK
19:28:15 <mrmartin> we are 30minutes over
19:28:22 <mrmartin> when will be the next meeting?
19:28:59 <sarob> hold a sec
19:29:13 <sarob> next meeting #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings#OpenStack_Ambassadors_Meeting
19:29:32 <sarob> would be the third tuesday at 0800 GMT
19:29:36 <egallen> sarob: can you add a link and action for the Vancouver summit
19:30:13 <mrmartin> next week tuesday?
19:30:14 <sarob> #action egallen will create the vancouver ambassador talk and add the rest of the ambassadors as speakers
19:30:27 <sarob> mrmartin: thats the plan
19:30:31 <mrmartin> jan 20
19:30:50 <sarob> mrmartin: we should catch those that this time is bad
19:31:09 <mrmartin> ok, and share the result of this meeting
19:31:16 <sarob> mrmartin: yup
19:31:34 <mrmartin> awesome
19:31:36 <sarob> we are late
19:31:44 <sarob> anything else until next week?
19:32:13 <egallen> no
19:32:16 <mrmartin> nothing, that's all from my side.
19:32:18 <sarob> the ICS file is screwed up for this meeting, so ignore that for right now
19:32:18 <marcelodieder> no
19:32:31 <sarob> excelllllent
19:32:38 <sarob> until next time people
19:32:39 <mrmartin> have a good day / night
19:32:45 <egallen> Bye
19:32:53 <marcelodieder> good weekend!
19:32:55 <sarob> g'day ozstacker
19:33:17 <sarob> #endmeeting