14:00:30 <mattmceuen> #startmeeting airship
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14:00:51 <mattmceuen> #topic Rollcall
14:01:02 <mattmceuen> Here's our agenda for today, let's give it a couple mins:  https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/airship-meeting-2019-07-30
14:01:03 <dwalt> o/ hey all!
14:01:05 <nishantkr> o/
14:01:08 <seaneagan> o/
14:01:11 <mattmceuen> Hey fellas :D
14:01:17 <mattmceuen> welcome back seaneagan
14:01:28 <obravo> o/
14:01:46 <lawrancejing> o/
14:02:04 <ian-pittwood> o/
14:02:29 <mattmceuen> #topic Announcements
14:02:42 <mattmceuen> Just one announcement from me today:  Working Committee nomination extension and final day = today
14:02:50 <mattmceuen> So turns out I sent out a typo in an email
14:03:06 <mattmceuen> I'd meant to close nominations for the working committee last monday, but the email said next monday
14:03:13 <mattmceuen> different dates in different places
14:03:20 <mattmceuen> s/monday/tuesday/
14:03:34 * mattmceuen needs more coffee, why did we change this meeting to be earlier :p
14:04:03 <mattmceuen> Anyway, nominations for the working committee will close TODAY at the advertised time
14:04:40 <mattmceuen> That has worked out very well, since a lot of folks have nominated during the extra week!
14:04:52 <mattmceuen> Very exciting, and thanks to those who have nominated
14:05:02 <mattmceuen> any questions / concerns on the nomination stuff?
14:05:48 <mattmceuen> or other announcements?
14:05:52 <dwalt> nothing from me. Thanks for the reminder
14:06:28 <mattmceuen> There are a few nominations pending +2s, please have no fear:  the rule is that folks have nominated by the date, not that the patchset has merged
14:06:58 <mattmceuen> But we should have all necessary reviews from the election officials by then anyhow
14:07:20 <mattmceuen> #topic Dependency management in Airship python projects
14:07:32 <mattmceuen> ian-pittwood, I think this is yours!
14:07:43 <ian-pittwood> Yup, thanks mattmceuen
14:07:54 <ian-pittwood> I pre-scripted my wall of text so let me just paste that in here
14:08:00 <mattmceuen> lol
14:08:02 <ian-pittwood> So Alex Hughes and I were having trouble a while back with dependency conflicts between Pegleg and it's dependencies Deckhand, Promenade, and Shipyard client. This is because all of these projects were built at different times and were pinned to specific versions of each dependency. Promenade doesn't even define a requirements.txt for pip to use. To me it seems that since these packages are used as libraries for end user applicatio
14:08:02 <ian-pittwood> they probably shouldn't rigidly peg dependencies. I also understand that there is often a need to do so though. So to solve the problem, I tried implementing several different dependency managers like poetry, pip-compile/sync, and Pipenv. These packages modify or wrap pip to resolve package versions that best match the application being installed and its dependencies. I personally landed on Pipenv and tested it out by implementing
14:08:02 <ian-pittwood> into Spyglass. So far I am happy with the results, but I want to get some feedback though before I try to get the same functionality merged into Pegleg. For an example, here is the implementation of Pipenv for pegleg https://review.opendev.org/#/c/664970/
14:08:48 <ian-pittwood> Sorry I know it's kind of long. Pretty much I'm looking to put a package manager similar to ruby gem into airship end-user applications. That's the tldr
14:08:55 * mattmceuen digesting :)
14:09:17 <ian-pittwood> Wanted to get some opinions so just throw out questions or comments whenever you're all ready
14:09:27 <mattmceuen> Thanks for doing this research
14:09:55 <mattmceuen> So one question, how do Pipenv et al compare to openstack project best practices?
14:10:18 <mattmceuen> Openstack projects pull from a common set of per-release dependency ranges as well, right?
14:10:40 <sthussey> I think pipenv is a good solution
14:10:46 <ian-pittwood> Is that list somewhere? I'm not sure if I was aware of that mattmceuen
14:11:10 <ian-pittwood> I think it is as well. It seems to be the direction that python is moving towards as it is made by pypa, the same group that makes pip
14:11:35 <sthussey> There was talk of moving to it several months ago, just no bandwidth to do so
14:12:16 <mattmceuen> Here's a reference to what I was fishing for - I am not an expert in it so the most valuable thing I can do is give it to you to add to your analysis ian-pittwood:  https://pypi.org/project/openstack-requirements/
14:12:34 <ian-pittwood> The major issue I found is that you pretty much can't use it on projects that are dependencies for other projects. So it's not a perfect solution. I think it's going to take a mix of implementing pipenv on user-facing projects and fixing/updating/loosening dependency pins on projects being consumed
14:13:55 <ian-pittwood> I'll take a look at that. It doesn't look familiar so I wouldn't think we're making use of the openstack-requirements now
14:13:58 <mattmceuen> Using it on user-facing projects would certainly be a big improvement
14:14:30 <mattmceuen> Yeah, I wasn't recommending using openstack-requirements, just seeing if they have anything for use to use in our approach w.r.t. scaled cross-project dep management
14:15:01 <sthussey> since airship is deprecated it may not be worth the effort, but likely the stuff being used via programmatic API should be split out from the parent project
14:15:26 <sthussey> So likely deckhand or promenade shouldn't be a dependency, rather deckhand-engine or promenade-foo should be
14:15:30 <mattmceuen> airship is not deprecated?
14:15:41 <sthussey> the python codebase
14:15:53 <portdirect> its very much still in active development
14:15:55 <mattmceuen> ok - to be clear that's not deprecated either
14:16:13 <mattmceuen> it'll be phased out over time but ++ portdirect's point
14:16:23 <portdirect> this convo is testament to that
14:16:33 <mattmceuen> reimplemented and/or swapped out over time, I should say
14:16:35 <ian-pittwood> I'll at least put it into practice on pegleg since that was where we were having the main issues. I think if we can just kind of standardize the way projects are doing dependencies that would be a step in the right directions. Like Promenade should have a requirements.txt not just requirements-frozen.txt
14:16:59 <mattmceuen> that would be great ian-pittwood
14:17:01 <sthussey> well, when version 2.0 isn't building on it that is something.
14:17:09 <sthussey> no, promenade shouldn't have a requirements.txt
14:17:23 <sthussey> dependency management in promenade is a deliberate pattern
14:17:43 <ian-pittwood> Shouldn't pegleg be able to know what dependencies promenade needs?
14:17:45 <mattmceuen> I mean, starting with pegleg.  would the idea be to use that as a model to look at and roll out after implemented in pegleg?
14:17:58 <portdirect> i think the conversation has merit - these things should evolve with the developers working on them
14:18:21 <sthussey> https://opendev.org/airship/promenade/src/branch/master/requirements-direct.txt
14:18:39 <ian-pittwood> Sure. It's already in Spyglass as well if we need another model to look at. It is actually a pretty simple thing to implement. The major problem is solving VCS dependency conflicts across airship due to hard pins
14:18:52 <ian-pittwood> sthussey other projects can't see that during a pip install I don't think
14:19:12 <portdirect> ian-pittwood: i think you are correct there
14:19:16 <evrardjp> Just FYI airship has a fair different dna than openstack, so I didn't expect this to be a big problem, as each of the services can be made independent?
14:19:22 <sthussey> so moving that to a different filename is fine
14:19:58 <portdirect> evrardjp: unfortunately they cannot, as they rely upon each other
14:20:00 <sthussey> but a new requirements file is not
14:20:08 <portdirect> eg: https://opendev.org/airship/promenade/src/branch/master/requirements-direct.txt#L18
14:21:03 <ian-pittwood> portdirect yeah that line would be a problem. Pegleg already requires a completely different version of deckhand
14:21:35 <ian-pittwood> This is why dependency management is so difficult here. Can't really do loose pins with VCS reqs
14:21:44 <portdirect> this is where the openstack model was born from, im not advocating it - but this issue is hard
14:22:56 <ian-pittwood> I probably won't touch promenade for now then. Might be good that pegleg doesn't see the requirements so my install doesn't fail
14:24:15 <mattmceuen> ian-pittwood, as sthussey mentioned time & effort is probably the only blocker :)  If you can start with pegleg, then we can roll out pipenv from there.
14:24:27 <mattmceuen> Does that sound good?
14:24:46 <ian-pittwood> Yup that sounds good to me
14:24:53 <mattmceuen> awesome
14:25:14 <mattmceuen> if there's nothing else on this topic, I'll move on:
14:25:33 <mattmceuen> #topic New project request: porthole
14:25:46 <openstackgerrit> Daniel Pawlik proposed airship/treasuremap master: Set namespace value directly in airskiff charts  https://review.opendev.org/673535
14:25:55 <mattmceuen> Unfortunately I don't think diwakarthyagaraj was able to get in, he was having some connectivity issues
14:26:09 <mattmceuen> But I'll do my best to give a brief brief overview of the request in his absence
14:26:54 <mattmceuen> porthole is a project that has been incubating in att-comdev within github for a while
14:28:34 <mattmceuen> sorry, got pulled away
14:29:05 <mattmceuen> the project is intended to provide secure access to CLI utilities for various infrastructure within airship and osh
14:29:36 <mattmceuen> Basically, to enforce RBAC requirements upon CLIs such as etcdctl, psql, etc etc
14:30:34 <mattmceuen> As the domain knowledge involved in this project overlaps so much with airship, I think it makes sense to move the project into airship proper -- that will get better visibility into reviews, as well as better visibility for use of the project within the community
14:30:55 <mattmceuen> https://github.com/att-comdev/porthole
14:31:32 <mattmceuen> Do you guys have questions/thoughts/concerns?
14:33:01 <mattmceuen> In that case, I'll open it up for +1s or -1s to migrate in this project to the airship family!
14:33:06 <mattmceuen> For my part, +1
14:33:08 <portdirect> i think porthole would be a great addition to airship
14:33:19 <portdirect> it should not be a *required* project
14:33:42 <mattmceuen> ++
14:33:57 <portdirect> but as an augment for orgs that have sophisticated operations and access policyies i think it fills an essential role
14:36:07 <mattmceuen> I take your comment as a +1 as well portdirect?
14:36:37 <nishantkr> +1
14:36:52 <dwalt> +1, I don't have any concerns, and I hope that this brings more attention to the project!
14:37:17 <michael-beaver> +1
14:37:51 <kskels> +1
14:37:55 <mattmceuen> I think we have consensus - thanks guys.  I'll work with the porthole team to get the project (and the team!) integrated into airship
14:38:25 <portdirect> oh sorry, yes thats a +1 from me ;)
14:38:28 <mattmceuen> :D
14:38:41 <mattmceuen> #topic Review Requests
14:38:47 <mattmceuen> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/672688/ -- Tungsten Fabric-based aiab-tf site
14:38:47 <mattmceuen> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/672478/ vs https://review.opendev.org/#/c/672540/
14:38:47 <mattmceuen> https://review.opendev.org/#/c/671575/ - Shipyard
14:39:33 <mattmceuen> obravo has added a site to treasuremap that is modeled after aiab, but which incorporates Tungsten Fabric.  Very cool, I'll give that a test, sir :)
14:39:58 <mattmceuen> It currently relies on a patchset in openstack-helm for tf
14:40:40 <mattmceuen> dwalt, can you give some context on the "vs" ?
14:40:46 <mattmceuen> looks like we lost dpawlik
14:40:48 <obravo> Well , it`s not going after , it`s a replacement of default aiab
14:41:39 <dwalt> mattmceuen: sorry, I'm not sure I follow on the "vs"
14:41:54 <mattmceuen> obravo:  `aiab` and `aiab-tf` will continue on as separate site definitions, right?  and you can use one or the other depending on whether you want to use ovs or tf?
14:42:20 <mattmceuen> dwalt: ok I'll take a look into those today and try to understand the vs
14:42:38 <dwalt> Oh, my apologies
14:42:47 <dwalt> I see that you're referring to the changes above
14:43:23 <mattmceuen> no problem :)  does it ring a bell now?
14:43:27 <obravo> you choose one of one of them  , depending which  networking you prefer   . Both of them are on site layer
14:43:37 <mattmceuen> obravo:  perfect
14:44:22 <dwalt> Yep! I didn't add this one, but for Airskiff we have conflicts with OSH on the version of Docker installed. i.e. OSH installs Docker already in the minikube gate script, so we don't need to install it
14:44:54 <dwalt> Daniel submitted a change to remove it, but we can probably go a step further and just let the OSH script install all required dependencies
14:45:17 <dwalt> But I'm also okay with Daniel merging his first or removing the script in his patch :)
14:45:21 <mattmceuen> got it
14:45:24 <dwalt> Mine was just a spike
14:45:31 <dwalt> to verify that it works
14:45:57 <mattmceuen> yeah, as long as the airskiff scriptage already has a dependency on the osh scriptage, might as well remove the duplicate package install
14:46:10 <mattmceuen> Agree with your point dwalt
14:46:33 <dwalt> great. It'd be nice to get this job operational again, so some eyes on it would be appreciated
14:46:43 <mattmceuen> agree
14:47:08 <mattmceuen> #topic Roundtable
14:47:15 <jamesgu> dwalt: nice job to simply the airskiff job
14:47:54 <dwalt> ty jamesgu. And thank you Daniel (who I don't think is online) for the help :)
14:48:27 <mattmceuen> we have a few mins left team, any other topics to bring up?
14:49:31 <mattmceuen> In that case:  meeting adjourned!
14:49:51 <mattmceuen> thanks everyone - any more thoughts/questions, please bring them up here in the chat any time
14:49:56 <mattmceuen> have a great week
14:50:06 <mattmceuen> #endmeeting