16:00:38 <mattmceuen> #startmeeting Airship
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16:00:44 <mattmceuen> Howdy everyone
16:00:45 <openstackgerrit> Stas Egorov proposed airship/promenade master: New source for hyperkube binary  https://review.opendev.org/657953
16:00:48 <mattmceuen> #topic Rollcall
16:01:32 <dwalt> o/
16:01:32 <mattmceuen> Here's our agenda for today -- let's give folks a few minutes to add things and filter into the meeting room:  https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/airship-meeting-2019-05-14
16:01:36 <arunkant> o/
16:01:54 <evgenyl> Hi!
16:01:55 <michael-beaver> o/
16:02:04 <cfriesen> o/
16:03:05 <mattmceuen> Ok!  let's get started
16:03:08 <mattmceuen> #topic Multi-distro support
16:03:27 <mattmceuen> The effort to add opensuse images is progressing:     https://review.opendev.org/#/q/status:open+branch:master+topic:airship_suse
16:03:47 <mattmceuen> arunkant:  this one needs response to some review feedback: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/639495/
16:05:10 <arunkant> mattmceuen: I will address them today . Can we get some more core reviewers attention to review others as well.
16:05:43 <mattmceuen> there was also discussion on this OSH thread, essentially proposing a slightly different naming convention: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/636229/
16:06:29 <mattmceuen> arunkant I am fine just saying "we have an approved spec, let's do it" - but I'm interested in your feedback on it
16:07:10 <arunkant> mattmceuen: Yes, I noticed that and am not convinced that we need to rename these files as previous naming convention works better as it maps to image tag name suffix (opensuse_15)
16:07:50 <mattmceuen> ++
16:08:03 <mattmceuen> if you're happy with it I'm happy with it, I will reply to his comment
16:08:25 <mattmceuen> Agree - let's please get review on these PS today, I think they're ready
16:09:02 <arunkant> mattmceuen: So I have added my comment in that review as well. Yes, we want to merge this quickly as its blocing many things on our side. We can certainly revisit to be consistent if it changes on openstack-helm side
16:09:34 <mattmceuen> Sounds like a plan.  Anything else on the multi-distro topic, folks?
16:10:08 <mattmceuen> #topic Open Infrastructure Summit videos are up
16:10:08 <arunkant> also this review is failing because of io issue https://review.opendev.org/#/c/638301/
16:10:15 <mattmceuen> This one is self-explanatory :)
16:10:24 <mattmceuen> https://www.openstack.org/videos/summits/denver-2019
16:10:32 <roman_g> there is -1 from Thomas Bechtold @suse on one of the patches
16:10:54 <mattmceuen> There were many good airship talks (and many good non-airship talks) at the summit, I suggest folks catch up on topics they're interested in
16:11:26 <mattmceuen> roman_g: yep that's the one that I'm going to reply to, since we already have an approved spec, I don't think we need to change our naming convention now
16:11:37 <roman_g> tnx
16:11:40 <mattmceuen> ty
16:11:56 <arunkant> raomn_g: yes noticed that and its talking about the proposed change in openstack-helm side and will clarify with Thomas about it
16:12:44 <mattmceuen> If you guys have any particularly favorite talks from the summit, let's share the links in the chat room, and maybe aggregate them for next week's meeting
16:13:08 <roman_g> videos: finally 1080p
16:13:20 <arunkant> mattmceuen: All of orecent pen deckhand reviews are failing .. https://review.opendev.org/#/q/project:airship/deckhand+status:open
16:13:50 <mattmceuen> oh awesome!  1080p - I have only seen one on my phone so far (and really only listened) so I didn't notice that yet roman_g
16:13:53 <arunkant> mattmceuen: All of recent open deckhand reviews are failing .. https://review.opendev.org/#/q/project:airship/deckhand+status:open
16:14:21 <mattmceuen> I saw that too this morning arunkant - need to figure that out.  Is anyone aware of what the deckhand build problem is?
16:14:35 <mattmceuen> #topic Deckhand gates are failing
16:15:33 <arunkant> mattmceuen: I see these io errors at various steps . http://logs.openstack.org/01/638301/22/check/deckhand-integration-docker-py35-opensuse/022edf1/primary/pod-logs/openstack/keystone-bootstrap-5dpkk/init.txt
16:16:08 <arunkant> Similar error is for ubuntu jobs as well.
16:18:06 <dwalt> arunkant: Looks like Dan Crank may be working to resolve this https://review.opendev.org/#/c/655787/
16:18:56 <mattmceuen> ah thanks dwalt- that certainly seems like a smoking gun
16:19:07 <dwalt> I know he has had some laptop trouble lately, so he may not be able to carry that forward right now
16:19:14 <dwalt> I'll follow up with him
16:19:18 <mattmceuen> thanks dwalt
16:19:23 <dwalt> np :)
16:19:47 <mattmceuen> #topic Airship Design Meetings
16:20:28 <mattmceuen> Just in case you missed it - Rodolfo sent out new invites for twice-per-week, hour and a half design meetings to help us get through design of the airship 2.0 scope
16:20:57 <mattmceuen> Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting three hours before this Airship IRC team meeting
16:21:14 <mattmceuen> So you're welcome to join that next time if you missed it this time :)
16:21:24 <roman_g> I forgot to ask again. Matt, IPv6 is in scope for 2.x, or not?
16:22:46 <mattmceuen> It hasn't been called out as a scope item, but I believe it should just be a matter of configuring k8s, openstack, calico etc correctly
16:22:54 <openstackgerrit> Ian Pittwood proposed airship/spyglass master: [WIP] Separate plugins from Spyglass  https://review.opendev.org/653555
16:23:17 <openstackgerrit> Stas Egorov proposed airship/promenade master: New source for hyperkube binary  https://review.opendev.org/657953
16:23:25 <roman_g> So far we have Argo + ClusterAPI + Ironic + airshipctl only?
16:24:54 <mattmceuen> plus reimplementing Pegleg as a pluggable module for airshipctl, and a POC of Armada Operator -- for memory, there might be more
16:26:30 <mattmceuen> Alright - moving on:
16:26:33 <mattmceuen> #topic WIP Airship Governance
16:26:55 <openstackgerrit> Ian Pittwood proposed airship/spyglass-plugin-xls master: Fix source directory name  https://review.opendev.org/659109
16:26:55 <openstackgerrit> Ian Pittwood proposed airship/spyglass-plugin-xls master: Various bug fixes for plugin separation  https://review.opendev.org/659116
16:26:58 <mattmceuen> Just a reminder that there is a patchset up for Airship governance - review welcome: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/653865/
16:27:02 <mattmceuen> that's all I have on that
16:27:31 <mattmceuen> #topic Requests for Review
16:27:32 <evgenyl> The plans has not been updated for a quite some time.
16:27:49 <mattmceuen> evgenyl yes I'm hoping a change will be pushed today
16:28:00 <mattmceuen> So provide feedback tomorrow ;-)
16:28:07 <evgenyl> Oh, I see :)
16:28:35 <mattmceuen> In addition to the opensuse patchsets:     https://review.opendev.org/#/q/status:open+branch:master+topic:airship_suse
16:28:56 <mattmceuen> any additional requests for review today?  Anybody blocked by needed review?
16:29:53 <mattmceuen> #topic Roundtable
16:30:04 <mattmceuen> Anything else on your mind team
16:30:39 <mattmceuen> in that case -- I will NOT give you a half hour of your time back
16:30:52 <mattmceuen> Instead I will ask -- please review now! :) https://review.opendev.org/#/q/status:open+branch:master+topic:airship_suse
16:31:10 <mattmceuen> Thanks everyone for your time - have a great week
16:31:15 <dwalt> thanks everyone
16:31:23 <roman_g> thank you
16:31:30 <mattmceuen> #endmeeting