Wednesday, 2019-10-09

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SotKis there a day other than Wednesday that is good for other folks to have meetings on?15:25
SotKfungi, diablo_rojo: ^15:25
SotKI'm busy for what feels like the next infinity wednesdays, so I'd like to move it to a day I don't keep being busy on if possible15:26
fungiSotK: if we want to keep it 19:00z then the only weekday i have a conflict is tuesday15:32
fungimonday/thursday/friday are all clear for me at 19:00z15:33
diablo_rojoSotK, yeah I can do...15:43
* diablo_rojo looks at calendar15:43
diablo_rojoMonday or Friday at the same time. If we go an hour earlier, I can do any day.15:44
fungisame, i'm free every day at 18:00z15:50
SotKThursday or Friday are best for me, I don't mind whether its at 18 or 1915:55
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diablo_rojoSotK, did you want to update the calendar info on eavesdrop or should I?16:48
diablo_rojoI think we go for Thursday at 18:0016:49
funginice thing is this means i now have no recurring meetings on wednesdays16:56
fungiat least at the moment16:56
SotKdiablo_rojo: I won't be able to get to it until tomorrow morning, so if you have time to do it before then I'd be grateful :)17:01
diablo_rojoSotK, I'll add it to my todo list17:08
SotKThank you!17:08
diablo_rojoWe'll see if I get ther first.17:09
diablo_rojoSo.. do we not want to meet today then SotK ?17:09
diablo_rojoand meet tomorrow instead?17:09
fungii'm fine with that17:22
diablo_rojofungi, cool :) that makes two of us.17:23
SotKYeah, tomorrow is good18:02
diablo_rojoCool. I'll send and email to infra/ discuss ML about the updated meeting time.18:08
diablo_rojowhen I get the patch up at least..18:08
fungidiablo_rojo: SotK: Update StoryBoard meeting day/time18:16
diablo_rojofungi, lol thank you! Was just about to run tests locally to make sure we didn't have a collision with another project.18:16
fungiyeah, i did the local tox dance18:17
fungisorry, didn't realize you'd already started18:17
fungisounded like you didn't think you were going to have time right away18:17
diablo_rojoNo worries at all :)18:23
diablo_rojoI am more than happy to not do the tox dance :)18:23
diablo_rojofungi, thanks for getting it done18:24
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