Wednesday, 2021-01-06

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spateldtruong: morning14:48
spatelI saw your comments and i did try to use exception to trigger error but somehow its throwing nasty error in logs and failing to create LB -
spatelI will give it a try again and will ask you to see if i missed or did something wrong14:49
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dtruongIf you see the error again, can you post it?16:43
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spateldtruong: there?21:02
spatelThis is what i am trying -
spatellook like its not going inside try:21:02
spatelThis is the error i am getting when trying to create policy with bad flavor_id21:03
spatelResourceNotFound: 404: Client Error for url:, The policy_type 'senlin.policy.loadbalance-1.1' could not be found.21:03
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spatelI have indented 4 space in try: block and look like it works but seeing this error in logs -
spatelIt should print msg = _()  block but it doesn't going there. can you verify if anything wrong in my snippet21:42
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dtruongYou are calling the openstacksdk method directly using oc.conn.  In order for it to return an InternalError exception, you need to wrap the call to openstacksdk in this file:
dtruongI.e. create a method called flavor_get in that file23:03
dtruongusing the @sdk.translate_exception decorator, then the correct exception will be returned23:04

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