Friday, 2020-12-18

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openstackgerritlkk proposed openstack/senlin-tempest-plugin master: Perform an operation on the specified cluster
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openstackgerritlkk proposed openstack/senlin-tempest-plugin master: negative cases for update receiver
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spateldtruong: I am able to spun up dual nic SRIOV :)21:25
spatelso far everything looking good related sriov21:25
spatelright now i am dealing with very strange RabbitMQ connection lost issue. time to time senlin error out on AMQ connection and i have to manually restart service to get it back21:26
spatelsenlin-wsgi-api[4929]: 2020-12-18 21:22:47.359 4929 ERROR oslo.messaging._drivers.impl_rabbit [-] [6e978861-063d-4cc9-b044-7e17c6b35d3f] AMQP server on is unreachable: <RecoverableConnectionError: unknown error>. Trying again in 1 seconds.: amqp.exceptions.RecoverableConnectionError: <RecoverableConnectionError: unknown error>21:27
spatelDo you know how do i protect vm when shrinking, I want to protect one specific vm21:42
dtruongThere is no way to protect a node at this point in Senlin.21:48
dtruongThis is something that could be added.  I added a way to do the opposite, I.e. selecting a node when scaling down.  This can be done by tainted a node before scaling down.21:50
spateldtruong: that is also good, just select node which you want to kill22:10
spateldoes senlin support terrafrom directly ?22:11
spatelI found this -
dtruongThere is no support for Senlin in Terraform right now, but we might add it sometime next year22:38
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