Saturday, 2020-12-05

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eanderssonspatel looks like this test needs to be updated TestNovaServerUpdate.test_update_network03:53
spateleandersson: i was about to ask you how to deal with those failure, this is my first commit and no idea how to handle this ZUUL pipeline03:54
eandersson> "vnic_type: 'None' is not supported.(supported types are: normal, direct, macvtap)03:54
eanderssonAre you able to run the tests locally?03:54
eanderssonIf you click on one of the tests it will give you more details about the failure.03:56
eanderssonIt looks like two things are issues at the moment.03:56
spatelYes i am testing that part on my lab03:56
eanderssonThe second one would indicate that there is no default vnic type set03:56
spateldefault is normal so i thought we don't need to specify.03:57
spatelif vnic_type is not set in profile.yml then it use None value which is default normal03:58
eandersson> vnic_type = net_spec.get(self.VNIC_TYPE, None)03:58
eanderssonHmm yea03:58
eanderssonYou are right03:58
spatelmy code is working fine in lab, i am able to create both cluster normal and sriov03:59
eanderssonLooks like the spec itself does not allow a None value03:59
eanderssonVNIC_TYPE: schema.String(03:59
eanderssonThe problem here is that if you don't provide one it will fail03:59
spatelbut its working for me.04:00
spatelI have created two profile. 1. without vnic_type   2. using vnic_type: direct04:01
eanderssonYea that is odd04:01
spatel1. spun up vms with normal nic04:01
spatel2. spun up with SRIOV direct nic04:01
spatelIf you specify vnic_type then it use default value "None"04:02
spateleandersson: I am running ussuri in my lab04:03
spateldo you think that could be the issue, its working for ussuri but not victoria?04:04
eanderssonah I see04:05
eanderssonif vnic_type is None:04:05
eanderssonOn line 65104:05
eanderssonYou don't allow for a None value04:05
eanderssonand None would be the default value right?04:05
eanderssonReally None is a valid value04:06
spatelThis is by logic if you don't pass any value it use "None"04:06
eanderssonin fact04:06
eanderssonthat should be is not None right?04:06
spatelso i put login around that if vnic_type is None: then check what is the human input?04:07
spatelsorry if vnic_type not None in that logic then it will check array for correct input value04:08
spatelI have tested my logic from all kind of scenario and it passed04:09
spatelquestion is why this build is failing..04:09
spatelI may setup victoria lab and give it a try with latest code.04:09
eanderssonSo the code cannot work04:09
eanderssonbecause the if statement is inversed04:09
eanderssonand another test is failing here
eanderssonbecause vnic_part: None isn't in this test04:12
spatelThis is the logic -
eanderssonThat if statement basically means that you wil lonly check the vnic type of NONE is specified04:14
eanderssonBut why would you ever check vnic type if it is not specified?04:14
eanderssonYou already know that vnic_type is None (and not e.g. normal, direct or macvtap)04:14
spatelyes, that is correct, if you don't specify vnic_type then do nothing04:15
eandersson> if vnic_type is None:04:15
eanderssonShould really be04:15
eandersson> if vnic_type is not None:04:15
eanderssonBecause we shouldn't validate a vnic_type set to None04:15
eanderssonBecause otherwise you might as well just change this line04:16
eandersson> supported_vnic_types.index(vnic_type)04:16
eandersson> supported_vnic_types.index(None)04:16
spatelI can try that and see how that logic work.04:16
spatellet me do some experiment there.04:16
eanderssonYou also need to update this
eanderssonto include04:16
eandersson'vnic_type': 'normal',04:17
eanderssonI think04:17
eanderssonand ideally add a test as well in there04:17
spatelinside network section?
eanderssonGood question :D04:18
eanderssonI don't know hehe04:18
eanderssonAre you able to run04:18
eanderssontox -e py3604:18
eanderssonon your dev machine inside the senlin repo04:18
spateli will try, i never used tox before :)04:19
eanderssonyou may need to install tox04:19
eanderssonpip3 install tox04:19
spateli will find some help on internet about it and test it out on my lab04:19
spatelwhat this Test does by the way? -
eanderssonI think it just tests the input of a profile update04:25
eandersson*server update04:25
eanderssonbut dtruong probably knows more about that04:25
spateleandersson: look like it works! > if vnic_type is not None:04:29
spatellet me show you what i did04:32
spateleandersson: here is the full POC -
spatelso everything looks good so far.04:36
spatelI am also going to remove > def _check_vnic_type(self, nc, net_spec, result):04:44
spatelwe don't need that block as per dtruong code block04:45
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openstackgerritSatish Patel proposed openstack/senlin master: Add support of vnic_type to Profile
spatelHmm! This Test code are also reference in other files also -
eanderssonI don't think you need to update that one.05:02
eanderssonWere you able to get tox to run locally?05:02
spateleandersson: installing it now..05:12
spatelrunning tox -e py3605:17
spatelwhat that command doing ?05:19
spatelits hanging here05:23
-spatel- py36 run-test: commands[0] | find . -type f -name '*.py[c|o]' -delete05:23
-spatel- py36 run-test: commands[1] | stestr run05:23
openstackgerritSatish Patel proposed openstack/senlin master: Add support of vnic_type to Profile
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spateleandersson: its stuck here last 15 minutes -
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spatelfeeling sleepy so lets talk about this monday also i have updated patch so you can review again05:46
eanderssonSounds good. Have a good weekend.05:53
eanderssonYea - that should at most take 3-5 minutes05:53
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