Tuesday, 2020-12-01

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spateldtruong: hey! I just deployed senlin and found openstack-senlin-health-manager service is missing, is that something we removed in latest release ?17:37
dtruongit should be there17:42
dtruongyou are using Victoria?17:42
dtruonghow are you deploying it?17:42
spatelsorry it was my issue, my playbook didn't deploy that part because of typo :)18:03
spatelits working now18:03
spatelI am using openstack-ansible18:03
spateldtruong: openstack cluster create --profile myserver --desired-capacity 2 --min-size 1 --max-size 3 my-asg18:19
spatelwhat the meaning of min-size here ?18:19
spatelif desired is 2 then what is the use of min-size?18:19
dtruongdesired-capacity is the number of nodes to create when creating the cluster18:44
dtruongyou can think of it as the starting capacity of the cluster18:44
dtruongmin-size and max-size are enforced when scaling the cluster up or down18:44
dtruongthis is more important in the autoscaling use case18:44
spateldtruong: make sense18:49
spateldtruong: hey i have started testing SRIOV and make this change to server.py  http://paste.openstack.org/show/800599/19:36
spatelI think i need to add that keyvalue here also - https://github.com/openstack/senlin/blob/master/senlin/profiles/os/nova/server.py#L6619:37
spatelI think we need more change to tell vnic-type etc..19:39
spateltrying to wrap my head around this codes19:43
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spatelI made some changes around code and i did pass vnic option but its still creating port "normal" instead of direct21:17
spatelhow does senlin pass information to nova21:17
spateli can see "binding_vnic_type": "direct" in profile but not sure if that is getting pass to nova/neutron21:18
dtruongspatel Senlin talks to neutron API using openstacksdk to create the port here: https://github.com/openstack/senlin/blob/6dff71e13f4752c02b5c119d25f3e31a93ade1bf/senlin/profiles/os/nova/server.py#L66522:21
spateldtruong: i have open this ticket - https://bugs.launchpad.net/senlin/+bug/190645322:22
openstackLaunchpad bug 1906453 in senlin "senlin nova vnic-type support" [Undecided,New]22:22
dtruongI think I might have pointed you to the wrong code location yesterday.  You have to add the binding:vnic_type in port_attr before the port_create call on line 66522:23
spatelI know its not bug but trying to see what else missing.22:23
spatelbut whatever changes we made yesterday those changes we need to pass key-value to profile.yml file22:26
spatelyou are saying i should add that attributes in this block before port create function call - https://github.com/openstack/senlin/blob/6dff71e13f4752c02b5c119d25f3e31a93ade1bf/senlin/profiles/os/nova/server.py#L64122:30
spateli have added this code before port creation but still no luck - http://paste.openstack.org/show/800603/22:43
dtruongThe binding needs to have : instead of _ like this: http://paste.openstack.org/show/800605/22:48
dtruongAlso, I hard-coded the value to 'direct'22:48
dtruongTest it out like that first to see if it creates the port correctly22:49
spatellet me try hold on22:49
spateldtruong: no luck, it still created  | binding_vnic_type       | normal22:51
spatelI gotta go right now but i will try some more hit and try23:02
spatellook like something else missing, is there a way i can enable debug option in senlin and see what its passing to neutron23:03
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dtruongsorry, looks like it does have to be an _23:28
dtruongcan you try like this: port_attr['binding_vnic_type'] = 'direct'23:28

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