Friday, 2020-03-06

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rm_workCan senlin autoscale using monasca?19:14
rm_workWe currently use aodh/ceilometer but that solution is broken after Queens when support for basically all useful metrics was dropped for some freaking reason19:15
rm_workbut also, do the cpu metrics (rate/util/etc) still work in ceilometer/aodh to your knowledge? they were "deprecated" at some point, but ... still SEEM to be there?19:37
rm_workwhat do you folks use for that?19:37
dtruongwe don't use the cpu metrics19:38
dtruongwe use custom metrics exposed by a VM19:39
rm_workah, k19:39
rm_workyeah i remember your talk from a past summit about that19:39
dtruongAnd have another service collect the metrics and tell senlin to scale out19:39
rm_workyeah, using some custom hooks19:39
dtruongbut you can essentially achieve the same thing using prometheus and alert manager19:39
dtruongyea, but it's basically a URL endpoint in the VM that we query for the metric19:40
dtruongwhich is what prometheus can also do19:40
dtruongI wrote up how to do senlin + prometheus here:
dtruongas far as monasca is concerned, I've never tried it19:42
dtruongit should be possible.  the auto-scaling SIG wanted to try it but there was no one to take the lead.19:43
rm_workhmm k19:44
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