Friday, 2020-02-28

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rm_workdtruong: err, so I think what you told me before might not be totally right... availability_zone is a param for the LB-create, which looks a bit less simple to change14:04
rm_workneed to change the signature of
rm_workalso it seems like
rm_workis a thin wrapper around octavia, even though it claims to be for Neutron-LBaaS?14:09
rm_workah maybe I get what you were saying14:15
openstackgerritAdam Harwell proposed openstack/senlin master: Add option to choose LB availability_zone
rm_workdtruong: can you review ^^ if you get a chance and tell me if this is basically correct? if so, I'll test it in my cloud15:07
rm_workah it does probably need a depends-on for
dtruongrm_work LGTM.  The only thing missing is an entry in for the new policy version19:37
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