Wednesday, 2020-02-12

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rm_workdtruong: that patch doesn't fix the issue i had with deleting as admin -- the cluster can't even be found?23:02
rm_workmaybe it's a client bug?23:02
rm_workthe client probably tries to do a lookup without --global-project and can't find them...23:03
rm_workah i did find another client bug tho too :D will make a patch23:05
rm_workneed `sys.stdout.flush()` after the "Are you sure" prompt write, it was always confusing why it didn't show up right23:06
rm_workhmm i guess it'd have to be SDK23:09
rm_workah nevermind, the client does send a DELETE, but the API returns with this:23:10
rm_work{"code": 404, "message": "The cluster '0404aa4e-99dd-43d3-ac84-ec1ec5f8aa9c' could not be found.", "type": "ResourceNotFound"}23:10
rm_workbut it clearly shows up in a list with --global-project23:10
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dtruongrm_work I fixed the prompt bug here:
rm_workah cool23:15
rm_work+1 :D23:16
rm_workanyway, your patch is applied, so ... maybe some other thing blocking it from looking up the ID?23:17
dtruongI have to test it again.  It seemed to work the other day in my devstack environment.  I was able to delete clusters in other projects using admin creds.23:18
rm_workhmm k23:18
rm_workah ok nevermind, got it23:19
rm_workhad to restart more than just the API23:19
dtruongyea, the engine has to be restarted23:19
rm_worki assumed it was just an API issue, your services communicate syncronously?23:19

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