Wednesday, 2019-12-11

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rm_workhmmm another one this morning:17:32
rm_worki added a debug line to dump server_dara to see what's actually in there17:41
rm_workflavor has no `id`17:57
rm_workeandersson: ^^17:57
dtruongHe fixed that here:
rm_workahh ok... uhh18:10
rm_workso master is broken ATM?18:11
rm_workI'm not sure i get how this passed gates if it's an issue?18:11
dtruongI just workflowed that fix.18:12
dtruongSo should be in master later today.18:12
rm_workjust, it concerns me that an issue like this could get through gates?18:12
rm_workbecause we're deploying master senlin directly into envs18:13
dtruongWe probably don't have an integration test case for that18:13
rm_workit won't get to prod because our QE pipelines won't promote it since our own testing fails, but18:13
rm_workthen our pipelines are blocked and i come here and am sad, lol18:13
rm_workI am just curious what your estimation of the stability of the repo is, with regards to testing and such18:14
dtruongIntegration tests are definitely the weakest link.18:28
dtruongOur integration tests were non-voting, so we missed some failures like this one where the flavor id broke,18:29
rm_workthere isn't a devstack-based test that actually spins up a cluster with nodes?18:29
rm_workok so it exists but is just non-voting18:29
rm_workis that job unstable?18:29
rm_worklike, when there isn't a real issue obviously18:30
dtruongIt was.  There was a race condition that made it fail intermittently.18:30
eanderssonI spent all weekend fixing making it votable again btw! It'18:30
rm_workeandersson: \o/18:30
eanderssons just a lot of patches that needs to be merged18:30
eanderssonbut we are getting close18:30
rm_worklooking forward to that18:30
rm_workanything else you're aware of on master that would cause me issues?18:31
dtruongYea, so I'll go thru the open patch sets today and work flow them.18:31
dtruongNot that I know of18:34
rm_workif that patch lands and is the only remaining issue, we may win "first to production" :D18:39
rm_worknot sure if that's good or not, lol18:39
eanderssonWe are in PROD btw but with a slightly older version18:45
eanderssonSo you'll be first in PROD with Train and/or master :p18:46
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Make sure we always populate flavor_id
rm_workkicked the build pipeline now19:25
rm_workif it goes well, it'll be in prod in a few hours19:25
rm_workhas to build/test the venv, deploy to qe -> smoketest -> staging -> smoketest -> prod19:26
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard master: Imported Translations from Zanata
openstackgerritErik Olof Gunnar Andersson proposed openstack/senlin-tempest-plugin master: Always clean up nodes and cluster
openstackgerritErik Olof Gunnar Andersson proposed openstack/senlin-tempest-plugin master: Always clean up nodes and cluster
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-tempest-plugin master: Always clean up nodes and cluster

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