Wednesday, 2019-12-04

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yoctozeptoyou around?15:11
yoctozeptoRadosław from Kolla here15:11
yoctozeptoseems we missed that but b0rk both deb binary jobs15:12
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eanderssonyoctozepto Makes sense since they haven’t created rpms and Debian packages for these yet17:32
eanderssonso they can’t be installed17:33
eanderssonof you know who to poke to get those specs added I can poke them17:33
eanderssoneither way I can jump into the rdo chat later today17:33
yoctozeptoeandersson: I have no idea, we need to unblock the images for these, so hrw will propose to mark them both as unbuildable17:34
eanderssonSounds good17:35
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