Saturday, 2019-11-09

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__ministry@ductruong it was created by me. I running senlin with branch master.02:07
eandersson__ministry, is this a new issue?02:26
eanderssonOr is it just an issue with master?02:27
__ministryeandersson: yep, i had this issue with master branch. With this patch , I also have seen this issue.02:53
eanderssonYea - that patch just separates the services.03:00
eanderssonAt least it helps isolate the memory leak to one part03:01
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eandersson__ministry, what kind of health checks were you running?07:56
eanderssonTrying to reproduce the issue07:56
__ministryeandersson, i create health policy with type: NODE_STATUS_POLLING and interval=60s and node_update_timeout=30s.08:02
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