Tuesday, 2019-11-05

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dtruongsapd1 There is a proposal to split senlin engine into 3 services: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/688784/00:24
dtruongLet us know if you have any concerns about this.00:24
dtruongrm_work: ^ Same request.  If you know people at verizon who care about senlin changes. any feedback would be appreciated.00:36
rm_workI'll try to find time to look that00:41
rm_work*at that today00:41
rm_workAre there people here at the summit00:41
dtruongSorry. Didn’t see your last comment. As far as I know no one from the Senlin team is attending the summit.03:47
sapd1dtruong, thanks. I will check it later. I'm on business trip.04:03
sapd1rm_work, I cannot join summit. Because I have an other trip.04:05
rm_workAh yeah09:02
rm_workSorry, haven't had a chance to look yet, has been pretty crazy busy here09:02
rm_workThis isn't a great week, lol09:02
rm_workActually I did just take a look and personally I think this is the correct direction to go -- it looks a lot like octavia's model ;)09:03
rm_workBut need to poke at my team when I'm back in the US and see what they think too09:04
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eanderssonThanks rm_work18:42
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