Monday, 2019-03-25

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wigwamhey guys, the devstack installation of senlin api with SENLIN_USE_MOD_WSGI=True doesn't seem to be working ... getting this error from version middleware:11:13
wigwamReturning HTTP 404 due to unknown Accept header: application/json11:13
wigwamwhen changed endpoints from /cluster to /cluster/v1 to make the version middleware happy, I am getting different error:11:18
wigwam2019-03-25 10:53:34.698738 2019-03-25 10:53:34.698 5164 ERROR object [req-8ea6a5fe-6d85-45c0-9ea5-29efdfef42e1 3c70e13208b7421b8c097782e0f06c9b 87c61d5b9df64acaa965d54710de461c - - -] Unable to instantiate unregistered object type %(objtype)s\x1b[00m11:18
wigwamUnable to instantiate unregistered object type %(objtype)s\x1b[00m11:18
wigwam(working with stable/rocky) Any ideas please?11:19
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