Friday, 2019-03-15

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sapd1dtruong, are you here?05:04
openstackgerritsapd proposed openstack/senlin master: Fix memory leak when create connection with openstacksdk
dtruongsapd1 yes. I’m here06:38
dtruongRegarding your patch set, I have never seen this problem happen so I’m hesitant to merge this.06:42
dtruongWe are also running senlin master and have not encountered this issue.06:42
dtruongAlso, we are at feature freeze before final Stein release so we should not be merging any changes unless absolutely necessary.06:52
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sapd1_xdtruong: I just have a question. Do you have any health policy is attached to your cluster. Because my co-worker has same issue to me.12:32
dtruongsapd1_x not atm. But I can test that.13:56
dtruongWhat type of detection mode are you using in your health policy?13:56
sapd1_xdtruong: yes. if we do not attach any health policy. we will not get this issue.13:56
dtruongAlso, do you have this change in your version of senlin:
dtruongThis was merged 10 days ago to master and has fixes to how the health manager works.13:58
sapd1_xdtruong: I have tried this.14:02
sapd1_xI use NODE_STATUS_POLLING type for health policy14:02
dtruongSo your version of senlin is same as master upstream?14:10
sapd1_xyes. just installed master branch.14:10
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dtruongWhat is your interval setting in your heath policy?14:26
dtruongActually can you copy your health policy to and link it here?14:27
sapd1_xdtruong: about 1 minute.16:22
sapd1_xdtruong: because I would like to detect fail node asap.16:23
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dtruongsapd1_x how many clusters / nodes are you running?17:11
dtruongRunning the health checks at 1 min interval might be exhausting your connection pool with a lot of nodes.17:13
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