Friday, 2019-03-08

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dtruong#startmeeting senlin05:39
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dtruongSorry, I'm a bit late05:39
dtruongAnyways, anyone here to join?05:39
dtruongWell, I'll get started.05:41
dtruong#topic announcements05:41
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dtruongI made a Senlin beta release last week and another python-senlinclient release this week05:41
dtruongWe are officially at feature freeze so we should not merge any big changes anymore.05:42
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dtruongAll release notes have been added for senlin, senlinclient and senlin dashboard.05:42
dtruongI'll be creating the cycle highlights for the Stein release soon.05:42
dtruong#topic PTL elections05:43
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dtruongThe PTL elections are open.05:43
dtruongIf you are interested in being the Senlin PTL, please submit your nomination.05:43
dtruongI'll be focusing on other projects on the next cycle, so I'd prefer if someone else takes over the PTL position.05:44
dtruong#topic Denver Summit05:46
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dtruongThe senlin project update and senlin onboarding have been scheduled for the Denver summit05:47
dtruongIf you are Senlin core and will be attending the Denver summit, please let me know05:48
dtruongso we can prepare for the Senlin sessions05:48
dtruongAlso, we will be giving another talk on how blizzard is using autoscaling with senlin05:49
dtruongJude and I will also be at the PTG following the summit.05:50
dtruongAlthough I did not schedule a room for Senlin, we can meet with anyone who would like to discuss about Senlin.05:50
dtruong#topic open discussion05:51
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dtruongthat's all I have.05:51
dtruongAnybody have anything to discuss?05:51
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dtruongOk, let's end the meeting.05:54
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