Thursday, 2019-01-31

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mordreddtruong: sweet! I'll add that approach to the other resources taht need it18:53
mordreddo al of the senlin resources follow this pattern on delete?18:53
* mordred goes to read the api docs18:54
dtruongmordred: it's only for cluster delete and node delete since those async operations18:57
dtruongothers like profile delete or policy delete do not follow this pattern18:57
dtruong#startmeeting senlin19:00
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dtruonganybody here to join today?19:00
dtruonghi problem_v19:02
dtruongok, let's get started19:03
dtruong#topic announcements19:03
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dtruongThere are two Senlin related talks proposed by us for the Denver summit19:04
dtruongIf you are interested, please vote them in the community voting19:04
dtruongmoving on19:06
dtruong#topic blueprints19:07
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dtruongI don't think there are any updates on the existing blueprints19:07
dtruong#topic Code Reviews19:08
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dtruongproblem_v can you update us on the status of
problem_vKind of on hold for now.19:08
problem_vI think I want to approach this issue differently.19:09
problem_vThan what I have up for review right now.19:09
problem_vAs soon as I get some cycles I will get a new patch set up to address this proble,19:09
dtruongCool. Thanks for the update.19:10
dtruongThis one has been open for awhile:
dtruongIt looks good but just needs a unit test19:10
dtruongIf anybody has time, maybe we can help this person out and add the unit test19:10
problem_vI will do it if I can find the time.19:11
dtruongThis one needs another +2:
dtruongeandersson can you review that one ^19:12
dtruongproblem_v this one has a comment:
dtruongcan you reply to the comment left in the review19:13
problem_vYep :)19:13
dtruongThese ones need another +2:
dtruongeandersson ^ when you get a chance19:15
dtruongThis one is a workaround for memory leak with connections:
dtruongI was not able to reproduce this issue in devstack19:17
dtruongI will try to reproduce it with latest code from master in our environment19:17
dtruongBut I feel like this not something that should be done in Senlin.19:18
dtruongAnyways, we'll see if I can reproduce it19:18
dtruongLast one is a backport for a bug fix to rocky:
dtruongFor some reason all the tests are failing19:19
dtruongI'll take a look at that one19:19
dtruongThat covers all the open code reviews19:20
dtruong#topic open discussion19:20
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dtruongthat's all i have for today19:21
dtruonganybody else have anything to discuss?19:21
problem_vI dont have anything else either.19:21
dtruongok, let's end the meeting19:23
dtruongthanks for attending19:23
dtruongnext week's meeting will be on Friday at 530 UTC19:24
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openstackMinutes (text):
mordreddtruong: sweet19:37
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mordreddtruong: Fix resource deletion in clustering - updated to do node as well19:48
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dtruongmordred: thanks.  i'll take a look at it.19:53
mordredthanks! once that's happy we can land it and get a new sdk release cut for you19:59
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dtruongmordred LGTM.  I fixed the failing unit test in latest patch set.22:04
dtruongproblem_v eandersson: can you also take a look at that patch set:
eanderssondtruong, git rm .idea/*22:05
dtruongoops.  done22:08
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openstackgerritDuc Truong proposed openstack/python-senlinclient master: Fix getting action id in Location header
eanderssondtruong, will the above break on all previous versions of the sdk ?22:15
dtruongit's already with the current version of sdk 0.23.022:16
dtruongit's already broken22:16
eanderssonI see22:16
dtruongbut yea, older versions of the sdk like 0.17.2 with this change in senlinclient will break it22:17
dtruongwe can bump the sdk version in the requirements.txt once the sdk change gets merged and released22:18
eanderssonkk sounds good22:18

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