Friday, 2019-01-18

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sapd1_dtruong: I don't know about command 'openstack cluster op'02:12
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dtruongSapd1_ are you asking what the ‘openstack cluster op’ command does?05:00
sapd1_xdtruong: I don't see any upper-constraint.txt in senlin repo05:11
dtruongupper-constraint.txt is located in openstack/requirements repo:
dtruongsapd_1 ^06:36
dtruongsapd1_x ^06:36
sapd1_xI'm using openstacksdk==0.22.007:18
sapd1_xwhat version of openstacksdk are you running?07:18
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mordreddtruong: ok, cool - thank you for the explanation. so really what DELETE cluster is doing on the backend is creating an action object and returning a reference to it. so the API docs for actions will help me out14:39
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dtruongmordred exactly. Thanks for helping us fix this.14:56
mordreddtruong: sure thing! sorry for breaking you - we clearly need a few more tests to make sure we don't break you again :)14:58
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openstackgerritJude Cross proposed openstack/senlin master: Add action_purge to senlin-manage

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