Friday, 2019-01-11

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dtruongReminder that we’re having the Senlin in 1.5 hours04:01
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sapd__xdtruong: I check recovery my cluster and it failed because It can't find profile of node. some one has same issue with me04:32
sapd__xin this line04:32
sapd__xWe have to change project_safe=False in default04:33
sapd__xbecause in case of recovery, senlin user (project=service) perform this action .04:33
sapd__xSo senlin can't find project04:33
dtruongtime for senlin meeting05:30
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dtruong#startmeeting senlin05:30
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dtruonganybody here to join today?05:31
dtruongok, let's get started05:35
dtruong#topic announcements05:36
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dtruongcall for presentations is open for openstack summit in Denver05:36
dtruongif you have any presentation, please submit them by January 24th.05:36
dtruongthe openstack summit will be april 29 to may 1, 2019 in Denver05:38
dtruongimmediately following it from may 2 to may 4, 2019 the PTG will be held also in Denver05:39
dtruongif anybody from the Senlin is planning to attend either the summit or the PTG, please let me know so we can coordinate the project update session05:39
dtruongand also the PTG session05:40
dtruongok, moving on05:43
dtruong#topic blueprints05:43
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dtruongno updates on the blueprints that are in progress05:44
dtruongbut judecross is working on a new blueprint to refactor the lifecycle hook implementation05:44
dtruong#topic Reviews05:48
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dtruongForce action update is done, but if anybody has any input on it, please review it:
dtruongDo not need specify vip_address and vip_subnet with load balancer exist:
dtruongLooks good to me, just needs to add some unit test05:50
dtruongBut others should review it as well05:50
dtruongFix memory leak when create connection with openstacksdk:
dtruongI'm trying to recreate this bug I haven't seen it myself yet05:51
dtruongI spoke with mordred on IRC and he said that openstacksdk did have a bug with threads not being released.  But they are in the process of fixing that one.05:52
dtruongNot sure if the bug reported the memory leak is related.05:52
dtruonganyways, i'll keep looking into that one a bit more05:55
dtruong#topic open discussion05:55
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dtruongthat's all i have for today05:57
dtruonganybody have anything else to discuss?05:57
eanderssonNothing here06:01
eanderssonGot a couple of minor patches up06:01
eanderssonanyone that got time can take a look =]06:01
dtruonghere are the links:
eanderssonThanks dtruong06:02
dtruongok, let's end the meeting then06:04
dtruongnext week we will have the meeting on Thursday morning US Pacific time06:04
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sapd1dtruong: You don't get problem when long running senlin-engine process ??07:16
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dtruongsapd1: right now we are running a forked pike version of senlin with most of the changes in master branch backported to our fork.17:15
dtruongso we don't see any problems with long running senlin-engine process17:15
dtruongsoon we will upgrade to senlin master / stein, so I will know if there are any problems with the long running senlin-engine\17:16
sapd__xdtruong: You can run only one cluster with senlin-engine17:42
sapd__xafter that you will check number of connections were made by senlin-engine17:43
sapd__xthe problem is senlin-engine does not kill old connection when connect to openstack api such as nova,keystone17:43
dtruongi have multiple clusters in my devstack that is using senlin master17:44
dtruongand i don't see any problems with it17:44
dtruongso if you create 2 clusters, then you get senlin errors about the connections when you try to do operations on the clusters?17:44
dtruongwhat version of openstacksdk are you using?17:48
dtruongsapd__x: regarding the problem with node recovery17:55
dtruongyou should not have to set project_safe to False17:55
dtruongsenlin creates a trust between the user who is executing the node recovery command and the senlin user17:55
sapd__xdtruong: I'm running senlin master branch17:56
sapd__xinside virtualenv17:56
sapd__xso openstacksdk version is same with version in requirements.txt17:56
dtruongthen the senlin user is able load the profile even though the project belongs to another user17:56
sapd__xdtruong: keystone trustee ??17:56
dtruongwhat is version of openstacksdk that you see inside the virtualenv17:57
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dtruongright now the requirements.txt says openstacksdk>=0.17.218:03
dtruongbut there are several version of openstacksdk since 0.17.218:04
dtruongso depending on when you installed your senlin environment, you could have ended up with a different openstacksdk than me18:04
dtruongi'm using openstacksdk 0.22 in my devstack right now18:05
eanderssonideally use upper requirements when installing sapd119:22
eanderssonbut I guess if you are running master, it would default to 0.22 anyway19:23
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eanderssonbut would still be good, to make sure you have a tested version of eventlet etc19:57
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openstackgerritDuc Truong proposed openstack/senlin master: [WIP] Set owner for actions in waiting for lifecycle

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