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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-tempest-plugin master: Skip health policy tests that are failing
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dtruongEveryone, this is a reminder that we will be having the Senlin weekly meeting in about 20 minutes.05:08
dtruong#startmeeting senlin05:30
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dtruongit's time for senlin meeting05:31
dtruonganyone here to join?05:31
dtruonghi qiming05:35
dtruongok, let's get started then.05:36
dtruong#topic autoscaling forum in berlin05:36
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dtruongQiming: I saw your replies to the ML05:37
dtruongdo you have anything else to add on this topic?05:37
QimingIf you mean something I want to stress again, I would say ... users first05:39
dtruongyes, i agree with that 100%05:39
QimingIf there are people who just want to find something to work on for a particular project or play games ... we can just ignore them05:40
dtruongi think the important thing to recognize is that there are different types of users as well05:41
dtruongthere are users of heat ASG or senlin.  but then there is k8s users who want autoscaling but have different use cases05:42
Qimingyep. I would vote for supporting the k8s use cases05:43
Qiminga k8s cluster can live and scale happily on google cloud or aws, it would be desirable to have it better supported on openstack05:44
Qimingagain, at the end of the day, the community agenda should be driven by use cases05:46
dtruongyes. but i think it is important to support the use cases of clustering or autoscaling with only openstack05:46
dtruongthat is the traditional scaling use case05:46
Qimingif no one seems interested in running k8s on openstack, the above assumption won't be true05:46
Qimingback to the proposed forum topic05:47
QimingIIUC, the key pain point from Heat team's perspective is that "there are existing users already doing autoscaling using ASG..."05:48
Qiminga valid concern but they won't reinvent a new thing seriously, i guess05:49
dtruongyes, so i proposed that you could potentially switch the Heat ASG implementation to use Senlin05:49
dtruongand then slowly deprecate Heat ASG in favor of Senlin resource in Heat05:49
Qiminglong live Heat ASG resource type, but .... just kill the implementation05:50
dtruongto me this follows what other openstack projects have done.05:50
dtruonge.g. cinder split from nova-volume05:50
Qimingif there are feature requirement to autoscaling, the requirements should be redirected to Senlin team05:50
QimingHeat should only cares about orchestration, period05:51
dtruongi think we are in agreement.  so i'll discuss that proposal with the Heat team at the forum05:51
dtruongok, moving on to the next topic then05:52
dtruong#topic blueprint status05:52
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dtruongfail-fast blueprint is implemented.  waiting for more reviews.05:53
dtruongmultiple detection type implementation has been merged.05:53
dtruongi need to add documentation and release notes.05:53
dtruongabout the documentation, i thinking we should add a sphinx extension so that we can automatically generate docs for policy and profiles05:54
Qimingcould you please double check if the gate failures are real for #602460?05:54
dtruongusing the schema defined in the policy and profile05:54
Qimingthat is a great idea05:55
dtruongabout the gate failure, the health policy tempest are broken05:55
dtruongseems to be a timing issue05:55
dtruongso i merged a patch to disable them for now05:55
Qimingi see. that is the reason I didn't w+1 it05:55
dtruonglet me recheck #602460 to make sure that the failures are gone with my patchset to disable health policy tempest test05:56
dtruonglooks like you did already =)05:58
dtruonggoing back to the sphinx extension, i want to extract the description in the schema for each field05:58
Qimingimpatient me05:59
dtruongand build it into the docs05:59
dtruongso that we don't have to change the docs every time the policy or profile changes05:59
QimingI have no idea how to do that, although I have the same requirement in a different project05:59
Qimingya, that would be awesome06:00
Qimingmy requirement is to generate web UIs from the class definition06:00
dtruongit's new for me too.  so i'm looking into it right now.  mainly because i rather write code than documentation =P06:00
Qiminggreat, looking forward to your findings06:01
XueFengThat's great06:02
dtruonghi xuefeng06:02
XueFenghi dtruong Qiming06:02
Qimingyou scared me XueFeng06:02
dtruongsphinx has the ability to create your own extension so hopefully it won't be too difficult06:02
Qimingsuddenly showed up from nowhere06:03
Qimingso it is basically walking  through the class field definitions and to extract the docstrings for those fields?06:04
Qimingthat was my guess, but it looked to me not so straightforward how to get the doc string for a class field06:04
dtruongactually, extract the description in the schema field06:04
Qimingokay ... that is a much easier job06:05
dtruongsphinx can already get the docstring06:05
dtruongthat have something called autodoc built-in that extract docstring for classes and their attributes and members06:06
Qimingem ...06:07
dtruongbut in our case that is not that useful because we keep the usage information inside the description string06:07
Qiminglike this line?
dtruongyes, that would get extracted by sphinx06:07
Qimingokay, maybe I should try dig into it again06:08
dtruongbut it's too generic for profile spec and policy spec06:08
dtruongthe policy spec is a dictionary with lots of parameters and the description string has the most useful information06:09
Qimingthe so called "doc" can be extracted from python variable/field values, that is making things a lot easier06:10
QimingI'm looking for something that can help extract data from comments such as:06:11
Qiming# max=1200,optional=true06:11
Qimingsorry, repeat_interval is more appropriate here06:12
Qimingthen by reading the source code I can generate a jsonschema for this particular field and even web form input for validation06:13
Qimingor else I will have to do the schema definition again ... boring06:13
dtruongif the comment is formatted with the #: then sphinx can extract using autoattribute06:15
QimingI see, there is the trick06:15
dtruongso maybe you can reuse the autodoc implementation to generate a web form instead of a doc06:16
Qimingem, worth a try06:16
dtruongok, let's move on06:18
dtruong#topic stein community goals06:18
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dtruongno updates for python 3 goal or upgrade checkers goal06:19
dtruong#topic reviews06:20
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dtruongi added functional tests for senlin in openstacksdk06:20
dtruongplease review it when you have time06:20
Qimingwow ... I still have w+1 privilege there ...06:21
dtruongi only added the basic tests for senlin but that should be enough to detect any breaking change in openstacksdk that could affect senlin06:21
QimingI see06:22
dtruonga good time to use that privilege =)06:22
dtruong#topic open discussion06:23
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dtruongthat's all i had an the agenda06:23
dtruonganybody have anything else to discuss>06:23
Qimingno from me06:23
QimingXueFeng has vapored into thin air again06:24
dtruongok, let's end the meeting then06:25
dtruongthanks everyone for attending06:25
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