Friday, 2018-09-21

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dtruongsenlin meeting starts in 5 mins.05:26
dtruongtime for the weekly senlin meeting05:30
dtruong#startmeeting senlin05:30
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dtruonganyone here to join?05:30
dtruongeandersson, judecross, qiming?05:31
JudeCrossI am!05:32
dtruongglad you could make it =)05:33
JudeCrossFinally! had to make sure to set an alarm05:33
dtruongok, let's get started05:33
dtruong#topic announcements05:34
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dtruongwe have two new core members: judecross and eandersson05:34
dtruongwelcome to both of you.05:34
dtruongwe also have one new stable maintainer: chenyb4.05:35
dtruong#topic autoscaling forum in berlin05:36
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dtruongthere is a proposal to have a forum session at the berlin summit to discuss autoscaling05:36
JudeCrossThat will be awesome.05:37
dtruongheat PTL rico suggested to have the forum to discuss the integration between heat and senlin05:37
JudeCrossWould be nice to get some discussion going especially in regard to Heat.05:37
dtruongi will be there.  if anyone else can attend, that would be great.05:37
dtruongthere is also an etherpad where we can add our ideas regarding that topic05:38
dtruongfeel free to add anything you think should be discussed or any ideas or concerns you have about how heat and senlin should be integrated05:40
JudeCrossMan I really want to be part of that discussion or at least be around for it.05:43
dtruongit definitely would be great if more senlin team members could attend05:44
dtruongjudecross: you need to convince your boss :>05:45
dtruongok, next topic05:46
JudeCrossI will do what I can :P05:46
dtruong#topic blueprint status05:46
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dtruongfail-fast blueprint implementation is on-going05:47
dtruongi'm currently testing the changes05:47
dtruongbut i realized we might need a new API to allow users to cancel actions that are currently running or queued in the action table05:48
dtruongi will do more testing and see if it is needed05:48
dtruongmultiple detection mode spec has been approved.05:49
dtruongimplementation is on-going05:49
dtruongfor the other items in planning etherpad, please create a blueprint so that we can start tracking it05:51
dtruongjudecross: can you create a blueprint for your patch on fail-fast on cooldown for scaling operations05:51
JudeCrossOf course :)05:52
dtruongok, let's move on05:52
dtruong#topic stein community goal status05:52
*** openstack changes topic to "stein community goal status (Meeting topic: senlin)"05:52
dtruongpatches for python 3 goal have been merged05:52
dtruongso there are no pending tasks for this item at the moment05:53
dtruongno work has started for upgrade checks05:53
dtruongchenyb4 was looking at it, but if anybody else has time, feel free to help out.05:54
dtruong#topic follow-up action items05:54
*** openstack changes topic to "follow-up action items (Meeting topic: senlin)"05:54
dtruonglast week qiming suggested that senlin should use oslo.versionedobjects for policies and profiles05:55
dtruongi looked at oslo.versionedobjects and seems like that should work.05:55
dtruongheat is already using versionedobjects for their resources05:55
dtruongwhen i have some time, i will do a POC of converting a policy to use oslo.versionedobjects05:56
dtruong#topic open discussion05:57
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: senlin)"05:57
JudeCrossI will do some reading on that as well and can help you with whatever.05:57
dtruongcool.  thanks05:57
JudeCrossin regard to the oslo.versionedobjects05:57
dtruongi'm still trying to figure how it would handle new version of an object that is completely different than previous version of the object05:59
JudeCrossMaybe there is some lessons that we can learn by looking at Heats implementation?05:59
dtruongyea, probably :)06:00
dtruonglet's do more investigation on this item and come back to it when we know more06:00
dtruongthat's all i have.06:00
dtruonganybody have anything they would like to discuss?06:01
dtruongok, let's end the meeting then06:02
dtruongthanks for attending judecross06:02
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