Thursday, 2018-02-08

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-tempest-plugin master: Disable receiver integration test
openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/senlin master: Fix lb policy for 1.1 version support
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Further removal of localization to please py35
chenyb4It seems that deletion_policy_lifecycle_hook.yaml and deletion_policy.yaml are different policies.02:58
chenyb4deletion_policy_lifecycle_hook.yaml Just complete the notification after deletion.02:59
chenyb4cc Qiming03:02
chenyb4hi, dtruong03:08
chenyb4dtruong, It seems that deletion_policy_lifecycle_hook.yaml and deletion_policy.yaml are different policies.03:09
chenyb4dtruong, deletion_policy_lifecycle_hook.yaml Just complete the notification after deletion.03:09
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Fix lb policy for 1.1 version support
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dtruongok, looks like i forgot to update deletion_policy.yaml to use version 1.106:14
chenyb4dtruong, I don't understand. the deletion_policy.yaml support lifecycle ?06:16
dtruongyes, this was added in deletion policy version 1.106:16
dtruongbut all other properties from deletion policy 1.0 are still valid in deletion policy version 1.106:17
dtruongthe deletion_policy.yaml just needs to use the new version 1.1 and it should work without any other change06:18
chenyb4But now it looks like 1.0 is out of support.06:18
dtruongyes.  i was following what was done with the load balancer policy v1.106:19
dtruongit doesn't look like load balancer policy v1.0 is valid anymore06:19
chenyb4I see what you mean. We started using delete policy 1.1, and the 1.0 version no longer supports it.06:21
chenyb4There is also a problem that you added a deletion_policy_lifecycle_hook. Yaml, this policy file, just added queue message publishing on the deletion_policy.yaml. why ?06:23
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Qiming_chenyb4: there?06:25
Qiming_I have got problems connecting the free node using IRC client, so now I'm using web irc06:25
chenyb4Qiming_, dtruong deletion_policy_lifecycle_hook. Yaml will be used as a separate use?06:26
Qiming_just want to ping you that the support date for deletion policy 1.1 should start 2018.02, which is when Queens releases06:26
Qiming_pls also check LB 1.1 policy patch, I cannot recall exactly when LB 1.1 was released, labelling it as 2018.01 is not accurate06:27
Qiming_deletion hook is a new feature supported by the 1.1 deletion policy06:27
Qiming_those two patches were merged too fast06:28
chenyb4I saw that delete_policy.yaml has different contents with deletion_policy_lifecycle_hook. Yaml, so I think delete_policy.yaml should contain support for deletion_policy_lifecycle_hook. Yaml.06:29
dtruongdeletion_policy.yaml is intended to show the use of a deletion policy without lifecycle06:30
dtruongdeletion_policy_lifecycle_hook.yaml was specifically created to show how to use a deletion policy with lifecycle hooks06:30
Qimingchenyb4, those files are not specifications, those are examples06:31
dtruongeither of them is valid depending on what the user needs.  the only fix that is needed is to correct the version in deletion_policy.yaml to version 1.106:32
QimingNo examples there are meant to show every properties or all possible combinations of properties06:32
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chenyb4I just want to tell the user the right way to use it, and when we add the delete policy, we can add the release of the delete message, instead of adding the two policies to the cluster at the same time.06:32
QimingYou won't be able to attach two deletion policies to the same cluster06:33
chenyb4i see, This is what the user should know.06:34
QimingDeletion policy is designed to have only one instance attached06:34
QimingWould be cool if you can suggest where such information can be provided06:34
chenyb4Ok, now we have the support of lb and delete 1.0 in the type list, so we need to adjust this?06:35
QimingPlease try if deletion policy 1.0 and 1.1 are both accepted by the api and the engine06:36
chenyb41.1 support in setup.cfg was registry, but 1.0 not in setup.cfg06:37
chenyb4Similarly 1.0 has the same attributes as 1.1.06:38
chenyb4They're not different06:39
Qimingboth of them should be there06:39
dtruongi removed deletion v1.0 from the setup.cfg06:43
dtruongwhat is the guideline for updating a policy version?  are we supposed to keep the old version?06:43
chenyb4dtruong, i see06:43
Qimingdtruong, I think we should leave all versions there06:44
QimingAll "supported" versions06:44
QimingAlthough the implementation is using the same module06:44
dtruongyes, that's the reason i didnt keep it06:45
dtruongalso v1.1 has everything that was in v1.006:46
dtruongso it didnt seem to make sense to keep it06:46
chenyb4My suggestion is that if you support 1.0 and 1.1, should the two versions be different? If 1.0 is the same as 1.1, is it necessary to keep 1.0?06:48
dtruongthe main difference between 1.0 and 1.1 is that i added new properties.06:59
dtruongany existing deletion policy that was written for 1.0, only needs to point to version 1.1 and it should07:00
dtruongso i do not see the need for keeping v1.007:01
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-tempest-plugin master: Add tests for lifecycle hooks
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openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/senlin master: Fix lb and delete policy not support 1.0 version
chenyb4dtruong, Qiming  if use support v1.0 i was add new patch. view
chenyb4But it doesn't seem to make much sense.08:12
QimingWhy do we add new classes?08:12
QimingCannot we just point the two versions to the same class?08:13
QimingI believe the same code has already capable of detecting if a property is valid for a particular version08:14
chenyb4If you point to the same class, then a 1.0 and 1.1 repeats appear in the type list.08:14
QimingYes, that was the reason I asked you to do a test: if deletion policy 1.0 and 1.1 are both accepted by the api and the engine08:15
Qimingdtruong was right.08:16
chenyb4ok, Give me some time. I'll try something else.08:29
chenyb4hi, Qiming 9763e308f3b6e8b9f3388c515397fae2c169319a This patch has a problem.  the master branch don't load other plugin09:21
blkartQiming,  Driver plugin openstack is not found.09:23
chenyb4Qiming, there don't load openstack plugin09:23
blkartsenlin/engine/", line 151, in get_driver09:23
blkart    raise exception.InvalidPlugin(message=msg)09:23
blkartInvalidPlugin: Driver plugin openstack is not found.09:23
QimingCan you paste a link to the patch ?09:24
QimingI don't know what to do with a hash value09:24
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chenyb4  It doesn't look like you can load other plug-ins.09:27
chenyb4cc Qiming09:27
QimingThanks, a patch link is proper09:27
blkartQiming,  it sames you move openstack to os ?09:28
Qimingchenyb4, did you reinstall senlin after applying that patch?09:28
chenyb4Qiming, yes09:28
Qimingthat cannot happen09:29
QimingWhen you do a python setup for senlin or pip install09:29
QimingThe stevedore database would be updated09:29
chenyb4Qiming, python setup09:29
QimingPlugins will point to new location09:29
QimingIt works at gate, and all following patches work on gate and my local machine09:30
QimingPlease check your setup09:30
chenyb4Qiming, I have cleared all installation records before installing.09:32
chenyb4remove /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/senlin or /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/senlin-*09:34
chenyb4and execute python install09:35
QimingDid I mention stevedore ?09:35
QimingRead this again:
chenyb4i see, thanks09:40
Qimingsudo pip install -e .09:41
QimingThis ensures that the plugins senlin provided are known to stevedore, in future when senlin asks stevedore to load a plugin, stevedore knows where to load it09:42
QimingDeleting senlin code doesn't help09:42
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Enable more extensions in pep8
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openstackgerritOpenStack Release Bot proposed openstack/senlin master: Update reno for stable/queens
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openstackgerritXueFeng Liu proposed openstack/senlin master: Modify Descripition
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Modify Descripition
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