Wednesday, 2018-01-10

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openstackgerritDuc Truong proposed openstack/senlin master: [DNM] Trying to reenable tempest run in zuul checks
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient master: Fix cluster/node force delete parameter location error
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dtruong2qiming: did you see my message earlier about the senlin devstack gate being broken?  is that a known issue?05:32
Qimingdtruong2, I saw your message, but I was unaware of it05:33
dtruong2ok. looks like it has been that way since oct 2017.05:36
Qimingit was caused by the community movement to new CI infra05:38
dtruong2yes.  the move to zuul v305:38
QimingI didn't looked closely into the details05:38
QimingI thought it is running properly05:39
dtruong2i'm working on a patch to reenable the tempest run here:
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dtruong2but it looks like fake api driver is missing octavia05:39
dtruong2so the test cases are still failing05:40
Qimingfake api driver is missing?05:41
Qiminghow could that happen?05:41
Qimingcan you show me the logs for that?05:41
dtruong2there is a test driver for lbaas but no test driver for octavia:
Qimingoctavia ... right05:43
Qiminglooking at #532366, I seems even pep8 is failing05:43
dtruong2yea.  that's because i didnt run pep8 and fix the errors before submitting05:44
dtruong2i just wanted to test if the tempest will get run with my changes05:44
QimingI'm not sure it is a real PEP8 FAILURe05:45
Qimingit looks like the CI is doing something I don't understand, and it is failing05:46
Qimingfixing fake octavia api driver wouldn't be difficult05:47
dtruong2you are right.  i'm not sure either why pep8 failed05:48
Qimingoctavia is a separate issue ... but anyway, your patch has proved that the gate jobs are not running properly05:49
dtruong2in terms of fixing the gate jobs, do you or someone else want to take that on?05:50
dtruong2or do you want me to continue with my patch
Qimingruijie was on it, not sure if he has cycles to improve it05:51
Qimingyour help on fixing this would be highly appreciated05:51
dtruong2ok, i'll take a look at it tomorrow.  it's night time in california now.05:52
Qimingthank you so much05:52
Qimingplease note that api tests are now located here:
Qiminglooks like no one has been touching it for a long time05:53
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dtruong2ok, that repo is actually creating a separate senlin-tempest-plugin05:57
dtruong2that was one the tempest goals:
QimingWe haven't deleted the in-tree code for tempest support yet05:58
QimingJust a reminder if your patch may be invoking the in-tree code05:58
dtruong2so which tempest should be used for the gate jobs?05:59
dtruong2the in-tree or the split plugin?05:59
Qimingthe external one05:59
Qimingthe plugin05:59
Qimingmaybe we should remove the in-tree code to make it clear, :)06:01
dtruong2yes, and also update the documentation06:02
dtruong2but the gate jobs needs to get fixed first to run properly against the external senlin-tempest-plugin06:03
QimingAs I mentioned earlier, we were relying on Ruijie to get it done right06:03
QimingSince there wasn't an alarm so far, we all believed that everything is all set ...06:04
dtruong2no problem.  i'll try to get it fixed.  i have another colleague who is knowledgeable in the tempest plugins, so i can him for help too.06:08
Qimingwow, many thanks in advance!06:08
chenyb4hi, Qiming, II'd like to know some requirements about senlin's support for snapshots.06:10
chenyb4profile support snapshot, senlin allow execute "senlin snapshot xxxx" operation ?06:12
Qimingnot yet06:15
Qimingif you check the nova server profile, you will see we were considering snapshot when adopting a server06:16
Qimingbut that feature is not yet implemented06:16
QimingI'm not sure what the use case you are talking about, chenyb406:17
Qimingare you trying to create a snapshot for a nova server, a heat stack, a vm cluster, a vm node? or something?06:17
chenyb4I want to add new feture support snapshot06:18
chenyb4Create a snapshot for the cluster by executing the senlin cluster-snapshot.06:19
Qimingthen ... what are you going to do with that snapshot?06:20
chenyb4senlin support snapshot create and save, nova profile create image with vm server06:22
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Add block store cinder_v2 driver test
chenyb4Similar to the heat snapshot function.06:22
Qimingokay, support you can create a snapshot of a cluster06:22
Qimingwhat are you going to do with the cluster snapshots06:23
chenyb4senlin add new snapshot table, when createing new snapshot will store to snapshot table06:29
Qimingyes, but I'm not talking about how to implement the feature06:29
QimingI'm asking a question why do you need snapshot06:29
chenyb4senlin cluster support snapshot or restore06:29
Qimingrestore a cluster to its previous state?06:30
chenyb4restore cluster node to previous state06:31
Qimingem ...06:32
Qimingit worth a try06:32
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chenyb4sorry, I just left07:00
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openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/senlin master: Cluster API support put maintenance action operation
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openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/senlin master: Cluster API support put maintenance action operation
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chenyb4hi, Qiming gerrit test always appear "Error when trying to get requirement for VCS system Command "git config "  In today12:30
Qimingcan you help check if other projects are experiencing the same problem?12:32
Qimingcan you help check if there are notifications on mailinglist?12:32
chenyb4Qiming, Other projects have made such mistakes.12:40
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Qimingsuch errors you mean12:52
chenyb4Other project unit tests have the same error. e.g.: nova , python-openstacksdk, neutron13:06
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit is being restarted due to slowness and to apply kernel patches14:59
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openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/senlin master: Update for upcoming openstacksdk release
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: The zuul system is being restarted to apply security updates and will be offline for several minutes. It will be restarted and changes re-equeued; changes approved during the downtime will need to be rechecked or re-approved.22:24
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