Thursday, 2017-12-14

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QimingCeryx, you may want to check if meets your requirements01:21
CeryxI think earlier I mixed up node name and server name. It looks like what you linked would modify the node name, but what we're hoping to do is utilize "name" in the os.nova.server profile, but put a suffix at the end (for unique hostnames, and for designate to add to DNS).01:29
CeryxOtherwise every server created in the cluster is just named exactly what "name" is in the profile. Wanted to set a useful name in the profile (myserver) but have VMs created as "myserver-001, myserver-002, etc"01:30
QimingCeryx, by default, the VM server will use the node name for hostname01:32
Qiming, you can set cluster.config = {'': 'host-$3I'}, for example01:33
Qimingthen you will get host-001, host-002, host-00701:33
Qimingyou can still use 'name-$8R', which is backward compatible01:33
Qimingit will give you 'node-mo708gmh', 'node-2miyaxmw' for example01:34
Qimingneed a follow up patch to make sure when cluster is expanded, new nodes will respect this cluster config as well01:35
CeryxOh, I see, I was missing that part. So we would use no name in the nova profile, and instead on the cluster set to something like "us-east-myservicename-$3I" to affect the VM name?01:37
CeryxThat would work, and keep profiles more reusable01:37
Ceryxthat definitely provides what we're trying to achieve then01:38
Qimingin, I was passing the server object though not using it01:40
Qimingmaybe in the future there will be request to generate names like 'host-<cluster>-<index>', :)01:40
Qimingactually, I don't see a conflict between the cluster config and the profile field approaches01:41
Qimingwe can have both, if we define a precedence order between them01:42
Ceryxyeah, if both were used, it could end up having the node index twice. Are cluster.config options available in pike? We could pull in those two patches and have users try them out. When I looked at it looked like a new API and DB schema was involved.01:51
Qimingthe api and db schema was already in01:53
Qimingcannot recall whether they are in pike01:54
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CeryxFor a cluster create command I don't see where I might set cluster.config, just metadata, so maybe that's not in pike cli.02:45
CeryxWill have to test further. On our pike install I pulled in the two patches and have "": "mytestserver-$3I" in cluster config, but still gets created as node-e0d0e6c2-001. Might be missing something in pike for it.03:44
Qimingcould be a version issue.03:45
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin master: Kubernetes on senlin
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Add lifecycle hook spec
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