Monday, 2017-10-09

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maestropandyHi.. anyone looked into this senlin launchpad bug
openstackLaunchpad bug 1721487 in senlin "Senlin - HttpException: The request you have made requires authentication - Using auth plugin: password" [Undecided,New]05:38
chenyb4maestropandy, you must ensure all execute appear error about "HttpException: The request you have made requires authentication. (HTTP 401) "06:06
chenyb4maestropandy, this error maybe keystone configure error06:15
maestropandychenyb4: Dont think so because of keystone authentication, I can able to access all other service create nova, glance, heat, ceilometer .. only with senlin facing this issue06:26
chenyb4maestropandy, senlin use keystone v3 version06:27
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chenyb4maestropandy, ensure keystone has exist user service06:30
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chenyb4maestropandy1, s/service/senlin/06:30
maestropandy1chenyb4: i have checked it has use service06:30
maestropandy1user service is there in user list06:31
maestropandy1chenyb4: also noticed in devstack/ocata if i mark senlin to clone ocata branch.. while cloning automatically switches to master, where senlin-dashboard remains in ocata branch..06:32
chenyb4maestropandy1, Try use senlin user execute nova instance create , check keystone auth06:35
maestropandy1chenyb4: i will do and get back :)06:37
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openstackgerritJeremy Zhang proposed openstack/senlin master: Replace deprecated aliases 'os'/'os_adm' with 'os_primary'/'os_admin'
maestropandyafter installing senlin along with devstack, getting error as ""12:39
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maestropandywhether senlin integration tested with devstack master branch, please sure14:51
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