Thursday, 2017-10-05

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maestropandyHi All, Senlin manual installation needs few updates.. database connection should be mysql+pymysql instead of only mysql07:21
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maestropandyhi Qiming.. need your help08:52
maestropandyif anyone active now on channel please respond08:53
maestropandy  senlin error "Using auth plugin: password"08:55
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maestropandyissue is not able to fetach MYSQL_ROOT_PW=${MYSQL_ROOT_PW:-openstack}4MYSQL_SENLIN_PW=${MYSQL_SENLIN_PW:-openstack} from mysql.. after manual changes working fine11:15
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maestropandystill am getting httpexception12:47
maestropandywith senlin12:47
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maestropandy  senlin error "Using auth plugin: password"  is this because of senlinclientv1.cluster.ListCluster ?12:51
maestropandyQiming: seeking your help urgently, please13:01
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