Friday, 2017-09-29

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maestropandyhi Qiming good morning.. I have noticed the error in sl-api, sl-engine failure is because of missing oslo.messaging attribute in ocata & master..05:23
maestropandyQiming: get_rpc_transport is missing in ocata messaging.. which is pushed to master branch.. though mapped senlin to ocata.. manually need to checkout senlin under /opt/stack to clone ocata branch instead of master05:24
chenyb4maestropandy, you will configure rabbitmq inf senlin.conf file06:04
maestropandyu mean need to disable rabbitmq service or ?06:07
maestropandychenyb4: what configuration need to do in senlin for rabbitmq when am doing in devstack steup.06:09
maestropandyI just through senlin configuration options, not mentioned about rabbitmq..06:10
chenyb4maestropandy, you can find it06:11
maestropandychenyb4: getting "opt/stack/senlin/devstack/lib/senlin:init_senlin:1  exit" see here
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maestropandychenyb4: have you see that senlin exit error06:17
maestropandyalso doing in devstack, so no need to manual rabbit think so..06:17
maestropandywhat it mean " there s no script for 12 version" in selin06:18
chenyb4maestropandy, maybe pymysql release error. /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pymysql/                                                                                                           :166: Warning: (3090, u"Changing sql mode 'NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER' is deprecated. It w                                                                                                           ill be removed in a future release.")06:19
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chenyb4maestropandy, hand execute (5. Create Senlin Database.)06:20
chenyb4maestropandy, if the error appear, you will ensure pymysql release06:22
maestropandychenyb4: got it.. am trying to install senlin in devstack manually.. didn't what to ensure in pymysql release ?06:24
chenyb4maestropandy, read "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pymysql/" code06:26
maestropandychenyb4: I think for senlin to perform autoscaling .. need aodh, ceilometer and gnocchi isn't ?06:27
chenyb4maestropandy, two way, one: you call senlin scale-out or scale-in will done. two: receiver has exist webhook, you will call webhook url will done(ceilometer alarm call webhook url only one).06:30
chenyb4maestropandy, you can post way call webhook url06:31
maestropandywebhook deals with aodh and ceilometer plugin isnt ?06:31
chenyb4maestropandy, if you want use alarm, you will configure aodh06:32
maestropandyplease make me understand aodh & ceilometer is enough to use.. or gnocchi s needed ? if mean when am using aodh latest/ocata both is showing mismatching issues ..06:33
chenyb4maestropandy, you will understand ceilometer, aodh , gnocchi. I use juno ceilometer finish autoscaling06:38
chenyb4ceilometer juno version06:38
chenyb4maestropandy, You must understand that the alarm triggers the url to be your must06:41
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Correct unexpected indentation
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maestropandyif i install heat & senlin under stable/ocata.. both senlin automatically moves to master branch and throwing error has not attribute ..12:38
openstackLaunchpad bug 1720352 in OpenStack Heat "h-eng automatically switches to master branch from ocata - Devstack" [Undecided,New]12:45
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