Friday, 2017-08-04

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andreykurilinHi folks!07:57
openstackgerritRUIJIE YUAN proposed openstack/senlin master: add DB api to get health registry
ruijieHi andreykurilin08:13
Qiminghi, andreykurilin08:15
QimingI think we are aware of the problem you mentioned08:15
Qimingsenlin invokes openstacksdk to find a network named 'private'08:15
Qiminghowever, in the new setup, there are two networks named 'private', one is for ipv4, the other is for ipv608:16
andreykurilinQiming: but while creating profile we are transmitting the exact id of a network created by current user08:18
andreykurilinAnd it did not help08:18
Qimingoh really?08:19
QimingI believe XueFeng has done some changes to the rally plugin code lately, maybe he has broken something?08:19
QimingI'll check with XueFeng when he is online08:20
Qimingcan you help show me the location how exact ID is used?08:20
andreykurilinand the exect method which calls senlinclient
openstackgerritchenyb4 proposed openstack/senlin master: Fix node create always INIT status
Qimingthanks, andreykurilin, will spend time on this08:27
andreykurilinfeel free to leave any comment on that patch or try to update it to check our gate-job08:28
Qimingandreykurilin, checked the gate output08:34
Qiming{"runner": {"type": "constant", "concurrency": 1, "times": 3}, "args": {"min_size": 0, "desired_capacity": 3, "max_size": 5}, "context": {"users": {"users_per_tenant": 1, "tenants": 1}, "profiles": {"version": "1.0", "type": "os.nova.server", "properties": {"flavor": 1, "name": "cirros_server", "image": "cirros-0.3.5-x86_64-disk", "networks": [{"network": "private"}]}}}}08:34
Qimingit complains this is not a correct task configuration08:35
Qimingnothing specific to senlin from the output08:35
andreykurilinlet me find the right ouptu08:36
andreykurilin@Qiming: we have a lot of patch-sets there to figure out what is happening08:37
Qimingmaybe this one?08:38
andreykurilinno no08:38
andreykurilinI think 17 and 18 patch-sets are most useful08:39
andreykurilin17 patch-set tries to transmit unique network name (which was created for current tenant)08:39
andreykurilin18 tries to transmit unique network uuid08:39
Qiminglooks like the exception is thrown here:
Qiminghowever, it doesn't make senses, I just tested if finding network by id works, the answer seems true to me08:52
Qimingthe script I used:
Qimingnot sure why the gate complains that network is not found09:01
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openstackgerritRUIJIE YUAN proposed openstack/senlin master: dispatch 'unregister_cluster' to specified engine
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