Friday, 2017-07-07

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XueFenghi sghosh00:57
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Qimingchenyb4, hi01:33
chenyb4Qiming, hi01:34
Qiminghi, I have checked the blueprint you created01:35
QimingI mean this one:
Qiminginstead of directly adding such an operation to senlin or senlin-manage command line01:36
QimingI'd like to know the particular problem you want to solve with this operation01:36
Qimingis there any bug you are trying to fix with this operation?01:37
Qiminghow about we just fix the bug directly if there is one?01:37
Qimingintroducing such a "backdoor" operation is very dangerous, no system would provide such an operation if it is really serious01:38
Qimingyour help is highly appreciated, but this proposal doesn't seem leading us to the right direction01:39
chenyb4en, I just wanted to provide a way to avoid direct user manipulation of the database01:40
chenyb4ok, fixing bugs is the first option01:43
chenyb4Qiming, Thank you for your advice01:45
chenyb4hi, i use `senlin service-list` only display senlin-engine service status, the senlin-api don't display, i see the code, code don't store senlin-api service, why not ?03:32
chenyb4The senlin-api service store database, Do you have a plan?03:36
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Add actions db tests
Qimingsenlin-api is not a service component by itself03:45
Qimingthe community wide suggestion is to have service apis deployed as WSGI plugins for standard HTTP servers03:46
Qimingactually this has been an goal for the community this cycle03:46
Qiminginstead of asking senlin if its API is alive, you should ask apache03:46
openstackgerritliyi proposed openstack/senlin master: Modify profile types doc
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openstackgerritliyi proposed openstack/senlin master: Modify profile types doc
openstackgerritliyi proposed openstack/senlin master: Modify profile types doc
openstackgerritliyi proposed openstack/senlin master: Modify profile types doc
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openstackgerritliyi proposed openstack/senlin master: Add profile list filter description in doc
openstackgerritAlfredo Moralejo proposed openstack/senlin master: Set version=auto when creating docker client
openstackgerritXueFeng Liu proposed openstack/senlin master: Remove copyright for rdo packing
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openstackgerritliyi proposed openstack/senlin master: Modify profile types doc
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Remove copyright for rdo packing
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snecklifterHello #senlin, I'm looking to package senlin for RDO, can anyone indicate a minimum senlin.conf please?10:34
chenyb4snecklifter, look senlin/doc/install.rst10:36
snecklifterchenyb4: perfect, many thanks!10:37
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openstackgerritChristopher Brown proposed openstack/senlin master: Merge locale files for packaging
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snecklifterHello, would it be possible to get a quick review on please14:26
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snecklifterchenyb4: hi, can you review?14:45
snecklifterchenyb4_: even... :)14:50
chenyb4_snecklifter: Please give more time and wait reivew14:52
snecklifterchenyb4_: ack14:52
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ThiagoCMCXueFeng, hi!15:00
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ThiagoCMCI believe that I'm facing the following but:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1681620 in senlin "ACTION failed when can't get the cluster lock" [Critical,New]15:08
ThiagoCMCAny workarounds?   =)15:08
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ThiagoCMCOh, looks like that it is a very simple patch!15:25
XueFengYou can try  with this patch15:27
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Merge locale files for packaging
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ThiagoCMCHmm... It changed a bit but, still not working... It is in loop now:
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ThiagoCMCYeah, it still doesn't work, I can't detach a policy from a cluster, to delete it.   :-(15:40
ThiagoCMC"CLUSTER_DETACH_POLICY - error: Failed in locking cluster." <- in loop at the logs after applying the patch.15:41
XueFenggit show15:41
XueFengor git log15:42
XueFenggive me the version15:42
ThiagoCMCFrom Ocata Cloud Archive, Ubuntu 16.04.15:47
XueFengYou can try in this way , stop sen lin engine and wait 3mins, then start senlin15:54
XueFengor you can go to db to clearn cluster/node locks15:55
ThiagoCMCTrying to stop and wait now...15:55
XueFengIf this way is ok. It indicate we have bug in clean lock16:02
XueFengI will go to sleep16:03
sghoshHi, I am trying to manually install senlin16:04
sghosh And receiving this error on senlin-api :  CRITICAL keystonemiddleware.auth_token [-] Unable to validate token: Identity server rejected authorization necessary to fetch token data: ServiceError: Identity server rejected authorization necessary to fetch token data16:04
ThiagoCMCXueFeng, after starting it again, the loop at the logs is not there anymore.16:06
ThiagoCMCTrying to detach again...16:06
ThiagoCMCLoop back... "CLUSTER_DETACH_POLICY - error: Failed in locking cluster"16:07
ThiagoCMCI really want to delete this cluster, how hard is to clean up the SQL directly?16:08
sghoshAny troubleshooting tips?16:08
XueFenghi sghosh16:10
XueFengTime is to late for me16:10
XueFengNeed to sleep16:11
XueFengWill discuss with you guys tomorrow16:11
XueFengOr you guys can ping Qiming, Ruijie16:11
ThiagoCMCOk... G'Night man!16:11
ThiagoCMCAnd thanks!16:12
sghoshThank you!16:15
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ThiagoCMCIs there any way to use "index" numbers with Senlin? I mean, for type "os.nova.server", the name is, for example: "ubuntu-server", then, when creating a cluster with 2 or more nodes, it creates many "ubuntu-server" Instances, however, this is bad for DNS (Designate), I would prefer something lile "ubuntu-server-1", "ubuntu-server-2"... Is it possible?17:44
ThiagoCMCOh, not implemented...   :-(17:48
ThiagoCMCIs it possible to create 1 Profile of type "os.heat.stack" that contains multiple Heat templates?18:36
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ThiagoCMCMy idea is to build 1 Senlin Cluster, that is based on 3 different Heat Templates, where I can scale in/out each individually. I don't want to create 3 clusters, one for each Heat Template...18:56
ThiagoCMCMaybe it is possible to aggregate those 3 Heat Templates in 1 Profile?18:56
ThiagoCMCThis is important for my project, because my solution is built from 3 different kinds of VMs, 1 L2 bridge, 1 control plance and 1 database.18:58
ThiagoCMCCurrently, the company is looking for something like to manage the OpenStack deployment (like a VNF Manager) but, I think that Senlin can do it.18:59
ThiagoCMCToday, I have a big Heat Template, that creates a stack with those 3 different VMs, BUT, no autoscaling support... super hard to grow each group of servers independendly. I also used ResourceGroup in Heat, works okay but, kind of manual-scaling, which sucks.19:18
ThiagoCMCSo, I'm thinking about splitting this big Heat template, that have 3 OS::Nova::Server blocks, into 3 smaller Heat templates and register those in Senling as 1 Profile.19:19
ThiagoCMCWould love to do something like this!19:19
ThiagoCMCI also think that it would be fine to create 1 Senlin Profile with multiple "os.nova.server" as well, instead of Heat... The easiest way...19:23
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ThiagoCMCHmm... "A cluster is defined as a collection of homogeneous objects." - Looks like that Senlin wasn't designed to create a Cluster based on multiple Profiles... So, where in Heat I have 3 VM groups, in Senlin, I'll need 3 clusters...   =/19:58
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