Tuesday, 2017-06-13

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Qiminganyone joining weekly meeting today?13:01
Qiming#openstack-meeting channel13:01
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XueFengQiming, recentlly I'am debug senlin and zaqar in M and K version .And about rdo I assign a person to continue senlin rdo things.13:10
Qimingif there's nothing else you want to discuss, and we don't have others joining the meeting, we can skip it today13:10
XueFengAnd I want to intergate monitor with senlin13:11
XueFengok for we can skip the meeting today13:12
XueFengand discuss in senlin channel13:12
Qimingwhat do you mean by integration?13:13
XueFengwant use senlin to do autohealing13:14
Qiminghow do you want to monitor the failures of nodes?13:14
XueFengmaybe by  zabbix13:15
XueFengand for network,use skydive13:15
XueFenghow about the process about senlin+k8s13:17
Qimingstill learning k8s13:17
Qiminggot to leave for a few minutes13:17
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