Friday, 2017-04-28

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ruijiehi Qiming, around?05:39
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openstackgerrityangyide proposed openstack/senlin master: API documentation for services
yuanbinhi, I have a question, I want to upgrade senlin mysql, How can i to do?08:47
ruijieyuanbin, you can try senlin-manage command09:07
yuanbinruijie, please give me detail, senling-manage db-upgrade?09:08
openstackgerritRUIJIE YUAN proposed openstack/senlin master: revise deletion policy to support 'health check'
ruijiesenlin-manage db_version09:10
ruijiewill show your current version09:10
ruijiesenlin-manage db_sync will upgrade it to the latest version09:10
yuanbinruijie, thanks09:16
ruijieno problem, yuanbin09:16
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