Tuesday, 2017-04-25

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openstackgerrityangyide proposed openstack/senlin master: API documentation for services  https://review.openstack.org/45919102:00
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openstackgerritRajat Sharma proposed openstack/senlin master: Add 'rm -f .testrepository/times.dbm' command in testenv  https://review.openstack.org/45950004:07
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XueFengping yanyanhu09:20
yanyanhuhi, XueFeng09:21
XueFenghi, a rally job for senlin failed09:22
yanyanhuthis test is run in senlin side?09:22
XueFengThis is a check experimental job  before09:22
XueFengno, in rally project09:23
yanyanhuXueFeng, I see. That job was added when senlin cluster/profile support was added to Rally about a year ago09:24
yanyanhubut it has not been updated for a long while I think...09:24
yanyanhucan you past the link to the patch that this job is run?09:24
yanyanhulet me check it09:24
yanyanhuhi, XueFeng, looks like senlin engine failed to create profile for the following error:09:29
yanyanhuResourceNotFound: ResourceNotFound: No Network found for private09:29
yanyanhulooks like private network either doesn't exist or is invisible for the test user09:30
XueFengSome body try to fix it09:31
XueFengWe can try to  help them09:31
yanyanhuyes, Andrey tried to change network to use from private to public09:32
yanyanhuI guess it is not the best way to fix it09:32
yanyanhubut it should work if public network is accessible for test user09:33
yanyanhuumm, didn't saw error message in engine and api log09:35
XueFengDon't sure if it was caused by my patch09:35
XueFengAdd a non-admin user intergration test recently.09:36
yanyanhuit shouldn't be I think09:37
yanyanhuthe change in senlin's integration test should not influence rally job09:38
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XueFengOk. If somebody have time can help to fix this rally job:)09:39
yanyanhuactually, profile "01baf385-6da5-4cde-8a78-78e703e7097c" does exist according to the engine log09:41
yanyanhuno sure why rally test job complains it can not be found during the test09:41
yanyanhuhi, XueFeng, are you aware of any recent change in senlin side that is related to the project_safe?09:45
yanyanhuI have been checking the review list for a while so may not be aware of recent changes...09:45
yanyanhulooks like senlin api and engine worked correctly when responded to the request from rally09:45
yanyanhuhere, senlin-api reject the cluster creating request from rally and raised an exception of profile not found09:47
yanyanhubut according to the log of engine, that profile does exist when the cluster creating request came09:48
yanyanhuthat profile was not deleted until the test finished for failure09:49
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yanyanhuXueFeng, I think the reason might be the following:09:55
yanyanhucurrently, profile was created by nonadmin user in rally, however, the cluster creating is done using admin user09:55
yanyanhuI guess the admin user cannot see profile created by other non-admin user in senlin and thus failed the cluster create09:56
yanyanhuXueFeng, could you help to make a test to verify this? I don't have an openstack env in hand now...09:56
yanyanhujust need to check whether admin user can see and create cluster using profile created by other non-admin user09:57
yanyanhumight be caused by this change: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/415690/10:02
XueFengI will do check later. These days I am debuging demo for boston proposal.10:14
yanyanhuXueFeng, sure, no problem, will take a look at it as well after get some time : )10:20
yanyanhuthanks a lot for the summit preparation10:20
yanyanhuand wish everything goes well10:20
XueFengI test admin and non-admin user10:21
XueFengroot@tecs-OpenStack-Nova:/home/openstack/devstack# source openrc admin admin10:21
XueFengWARNING: setting legacy OS_TENANT_NAME to support cli tools.10:21
XueFengroot@tecs-OpenStack-Nova:/home/openstack/devstack# senlin cluster-create -p pserver mycluster10:21
XueFengWARNING (shell) "senlin cluster-create" is deprecated and will be removed by Apr 2017, please use "openstack cluster create" instead.10:21
XueFengHttpException: The specified profile 'pserver' could not be found. (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-6fa62018-ab38-4910-adb8-98c662032973), The specified profile 'pserver' could not be found.10:21
XueFengprofile pserver is created by demo user10:22
yanyanhuXueFeng, so the admin user is not also blocked from accessing resources created by other non-admin users10:40
yanyanhuthat could be the reason that failed the rally test10:40
yanyanhuthis may worth a discussion, I mean whether we should allow admin user to access other users' resource. Or how to provide such ability if needed, even we make project_safe take effect on admin user by default10:41
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