Friday, 2017-03-31

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: fix cluster action update node function pause_time repeat
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Revise the default max value of cluster check
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: 60 seconds for a cluster check seems too short
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xuhaiweiHi Qiming, are you around?04:58
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xuhaiweielynn: hi05:32
elynnHi xuhaiwei05:34
xuhaiweielynn, still have a question about senlin heat resource05:34
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xuhaiweielynn, I want to know if using senlin heat resource, senlin profile can only be nova.server type? heat.stack type is not supported?05:35
xuhaiweibecause I tried it in Tacker, got a 'Circular reference detected' error05:36
elynncircular reference detected?05:39
elynnWhat is the template you use?05:40
elynnSounds like template A reference B and B also reference A?05:40
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xuhaiweiI just created a heat template like , in this template the senlin profile resource is not using nova.server type, but heat.stack type, and attacked another heat template in the profile resource's property05:43
xuhaiweielynn, when this template is used by heat to create senlin resources, the error happened. Since the nested heat template is not used at all at this stage, the error should not happened05:51
elynnIt's hard to say what happened05:53
elynnxuhaiwei: Can you paste the all templates you use?05:53
xuhaiweielynn: yes, just a minite05:53
elynnStill curious why do you need to use heat stack as senlin profile.05:56
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xuhaiweielynn: in fact nova.server type is also ok, but the template is created from a TOSCA template which has a Tacker format, Tacker will translate part of the template to HOT format, I am adding the translation part for senlin resources, so I want to use the HOT template which is already translated by tacker source06:00
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elynnNo push, just curious :)06:01
elynnThat sounds okay.06:01
xuhaiweiSince Senlin will deprecate heat stack type profile, maybe I should not using it in tacker06:02
xuhaiweielynn: the template is translated by source code, so it is not a good json format, maybe difficult to read :)
elynnWhen using heat stack type of profile, many senlin features can't be supported. But for the first step , using heat template is okay.06:03
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xuhaiweielynn, that is the point I think06:05
elynnI will check the template first06:05
elynnIs that error throw by heat or senlin?06:06
elynnI mean when does this error throw and by which component06:06
xuhaiweiseems by heatclient06:07
xuhaiweiwill show you the log06:07
xuhaiweielynn: look
elynnseems pretty simple06:12
elynnThis create_stack is call by heat or call by senlin?06:12
elynnDo you know ? xuhaiwei ^06:12
xuhaiweielynn: by tacker :)06:13
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elynnNo... I mean06:14
elynnhere you actually have two templates, and One is nested06:15
xuhaiweielynn: so it's by heat06:15
elynnDoes this error happened when heat received this template06:15
elynnOr it happened when senlin tries to create a heat stack?06:16
chohoorHi XueFeng, around?06:16
xuhaiweielynn: from the log  I think yes, it seems heatclient is checking the template and then raise this error, there is no error log in heat engine06:16
elynnSo actually no stacks in heat, right?06:17
xuhaiweielynn: yes, no stack is created yet06:18
elynnOne way to debug it is save the template you send to me06:24
xuhaiweielynn, create stack by heat directly?06:24
elynnand remove resources one by one and see what resources cause that problem06:24
elynnuse stack-preview06:24
elynnis enough06:25
xuhaiweiok, thanke06:25
elynnit is a dry-run of stack-create06:25
elynnNo need to create a actually stack.06:25
xuhaiweiI will try06:25
elynnI don't have much time for this debuging now, I could arrange some time tonight if you still don't know what cause this.06:26
xuhaiweielynn: never mind about that, I will ask you for help if I couldn't find the reason06:27
elynnxuhaiwei: you are welcome.06:27
elynnthe format of senlin profile resource is not correct.06:44
xuhaiweielynn: oh, thank you06:51
xuhaiweididnt notice that06:51
elynnI'm not sure if that can solve your problem.06:52
xuhaiweielynn: I will try it now06:52
elynnalso bindings in policy resource is not correct06:55
elynnuse bindings [ {'cluster': xxx}]06:55
elynnxuhaiwei: ^06:56
xuhaiweielynn: bingdings should be {'binding': [{'cluster': xxx}]} ?06:59
xuhaiweielynn: thanks, I will check the template again07:05
elynnxuhaiwei: np07:06
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openstackgerritXueFeng Liu proposed openstack/senlin master: Fix parameter checking in api _do_resize
openstackgerritXueFeng Liu proposed openstack/python-senlinclient master: Revise command reminder when we run `openstack cluster resize`
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openstackgerritXueFeng Liu proposed openstack/python-senlinclient master: Revise command reminder when we run `senlin cluster-resize`
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/senlin master: Updated from global requirements
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