Friday, 2017-03-24

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elynnHi Qiming , around?01:48
elynnHave you met deadlock problem before?
openstackLaunchpad bug 1675601 in senlin "deadlock when scale a large cluster" [Undecided,New]01:48
Qimingnever saw that01:53
elynnall the tests failed when I set the target node number to 100001:55
elynnand each time scale out 10 nodes.01:56
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openstackgerritJeffreyGuan proposed openstack/senlin master: There is no need to check if the input is None or not.
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xuhaiweiHi elynn, are you around?06:57
XueFengyanyan, around? ask a problem about senlin reciever07:33
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elynnHi xuhaiwei07:50
yanyanhuHi, Xuefeng07:50
xuhaiweielynn, have a question about senlin heat template07:50
elynnSorry just saw your message.07:51
xuhaiweielynn, in this template   there is no alarm resource, so is it needed?07:51
xuhaiweino problem07:51
elynnxuhaiwei: yes, you need to create an alarm resource07:51
elynnit's not included in that template.07:52
xuhaiweithis is a sample?
xuhaiweiCurrently which alarm type is supported? Ceilometer or Aodh?07:53
elynnI think this doc is much better
elynnHeat support both, that depends on your env.07:53
xuhaiweiCeilometer alarm is not deprecated yet?07:54
xuhaiweiSaw some news about that, not sure about it07:54
elynnWhat version of openstack you are running?07:55
xuhaiweiI am running the latest07:55
xuhaiweiI think newton version heat should support both, right?07:56
elynnHeat will map "OS::Ceilometer::Alarm" to "OS::Aodh::Alarm"07:56
elynnso you can use both of them, but I would suggest you use type OS::Aodh::Alarm07:56
xuhaiweiok, it seems using Aodh is better07:56
xuhaiweithank you, that  helps me07:56
elynnNo problem.07:57
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XueFengWhen create a senlin receiver we create a queue by zaqar. And we can see we subscribe the queue succeeded.08:09
XueFengBut when we send a message to the queue, senlin can't  recevice the notification08:10
yanyanhuhi, XueFeng08:16
yanyanhulet me check08:16
yanyanhubtw, you can ping me using my full irc name, then my screen will blink for my attention : )08:17
XueFengok, I see08:18
yanyanhuso Zaqar did post notification to senlin-api but senlin-api didn't receive it?08:19
yanyanhuthe log you pasted is the log message of zaqar server?08:19
XueFengYes, it's zaqar's log. I think  seems some problem in zaqar or my zaqar's conf08:20
XueFengit seems08:20
XueFengI do a test reference the doc
XueFengcreate a subscription succeeded08:21
yanyanhulet me check the zaqar developer doc08:21
yanyanhuI recalled some extra configuration is needed to make it work08:21
yanyanhuoh, btw, you can refer to the integration test job of senlin08:22
XueFengI see08:22
yanyanhuit includes the complete progress of message receiver triggering08:22
XueFengWill check it08:22
yanyanhuthis is the configuration in senlin side08:24
XueFengAll these I have configed.08:25
yanyanhuumm, that is weird, it should work08:29
XueFengSeem the problem in zaqar.08:30
yanyanhuyea, but there is no any special configuration applied to zaqar in gate08:31
yanyanhuand the integration test works correctly in gate side08:31
yanyanhuwhich version of zaqar service you are using now08:31
XueFengI send message use the zapar-sample client08:33
yanyanhuoh, I see08:33
yanyanhuyou could miss this configuration in zaqar08:33
XueFengLet me see it08:33
yanyanhuespecially this line "message_pipeline=zaqar.notification.notifier"08:33
yanyanhuwithout it, zaqar won't emit notification for message posted08:34
XueFengoh, that great08:34
XueFengI missed this08:34
XueFengWill try again08:35
Qimingthat is a stupid option08:40
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard master: Imported Translations from Zanata
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XueFenghi,yanyan, QiMing, run message receiver succeeded10:14
XueFengmessage_pipeline=zaqar.notification.notifier is correct in zaqar by default. Another config in zaqar has problem.10:17
yanyanhuXueFeng, good to hear that : )10:26
XueFengthanks yanyan:)10:38
yanyanhumy pleasure :)10:39
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openstackgerritXueFeng Liu proposed openstack/senlin master: Fix a doc problem in receiver message sample
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openstackgerritXueFeng Liu proposed openstack/senlin master: Change "cluster" key  to "cluster_id" in message body
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