Tuesday, 2017-03-07

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Revise receiver user doc  https://review.openstack.org/44178302:48
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openstackgerritAlexYang proposed openstack/senlin master: Fix a command error in doc, profile name missed  https://review.openstack.org/44228406:22
ruijie_Hi Qiming, around ?06:46
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ruijie_the data in payload will be senlin_object.name or senlin_object.data07:05
ruijie_is it possible to change it to senlin_object_name or something?07:06
ruijie_okay ..07:06
Qimingit is senlin_object.data07:06
Qimingactually, it should be 'versioned_object.data'07:06
Qimingwe found a bug in oslo.versioned_objects07:07
Qimingbut ... no a lot projects are using it, so no complaints received07:07
ruijie_just it is really to deserialize it ...07:07
Qimingit is too verbose, a lot of garbage could be cleansed07:09
Qimingit is for this reason, kubernetes invented their own protobuf protocol, they are abandoning JSON07:09
ruijie_this is the data we dumped .. it's hard to deserialize it to a POJO07:09
QimingI know nothing about POJO07:10
Qimingthe first thing you will lookat is payload07:10
Qimingthen the senlin_object.namespace and senlin_object.version for verification07:10
Qimingthen senlin_object.name for the actual payload07:11
Qimingthen you parse the senlin_object.data using the name you obtained07:11
ruijie_yes Qiming. And another thing is about the exception payload07:13
ruijie_we are not using it now07:13
QimingNot quite sure we should remove it or not07:16
Qimingfor downstream consumers, exceptions are not that interesting I guess, unless they are doing some problem analysis07:16
ruijie_agreed Qiming. that may not that important07:17
ruijie_But we may need to parse SDK exceptions better ..07:18
Qimingwe have tried our best to parse those exceptions07:19
Qimingwe were doing some exception type conversions when propogating them to upper layers07:19
Qimingbut we are not losing the original error message07:19
Qiminghave you found any leaking cases?07:20
ruijie_I killed heat ..07:23
ruijie_I saw the wrap for translating exceptions07:23
Qimingem ... if heat is killed07:25
Qimingsdk cannot figure out it was killed07:25
Qimingit can only tell you it is not found07:26
Qimingwe can improve that from SDK side07:26
Qimingif it is about a service endpoint, we emit some custom message07:26
Qimingor if it is really about a resource (e.g. stack) from a service (say heat), we emit resource not found message07:27
ruijie_yes Qiming. that makes sense :)07:30
ruijie_thanks Qiming, will keep looking at it07:31
Qimingit would be very helpful if you file a bug at sdk side and paste the current exception message you get07:33
Qiminglet me know the bug number, I'll try if I can fix it07:33
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ruijie_em.. Qiming, I checked that, actually the SDK raised an SDKException. We do handle that. my bad :(09:44
wllabsi want a new job09:45
wllabsi am free now09:46
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Qimingokay, ruijie_10:00
Qimingwllabs, did you try easystack, 99cloud, awcloud, ucloud etc ?10:00
Jeffrey4l_wllabs, you are welcome to join 99cloud ;)10:01
wllabsTomorrow from home to Beijing, looking for work10:02
wllabshow is the salary on 99cloud?10:03
wllabslost jobs status10:03
Jeffrey4l_it depends on your skill.10:03
Jeffrey4l_if you wanna try, i can forward your resume to my boss ;)10:04
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wllabsA few days to find you10:05
Jeffrey4l_wllabs, np. you can send email to me: zhang.lei.fly@gmail.com10:06
Jeffrey4l_this mail is mine. and i am not manager.10:07
wllabsDo other companies want me?10:10
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ruijie_- -...12:23
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin master: Fix a command error in doc, profile name missed  https://review.openstack.org/44228413:05
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