Monday, 2017-02-27

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yuanbinHi, I have a question. I see you node check has two status record senlin, but nova support more status record , the snelin why not support record more status ?06:02
yuanbinThe senlin code do check get status, the status is not active, senlin will be record status error? I don't understand06:04
Qiminghi, yuanbin06:09
Qimingthere is no direct translation from nova status to senlin node status06:09
Qimingif a sever is not active, it is not usable, from senlin's point of view, it is in error status06:10
Qimingnode is an abstraction of all types of resources, we are not supposed to directly expose nova server statuses06:10
yuanbinQiming, ok.06:13
yuanbinQiming, I find os/nova/ module support nova rebuild, but senlin don't support rebuild, why ?06:13
Qimingos/nova/ is a profile type implementation06:14
Qimingit can support whatever operations exposed by the nova API06:15
Qimingthese operations are used for different purposes06:15
Qiming'rebuild' is there for supporting the health policy06:15
Qimingand there are node_op and cluster_op APIs allowing you to invoke them06:16
yuanbinthe helath manager , i don't find rebuild, i only find (event or cluster_check(node_check)) failed after execute "do_delete, do_create_06:17
Qimingdon't try read the source code first06:18
Qimingthe code is not structured as you see it06:18
Qimingtry understand how policies work first06:18
yuanbinok, thanks06:19
QimingREBUILD is modeled as an action that can be invoked when a health policy is attached to your cluster and your cluster is about nova servers06:20
Qimingdo_rebuild is a method you can invoke on nova servers06:21
Qiminghealth policy will leverage that method for failure recovery06:21
Qimingin addition to this06:24
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Qimingwe are adding support to client side tool so that you can do06:24
Qimingsenlin cluster op reboot my_cluster06:25
Qimingsenlin cluster op reboot  -P type=soft my_cluster06:25
yuanbinsenlin support do_recover(do_delete, do_create)or do_rebuild(nova rebuild), the health policy check failure after which choice ?06:26
Qimingagain, don't try understand the code before reading some basics06:27
yuanbincluster reboot, Under the cluster node will be reboot ?06:28
Qimingall nodes in a cluster will execute such an operation06:29
Qimingit is a batch operation when issued on a cluster06:29
QimingI'm telling you what the do_rebuild method in os/nova/server means06:29
yuanbinI unstand the nova about rebuild06:30
Qimingyou understand libvirt, qemu and qemu-kvm and kvm Linux kernel module06:31
Qimingthen what?06:31
Qimingthose knowledge is not helping you to make your resource managment life any easier06:31
yuanbinQiming, thanks06:34
Qimingyou may want to start reading some boring docs before understanding where the project is heading06:35
Qimingand whether it suits your need06:35
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openstackgerritHongbin Li proposed openstack/senlin master: Refresh resource status before doing node_recover
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin master: WIP: Fix tempest test
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ThiagoCMCQiming, bug reported:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1668398 in senlin "Ocata / Senlin / Ubuntu LTS: os.heat.stack profile create fails, SDKException" [Undecided,New]21:04
ThiagoCMCHa! Marking it as invalid...21:06
ThiagoCMCRegion name was wrong...  lol21:07
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ThiagoCMCIt would be nice if Senlin outputs better error messages.21:08
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