Friday, 2017-01-13

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wllabs| spec       | {                                                                         |02:30
wllabs|            |   "version": 1.0,                                                         |02:30
wllabs|            |   "type": "",                                         |02:30
wllabs|            |   "description": "A policy for maintaining node health from a cluster.",  |02:30
wllabs|            |   "properties": {                                                         |02:30
wllabs|            |     "detection": {                                                        |02:30
wllabs|            |       "type": "NODE_STATUS_POLLING",                                      |02:30
wllabs|            |       "options": {                                                        |02:30
wllabs|            |         "interval": 30                                                    |02:30
wllabs|            |       }                                                                   |02:30
wllabs|            |     },                                                                    |02:30
wllabs|            |     "recovery": {                                                         |02:30
wllabs|            |       "fencing": [                                                        |02:30
wllabs|            |         "COMPUTE",                                                        |02:30
wllabs|            |         "STORAGE",                                                        |02:30
wllabs|            |         "NETWORK"                                                         |02:30
wllabs|            |       ],                                                                  |02:30
wllabs|            |       "actions": [                                                        |02:30
wllabs|            |         "RECREATE",                                                       |02:30
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wllabs|            |         "REBOOT",                                                         |02:30
wllabs|            |         "REBUILD",                                                        |02:30
wllabs|            |         "MIGRATE",                                                        |02:30
wllabs|            |         "EVACUATE"                                                        |02:31
wllabs|            |       ]                                                                   |02:31
wllabs|            |     }                                                                     |02:31
wllabs|            |   }                                                                       |02:31
wllabs|            | }02:31
wllabsthis is my health policy02:31
wllabsi am delete cluster's node or shuddown node, but It seems there is no react02:32
Qimingonly compute fencing is supported02:33
Qimingonly one action can be specified02:33
Qimingthe definition of action list has been changed02:33
Qimingeven if the list of actions is supported, your list doesn't make sense02:34
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Qimingrecreate should be the last resort when you cannot do any other recovery actions02:34
Qimingback to the problem you described02:35
Qimingyou'd better check if you can still do 'nova show <server-uuid>' after your operation02:35
Qimingif that still works, it means your delete was a soft delete02:35
Qimingalso you will need to check senlin logs and/or events02:37
Qimingthose are the tools provided you for debugging02:37
wllabsonly one action can be specified  ?02:38
wllabsdon't list ?02:38
wllabslist have only one action?02:39
wllabsi try it, ==02:39
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openstackgerritJeremy Liu proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Enable coverage report in console output
Qimingyou are not using the lastest code02:50
Qimingwe are still adding more features for extension02:51
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wllabsi use newton verion of senlin03:02
wllabswhether support health policy  ?03:03
Qimingit was experimental03:03
Qimingand it is still experimental03:03
Qimingwe are explicitly stating that after the support status for profile types and policy types are added03:04
wllabsnewton load balance whether stable ?03:04
QimingLB was tested03:04
Qimingbut I cannot speak for the load balancing service itself03:04
wllabsi want use senlin,  What features can be used?03:06
wllabsWhat policy can be used?03:06
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Qimingexcept for health policy, which is still under development, all policy types are supported03:11
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wllabstype: senlin.policy.health03:20
wllabsversion: 1.003:20
wllabsdescription: A policy for maintaining node health from a cluster.03:20
wllabs  detection:03:21
wllabs    type: NODE_STATUS_POLLING03:21
wllabs    options:03:21
wllabs      interval: 3003:21
wllabs  recovery:03:21
wllabs    actions:03:21
wllabs      - RECREATE03:21
wllabs    fencing:03:21
wllabs      - COMPUTE03:21
wllabsthis is my current health policy03:21
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wllabsit also seem don't react03:21
Qimingthis should work03:21
Qimingdid you check senlin-engine log?03:22
wllabsthis is log03:23
wllabsmycluster [1584fa3c] CLUSTER_ATTACH_POLICY - SUCCEEDED: Policy attached.03:23
wllabssenlin cluster-policy-list mycluster also can print the policy03:23
QimingI mean the log you get after deleting a nova server03:24
openstackgerritJeremy Liu proposed openstack/senlin: Remove unused pylintrc
wllabsafter deleteing nova server,  no log print03:36
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yanyanhuhi, ruijie, around?04:44
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ruijieyes yanyanhu05:32
ruijiesorry, just come back05:32
yanyanhuhi, ruijie, just want to discuss tomorrow's agenda with you05:32
yanyanhuruijie, no problem, sorry I'm now in a meeting05:33
yanyanhuwill ping you later :)05:33
ruijieokay yanyanhu :)05:33
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wllabsLoad-balancing policy is the role of the node in the cluster changes, the lb member will update?05:44
wllabsWhat to do the lb policy ?05:45
wllabsLb policy is used to do what?05:46
Qimingload balancing05:46
wllabsif delete node the lb will change member ?05:47
wllabsIf delete node, lb will change the member ?05:47
wllabsLoad-balancing policy to do this ?05:48
wllabsauto ?05:48
Qimingsenlin does this for you05:51
wllabsthank a lot for you05:51
wllabsif one node shutdown, lb will change the member ?05:54
wllabslb will aoto change the member ?05:54
Qimingnot yet05:58
Qimingyou have to remove the node from the cluster manually05:58
wllabsonly support scale in and scale out ?05:58
Qiminglb policy is triggered by senlin actions05:58
Qimingnot by events in other services05:59
wllabsok, understand05:59
Qimingthough it can be improved05:59
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yanyanhuhi, ruijie, are you there?06:37
yanyanhuI'm back :)06:37
wllabsheat seem like can automate lb06:46
wllabsThe first resource you will provision is the health monitor configuration that will check the VMs under the load balancer. If the VM is down, the load balancer will not send traffic to it06:46
Qimingthat is not heat's capability06:47
Qimingit is the load balancers06:47
Qimingif a load balancer is capable of doing health monitoring, senlin LB policy automatically gets that capability06:48
wllabsheat can create monitor07:03
wllabscan senlin create monitor ?07:03
Qimingwhat do you mean by monitor?07:04
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wllabsOS::Neutron:: LBaaS ::HealthMonitor07:05
wllabs定义健康监视器,根据自定的协议,比如 TCP 来监控资源的状态,并提供给 OS::Neutron::Pool 来调整请求分发07:05
wllabslb是会根据 monitor来调整流量分发07:07
wllabssenlin现在不能创建 monitor吧07:07
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yanyanhuhi, wllabs, senlin will create healthmonitor when a lb policy is attached to a cluster07:12
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wllabs理解 了07:13
ruijiewas writing slides ..07:14
ruijiehi yanyanhu, still there?  :)07:15
yanyanhuyes :)07:16
yanyanhujust want to confirm the agenda with U07:16
ruijieyes yanyan, I saw the agenda07:16
yanyanhuyes, not sure whether that is appropriate for u07:17
yanyanhufor you could bring us some use case sharing, I think maybe you need more time07:17
ruijieem, let me see07:18
yanyanhuand if you need adjustment on the time slot allocation, we can make a change07:18
yanyanhuruijie, thanks :)07:18
ruijieI think I can finish it in 40 min, since I can put some questions to open discussion07:19
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yanyanhuruijie, sure. and we can also extend that slot if you need more time. We hope the sharing and following discussion can be more continuous :)07:20
yanyanhuanyway, please feel free to revise the agenda07:20
yanyanhuto adjust the time allocation :)07:20
ruijiethanks yanyanhu. In fact, I indeed have a lot of questions07:21
ruijieBut I think some of them could be answered before mine slot07:21
yanyanhugreat. question is always welcome :)07:21
yanyanhuI guess you may have more question after some slots :)07:22
ruijiethen that will be awesome too, will have an deep understanding, haha07:23
yanyanhuabsolutely :)07:23
yanyanhuoh, btw, you can also add links to those content you want to discuss07:23
yanyanhuto the etherpad07:24
yanyanhuif needed07:24
ruijieAfter I finish the slides, will estimate it07:24
ruijiesure yanyanhu, will find a way to upload it07:24
yanyanhugreat, thanks07:25
ruijiemy pleasure :)07:25
yanyanhuhi, Qiming, could you please help to check the agenda to see whether it is ok? I have put those topics into different time slot07:26
yanyanhusince eldon will not be able to join, I will hold the discussion about scaling to existing nodes07:27
yanyanhuand have talked with xinhui about the topics of HA and NFV integration07:27
Qiminganyone else from china mobile can join?07:27
yanyanhuguess no07:27
yanyanhueldon respond our call in the wechat group, but he said he can't join us this time07:28
Qimingdidn't see that07:29
Qiminghe was asking for the schedule previously07:29
yanyanhuyes, he ping me that he can't join us in wechat07:30
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yanyanhuhi, wllabs, sorry missed you msg07:48
yanyanhuabout lb member operation, you can refer to this document I think07:49
openstackgerritJeremy Liu proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Add missing requirements
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QimingI see08:49
Qimingjust introduced myself to daisy cloud team by asking a question ... do you have a IRC channel09:04
Qimingand the answer ... was no09:04
Qimingnot sure how we can contact them09:05
Qimingthe reason I showed up was that they were discussing about clusters09:05
Qimingmy irc client reported it09:05
Qiminglooks like they are building their own version of clusters ...09:06
Qimingwhat a world, full of craziness09:06
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yanyanhuQiming, sigh...09:32
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yanyanhuhi, XueFeng09:37
yanyanhuso you have arrived in Beijing?09:37
XueFengnot yet09:37
yanyanhuok, I tried to reach to you through our senlin group. But finally reached to another people I don't know :)09:38
yanyanhusenlin wechat group09:38
yanyanhuXueFeng, I have prepared an agenda here09:39
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yanyanhuhi, XueFeng, I have assigned the "Nova Server Adoption" session to you. Please feel free to add more content or revise it.09:42
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wllabsthe woman strong09:49
XueFenghi, yanyan. Got it.09:57
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