Thursday, 2016-12-01

openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed openstack/senlin: Rename node dependency key name
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openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed openstack/senlin: Rename node/cluster dependency key name
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Rename node/cluster dependency key name
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: API support for receiver-delete2
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Remove dead code about receiver-delete
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add consts definition for notification priority and phase
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Minor change on event code in action modules
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fabian4Qiming, 现在senlin项目1.0的版本安装最低要求与openstack 那个版本结合部署?只能从m版本开始吗?02:50
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fabian4Qiming, Juno可以,有文档吗?03:29
Qimingno doc03:29
Qimingjust deploy it03:29
Qimingone thing you will need to check is the openstacksdk version03:29
Qimingand we only support keystone v303:30
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fabian4Qiming, heat use v3, my  Environment has install03:30
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fabian4my environment install openstack juno,03:32
Qiminglet us know if you encounter problems then03:35
fabian4Qiming, when install senlin to juno version ,What is the use of the platform  and platform version?03:37
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xuhaiweifabian4, I once installed Senlin master to Openstack Kilo version, the server side has no problem, but the client side should be a lower version, because openstacksdk's version may conflict04:03
fabian4xuhaiwei, thaks04:04
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xuhaiweiQiming, yanyanhu, hi, I got a bug from openstacksdk, currently node/cluster update action will fail because the server side got an expected property 'id'05:12
xuhaiweithis is the error log
xuhaiweithe error is caused by here
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openstackgerritShu Muto proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Add node create/update actions
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Qimingxuhaiwei, looking05:39
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, I guess it is because we are now performing stricter request validation based on versioned object.05:40
yanyanhuI recall I met similar situation before when I was working on versioned request support for node-update05:41
xuhaiweithe update body should not contain 'id', right?05:41
yanyanhubut the problem just disappeared after sdk version was updated05:41
xuhaiweithe specified identity (node or cluster) will be filtered out from the url?05:42
yanyanhuyes, the identity is from url05:42
Qiminghaiwei is using 0.9.9 version05:43
Qimingmajor change from 0.9.9 to 0.9.10 is about reverting neutron error patch was impacting all exception handling05:45
yanyanhulet me try in my local env05:46
xuhaiweiin the get_resource method, the 'value' should be an ID of an object of a class, but obviously the ID doesn't meet any of the conditions05:48
yanyanhugot the same error with sdk0.9.905:48
yanyanhuproblem still remains using sdk0.9.1105:52
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Qiminga qiuck fix would be have senlinclient pass in the cluster instance instead of cluster id05:57
Qimingjust tried, it works05:57
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Qimingchange this line:
Qimingto:   service.update_cluster(cluster, **attrs)05:58
Qimingif we pass in just a cluster id, it is difficult for sdk to guess whether the id refers to an existing cluster05:58
Qimingthe _get_resource() method in proxy2 module is hard to fix05:59
xuhaiwei__Qiming, yes, got it05:59
QimingI also considered a specialization of the _update() method of proxy2 module, seems no straightforward fix either05:59
Qimingeven if we fix it, we will still have problem in waiting for a next version bump of sdk06:00
Qimingso ... pls help fix senlinclient06:00
Qimingfor all update commands06:00
Qimingbtw, yanyanhu06:00
yanyanhuso using this way, self._body.dirty of resource(cluster/node) will not include "id" attr?06:01
Qimingdumped request06:03
Qimingcurl -g -i -X PATCH -H "openstack-api-version: clustering 1.2" -H "User-Agent: python-senlinclient openstacksdk/0.9.11 keystoneauth1/2.15.0 python-requests/2.11.1 CPython/2.7.12" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "X-Auth-Token: {SHA1}4b90ca3a581804097ffb2e7561e952b4383ac767" -d '{"cluster": {"profile_id": null, "timeout": null}}'06:03
Qimingstrange thing is ...06:04
Qimingthe output from the update command is not showing the cluster name changed06:04
QimingI have to do another cluster-list or cluster-show to get it06:04
Qiminglooks like a bug at server side06:04
Qimingright, server side bug:06:06
yanyanhuyes, this should be a bug06:06
Qimingthis line is still referencing the "old" cluster06:06
yanyanhuyes, so need to get the updated cluster object and convert it to dict before returning in service calll06:08
Qimingyes, could be just a object call rather than a Cluster deserialization call06:09
Qimingfiled a bug 164535506:10
openstackbug 1645355 in QEMU "x86: singlestepping through SYSCALL instruction causes exception in kernelspace" [Undecided,New]
Qimingoh, no, not this06:10
Qimingbug 164635506:10
openstackbug 1646355 in senlin "output cluster update is not showing the latest cluster property" [Medium,Confirmed]
Qimingthanks, bug bot06:10
yanyanhuyes. The only issue is cluster name is changed during action execution.06:11
yanyanhulet me think about it06:11
Qimingeven with that, we should try show the "latest" result06:11
yanyanhuyes, that is for sure06:11
yanyanhuwill check how to fix it06:12
Qimingokay, seems all attributes are designed to be changed inside an action ...06:13
Qimingem ...06:13
Qimingthat makes sense06:13
Qimingalso, this line:06:14
Qimingseems a huge overhead06:14
QimingI don't think we need a Cluster object througout the cluster_update2 function, ...06:15
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Qimingjust use the db_cluster object from line 911 would suffice06:16
Qimingalright, yanyanhu06:16
QimingI was pinging you for senlinclient06:16
yanyanhuyes, class obj is unnecessary06:17
yanyanhuQiming, you mean the "id" issue?06:17
xuhaiwei__Qiming, got this error when doing 'cluster-policy-update'  'True' is not of type 'boolean', 'null'06:17
Qimingwe released senlinclient 1.0.0 back on 08-3106:17
Qimingit has been three months06:17
Qimingthere have been a lot of bug fixes06:17
xuhaiwei__yanyanhu, I am fixing the client side of ID issue06:17
yanyanhuxuhaiwei__, great, thanks :)06:17
yanyanhuQiming, so we need a release cut for client?06:18
Qimingyes, definitely06:18
yanyanhubut I guess the milestone1 has passed06:18
yanyanhuso we need to wait for milestone2?06:18
Qimingwe cannot assume users are all using master branch06:18
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Qimingwe didn't release client at milestone 106:18
yanyanhuyes, I didn't propose it for senlinclient06:18
Qimingwe were not FORCED to06:19
xuhaiwei__it seems I got a bug from the cluster-policy-update api06:19
Qimingsenlinclient is cycles-with-intermediary06:19
xuhaiwei__'True' is not of type 'boolean', 'null'06:19
xuhaiwei__what does this mean?06:19
Qimingnot cycles-with-milestone06:19
yanyanhuI see06:19
Qimingwe are in complete control of when to release senlinclient06:20
Qimingso I don't get why we have to wait for milestone206:20
Qimingyou can check it here:06:21
yanyanhuI see06:21
Qimingmistralclient, gnocchiclient all released new versions this week06:21
yanyanhuso what we should do is proposing patch to release repo for client?06:21
Qimingyes I think so06:22
yanyanhuas we did for senlin service repo before06:22
yanyanhuwill propose for it06:22
Qimingjust we don't have to sync with other service type of projects06:22
Qimingjudging from
Qimingwe are in good shape to release a new version (after merging haiwei's fix and related fixes to 'update' command)06:23
yanyanhuI see06:24
yanyanhudo need a new release for client06:25
yanyanhuwill wait for haiwei's patch06:25
yanyanhuno problem06:28
openstackgerritxu-haiwei proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Fix resource update issues
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient: Fix resource update issues
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient: Show team and repo badges on README
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yanyanhuhi, xuhaiwei__, could you please help to confirm the patch for cluster/node update issue works? If it does, I will cut a release for senlinclient. Thanks06:56
Qimingyanyanhu, you will have a lot of reno items to create, :)06:57
yanyanhuoh, forgot this part...06:57
Qimingalthough we treated senlinclient 1.0.0 as a stable release06:57
xuhaiwei__yes, I have tried the commands, it works, but for cluster-policy-update, I got an error , it seems a server bug06:57
yanyanhuI plan to set the release version to 1.1.006:57
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard: Improve translate attribute for profile creation workflow
yanyanhuxuhaiwei__, got it, thanks06:58
Qimingttx asked me if I was confident at releasing senlinclient 1.0.0 and I answered yes06:58
Qiminghe was encouraging, but ... we still found and fixed a lot of issues06:58
yanyanhuQiming, if so, maybe setting the release version to 1.1.0 is ok?06:59
yanyanhufor most changes are bug fix06:59
yanyanhunot feature or architecture change06:59
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient: Fix project_id show in 'senlin xyz_list -g'
Qimingyes, mostly bug fixes07:00
yanyanhuok, will try to collect the changes and add release note for them07:01
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fabian4hi, senlin file etc/senlin/senlin.conf.sample why not exist ?07:51
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Release note for python-senlinclient 1.1.0
yanyanhuhi, fabian4, you can run "tools/gen-config" to generate one08:04
fabian4yanyanhu, thnaks08:06
yanyanhumy pleasure08:06
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard: Add JS tests for profile create service
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Qimingyanyanhu, the release notes09:49
Qimingmostly good09:49
Qimingjust one thing, the change about MagicMock is not supposed to be included I think09:50
Qimingit is a developer thing, not something we want to notify users09:50
yanyanhuQiming, I see.09:50
yanyanhuyes, you're right. it's for test09:50
yanyanhuwill remove it09:50
yanyanhuand will cut 1.1.0 release based on this patch09:51
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Release note for python-senlinclient 1.1.0
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openstackgerritShu Muto proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Add node create/update actions
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Remove dead codes related to profile_validate in engine layer
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Remove request id TODO item
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