Thursday, 2016-08-18

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eldon2016-08-18 02:28:16.996 237 INFO rally.task.runner [-] Task c3c6 | ITER: 66 END: Error InternalServerError: Remote error: RemoteError Remote error: InvalidRequestError A transaction is already begun.  Use subtransactions=True to allow subtransactions.02:32
eldonI used newest code to test, it also has such error.02:32
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yanyanhuhi, eldon, I'm in a meeting, could you plz paste the log of senlin-engine and I will check it later, thanks02:49
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix node join behavior
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Fix nova_v2 fake driver
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xuhaiweihi Qiming04:57
yanyanhuhi, xuhaiwei, Qiming is not here today.05:22
xuhaiweiok, Tacker's PTL talked to me today, tacker may use Senlin to manage vnf cluster, yanyanhu05:32
elynn_That's a great news !05:33
xuhaiweielynn_, yes05:33
xuhaiweiTacker may Senlin's heat resource to create vnf cluster, elynn_05:34
elynn_tacker give up heat? or use senlin as alternative?05:34
elynn_I might take some time to examine the senlin resources in heat.05:34
xuhaiweiup to my understanding, tacker will still use Heat template to create VNFs, but in the heat template senlin resources will be created, elynn_05:35
xuhaiweiI am very familiar with senlin resources, can you give me a sample template file? elynn_05:37
elynn_will tacker still use autoscalegroup?05:37
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, that's great05:37
xuhaiweiThat is a good question, I am not sure, either, but if peopleo find Senlin resources are nore feasible, maybe autoscalgroup will not be used05:38
xuhaiweiI think it depends on user's choice05:39
yanyanhuso they will keep using heat as orchestration engine for VNFs and use senlin to manage cluster type of resource collection?05:39
xuhaiweicurrently, there is no conflict between these two features, tacker may support both of them I think05:39
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, that's good if tacker supports both as backend05:40
xuhaiweiyanyanhu, yes, I think,  It maybe like   Create some VNFs -> heat template -> senlin resource -> senlin profile -> instances creation05:40
yanyanhuyes, that's reasonable05:41
yanyanhusince senlin itself is not an orchestration service05:41
yanyanhuheat is05:41
yanyanhuif user needs a combination of different type of resources, heat should be the choices05:41
xuhaiweiright, tacker won't drop heat I think05:42
yanyanhujust for homogeneous resource collection management, senlin might be a better option05:42
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, so you will make some contribution about cluster and scaling to taker in future?05:42
xuhaiweiyes, yanyanhu, another Chinese guy submitted a BP, I will join05:43
yanyanhuhope there can be more collaboration between senlin and taker05:44
xuhaiweiSince tacker's ptl said tacker dont want to use senlin, I didn't propose senlin any more, but now it seems he changed his mind :)05:44
yanyanhuthis will be a wise choice05:45
yanyanhuIMO :)05:45
xuhaiweiIMO few users want to use Senlin directly to controll the whole clusters currently, but if make senlin a heat resource, some users will accept05:46
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, understand05:46
yanyanhusince they may have built a complete solution around heat05:47
yanyanhuheat will be the only dependency for them05:47
yanyanhuthat makes thing much simple05:47
xuhaiweiyes, people want to use heat as the first layer, but not senlin05:47
yanyanhuby contrast with talking to multiple services05:47
yanyanhuI see05:48
yanyanhubut for cluster management, senlin is actually a better choice for resourcegroup05:48
yanyanhutechnically, it is really is :)05:48
xuhaiweiI am not clear if use Senlin as a Heat resource, Senlin will work feasibly?05:49
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, it will05:49
xuhaiweiThat's great05:50
yanyanhuI think almost all functionalities have been supported by heat senlin resources05:50
yanyanhuif you meet any issues, you can ask us, especially elynn_05:50
yanyanhulooking forward to the progress and feedback05:51
xuhaiweiIn that case, user can still use senlin commands05:51
yanyanhuno, I think, user just need to update stack05:51
xuhaiweiok, the job is not started, just under discussion05:51
yanyanhuif they want to make any operations on senlin cluster which stays at backend05:51
yanyanhuso from the tacker(the user here) perspective, it manipulate a heat resource05:52
xuhaiweifrom 'senlin cluster-list' the clusters can be listed, right?05:52
yanyanhuwhich is actually senlin cluster05:52
yanyanhuyes, if you can access senlin api, that can be done05:53
yanyanhujust as you can list nova servers which are created inside heat stack05:53
eldonHi, yanyan, I also in a meeting this morning then.06:00
yanyanhueldon, no problem, will check it06:05
yanyanhumy pleasure :)06:07
yanyanhuhi, eldon, I checked the code and didn't find clue...06:33
yanyanhudid this error always happen when performing operation like cluster-create,delete?06:34
yanyanhuor occasionally06:34
xuhaiweiyanyanhu, is the database changed recently? maybe you should rebuild the database, eldon06:35
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, yes, it changes06:36
yanyanhuit could be a reason06:36
yanyanhubut if eldon is using a fresh installed env, there could be other problems there06:37
yanyanhueldon, you can try to rebuild the db by running "senlin-manage db_sync"06:38
yanyanhuhi, eldon, if possible, could you please paste the start_action method in, I noticed the code embedded in engine log is still the old one06:45
eldonI uses rally to create and delete cluster in 40 parallels06:51
yanyanhuhi, eldon, this is still the old implementation of scheduler07:02
eldonhow old?07:02
yanyanhuhmm, should be Mitaka release or earlier version07:03
yanyanhuthis is the refactoring to scheduler which was done in May07:04
yanyanhujust after austin summit :)07:04
yanyanhuthere is a significant change on senlin scheduler's behavior which is expected to improve the scalability07:05
yanyanhuyou can try with it07:05
eldonI remember I merged mitaka to our code07:05
yanyanhuhope can get some different result :)07:05
eldonSorry, we have no time update code again.07:06
yanyanhuI see07:06
eldonDo you have any idea optimise this task in mitaka version?07:07
yanyanhuthere could be concurrent issue in scheduler in Mitaka release07:07
yanyanhulet me see07:07
yanyanhumaybe we need a backport here07:07
yanyanhulet me check the code to see whether you can directly apply it into mitaka code base07:07
eldonthat should be great.07:08
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Rework engine scheduler
yanyanhuhi, elynn_ , around?07:10
yanyanhuI tried to cherry pick a patch to mitaka release, do we need help from release team to backport the change?07:10
yanyanhuor it can be done at senlin side07:10
yanyanhuhi, eldon, let's wait for the check result of this cherry pick07:11
yanyanhunot sure it works07:11
yanyanhueldon, anyway, I strongly suggest to apply this change since it does fix several critical issues of scheduler and will significantly improve the performance07:12
elynn_Hi yanyanhu07:14
yanyanhuhi, elynn_07:14
elynn_I'm not sure how it works07:15
eldonI see07:15
elynn_I saw someone will handle the stable release, better contact them before approve it yanyanhu07:15
eldonWe also have our git.07:15
yanyanhueldon, oh07:16
eldonSo, if you can help me change the code07:16
eldonThat will also work07:16
yanyanhuelynn_, I see. Maybe we just check whether it can work07:16
yanyanhuif so, eldon can try to manually apply it back to their stable/Mitaka repo07:16
yanyanhuI just triggered the functional test, lets whether it can pass07:17
yanyanhuif so, I think it could be safe to apply it since it doesn't touch any user visible interface07:18
elynn_Ihar Hrachyshka , I think he would be the right person to contact07:18
yanyanhuelynn_, I see. Maybe we don't merge it back.07:19
yanyanhulet me mark that patch07:19
elynn_Since this is not a new feature, back port it is a good idea.07:20
elynn_Let's see if it can solve eldon's problem.07:20
yanyanhuhmm, it does enhance senlin scheduler07:20
elynn_Maybe caused by db api....07:21
yanyanhuelynn_, yes, that is possible as well. But a little bit looks like db concurrent issue...07:21
yanyanhunot sure...07:22
eldona little confused:)07:22
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yanyanhuhi, eldon, I think you can apply this patch to stable/mitaka directly. It works according to the functional test I ran locally.07:55
yanyanhuthe only problem is there is once DB upgrading after Mitaka release07:55
yanyanhuyou may need to downgrade or recreate you senlin table to make it work07:55
yanyanhuanother thing need to change is the api-paste.ini file07:57
yanyanhuplz use the one belongs to stable mitaka release07:57
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xuhaiweiyanyanhu, are you there?09:21
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, yes09:22
xuhaiweiI reinstalled senlin, but it doesn't work at all now09:22
xuhaiweino matter what commands I run, got an 500 error09:22
yanyanhuwhat error was raised09:23
yanyanhuso the request can reach senlin-api service?09:23
xuhaiwei    this is the log09:23
yanyanhuare you using latest senlin service code and client code09:23
xuhaiweiyes, this is the log of senlin-api09:23
yanyanhuok, let me check it09:23
xuhaiweiI reinstalled senlin and senlinclient, everything is the latest I think09:24
yanyanhuneed to sync db?09:24
xuhaiweidb is rebuilded too09:24
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yanyanhuok, let me try in my env09:25
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xuhaiweithe error seems from sdk09:25
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elynn_update keystone?09:26
yanyanhuoh, are you using the latest sdk code09:26
xuhaiweilooks like a db error09:26
xuhaiweiusing sdk 0.9.209:27
yanyanhuI think there are several big changes recently09:27
yanyanhuyou can try to pull the latest sdk and reinstall it from local09:27
xuhaiweiyou also got the same error?09:27
yanyanhuthen try again09:27
yanyanhuno, it works well in my env09:28
xuhaiweiI have done that in fact09:28
yanyanhulooks like error happened during senlin talked with keystone through sdk09:29
xuhaiweiwhat is the sdk version you are using09:29
yanyanhulet me recreate the db and try it again09:30
yanyanhuno error happened09:31
xuhaiweiwhen I uninstall sdk and reinstall sdk from local, sdk 0.9.3 is installed, but this time senlin-api can't be started09:32
yanyanhuwhat error was given09:32
xuhaiweican you check your sdk version?09:32
yanyanhumine is this09:32
yanyanhuthis is weird09:33
yanyanhuwhat is version of your keystoneauth109:34
yanyanhume too09:34
xuhaiweiand your pbr?09:35
xuhaiweimy pbr is 1.10.009:35
yanyanhulet me check09:35
yanyanhume too...09:35
Qimingxuhaiwei, it is a pbr mess ...09:37
QimingI encountered that before09:38
Qimingcannot accurately describe how I fixed it09:38
Qimingthings to try09:38
xuhaiweibut pbr version seems good09:38
Qimingremove all .pyc files under /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/09:38
xuhaiweiok, let me try09:39
Qimingsome stall packages may cause pbr confusion09:39
Qimingcheck if you have keystoneauth installed, uninstall it if you have it09:39
Qimingwhat sdk needs is keystoneauth1, not keystoneauth09:39
xuhaiweiI have keystonemiddleware09:40
xuhaiweishould it be deleted?09:40
Qimingremove all subdirs with names like 'keystone*', under  /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/09:40
Qimingno keystonemiddleware is important09:40
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Qimingit is sometime frustrating09:40
Qimingbut ... that is life, python style09:40
xuhaiweiremoving .pyc doesn't work09:41
Qiminguninstall keystoneauth109:41
Qimingand reinstall openstacksdk?09:42
xuhaiweilet me try09:42
Qimingsdk will automatically reinstall keystoneauth109:42
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