Wednesday, 2016-06-15

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R_lixhhi, anyway for me to run tempest lcoally?02:30
R_lixhor I have to built up a CI env for this02:31
elynnyou can download tempest repo02:32
elynn$ cd $TEMPEST_ROOT_DIR02:32
elynn$ oslo-config-generator --config-file \02:32
elynn    etc/config-generator.tempest.conf \02:32
elynn    --output-file etc/tempest.conf02:32
elynnUse this command to generate a tempest.conf02:32
elynnThen modify this tempest.conf according to your env, like username password etc.02:33
elynnHere is an tempest.conf example for heat
R_lixhThanks, elynn02:34
elynnIf you want to run senlin tempest tests, set cloud_backend=openstack_test in senlin.conf,02:35
elynnThen follow README in senlin/tests/tempest  to run tempest tests.02:36
elynnpretty easy :)02:37
Qimingeldon_, there?02:47
Qiminghi, eldon_02:48
Qimingin the weekly meeting yesterday, we got some updates from yanyanhu that the Rally testing infra is up02:48
QimingI'm wondering if you or your friends are interested in helping develop stress test cases02:48
yanyanhuhi, eldon_02:48
yanyanhuyou can run rally test job for senlin now, using the plugin and job file in rally-jobs dir02:49
Qimingif there are some scalability/performance issue(s), we'd better identify and fix them as early as possible02:49
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Qimingif there are questions regarding how to write job definitions, test cases, how to run the tests, yanyanhu is the best contact02:50
yanyanhuyes :)02:50
eldon_As we are using branch code form 17 dec 2015, now we want to use latest code in our project.02:50
Qimingem, we have fixed pretty much bugs this year02:50
eldon_I see, I'v missed much. So this job is necessary02:51
Qimingmany thanks02:52
Qimingyanyanhu, or elynn02:53
Qimingcould any of you keep pushing the infra team to get openstackgerrit back?02:53
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QimingI have talked to the team last night, after the meeting02:53
Qimingit seems 'senlin' and 'openstack-searchlight' are the two channels that openstackgerrit is not joining02:53
yanyanhuyes, I will. I asked help yesterday but didn't get respond...02:54
Qimingthe suggestions from fungi are:02:54
Qiming1. try add some logs to the infra code so that if there are errors, they can see what happened, currently the gerritbot is not complaining, so it is hard to debug02:55
Qiming2. try identify some idle channels listed in gerritbot config, and propose a removal of them02:55
Qimingthen we can see if openstackgerrit can join us02:55
QimingI've tried to dig through the channel list02:56
Qimingit seems that 'openstack-nova-solver-scheduler' is dead, and the code repo virtually dead as well02:56
Qimingnot sure if 'jacket' or 'dox' can be removed02:57
Qimingbut anyway, we need some helps from the infra team02:57
Qimingthese are the current admins of the #senlin channel02:58
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- Entry Nickname/Host          Flags02:58
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- ----- ---------------------- -----02:58
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 1     Qiming                 +Aefortv             (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:38 2015]02:58
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 2     openstackinfra         +AFRefiorstv         (FOUNDER) (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 5d ago, on Mar 11 08:25:53 2015]02:58
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 3     SergeyLukjanov         +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:29 2015]02:58
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 4     openstackstatus        +Vt                  (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:30 2015]02:58
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 5     fungi                  +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:31 2015]02:58
yanyanhuok. So we should keep pinging them for help?02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 6     ttx                    +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:32 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 7     lifeless               +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:33 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 8     maffulli               +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:34 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 9     lyz                    +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:35 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 10    clarkb                 +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:36 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 11    jeblair                +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:37 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 12    mtaylor                +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 1y 13w 0d ago, on Mar 16 16:25:39 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 13    jhesketh               +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 48w 6d 7h ago, on Jul 08 19:18:00 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 14    nibalizer              +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 28w 5d 5h ago, on Nov 26 21:09:41 2015]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 15    Sam-I-Am               +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 22w 1d 5h ago, on Jan 11 21:21:25 2016]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 16    yolanda                +Aeforstv            (#senlin) [modified 19w 1d 17h ago, on Feb 01 09:35:32 2016]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- 17    openstackgerrit        +Vt                  (#senlin) [modified 22h 55m 48s ago, on Jun 14 04:02:06 2016]02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- ----- ---------------------- -----02:59
Qiming[10:57] -ChanServ- End of #senlin FLAGS listing.02:59
Qimingreach to the team and see if anyone has time to do us this favor02:59
QimingI have got to run because of some family reasons03:00
yanyanhuso what is exact thing we want them to do for us?03:01
yanyanhuor they know what action they should take?03:01
pleia2fungi is testing the debugging handling patch03:35
pleia2I think we hit a channel limit on freenode, so we may need to address that too03:35
pleia2sorry for the trouble03:36
yanyanhupleia2, thank you so much for this information!03:48
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yanyanhuwill check it03:48
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yanyanhuhi, Qiming, just read the irc log of infra. Will try to remove "openstack-nova-solver-scheduler" from list to see whether we can get gerritbot back.05:27
yanyanhuthis channel has been inactive for a long while and last commit to this project is in oct. last year05:28
yanyanhuwill propose a patch for it05:28
yanyanhuhi, pleia2, still around?05:28
yanyanhuI will try to follow fungi's suggestion to remove "openstack-nova-solver-scheduler" from gerritbot list to see whether it works05:29
yanyanhuand also jacket channel05:50
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Imported Translations from Zanata
elynnWelcome back openstackgerrit \o/07:34
yanyanhuit finally back :)07:58
yanyanhulooks like removing idle channels works07:58
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Basic negative tempset API test for cluster action
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Common negative tempset API test for cluster action
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Add negative tempest API test for cluster resize
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