Friday, 2016-04-22

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xuhaiweihi, Qiming, yanyanhu01:31
xuhaiweiI think i can't go the the summit this time01:32
yanyanhuhi, morning01:32
xuhaiweisorry about that01:32
yanyanhustill not issued?01:33
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xuhaiweican you take my part? yanyan01:34
xuhaiweimaybe it's difficult for you01:34
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, I can. just I'm also not familiar with the detail that you prepared...01:34
yanyanhuyour part is demonstration?01:35
xuhaiweiyea, mostly about how to invite container to senlin01:35
xuhaiweimade a poc about it01:35
yanyanhuI see. A live demo of just a video?01:36
Qiminga video I think01:36
xuhaiwei3mins demo and some outlook of what need to support for container cluster01:36
yanyanhuQiming, how do you think about this? Or do we need to reorganize the presentation?01:36
yanyanhuI think it's ok if it's a video since don't have risk to mis operate :)01:38
xuhaiweiyes, but you need some explanation about the vedio01:38
yanyanhudo you guys have rehearsal the detail and have a speech note?01:39
yanyanhuif so, I can refer to it01:39
xuhaiweiI will send it to you now01:39
yanyanhuoh, xuhaiwei, maybe you can send it to my gmail. The notes mail system always has big latency...01:45
yanyanhuif there is no confidential material :)01:45
xuhaiweithe mail is sent01:51
xuhaiweiit contains both yuanying and my part01:51
xuhaiweiby the way, because yuanying will make the session with you together, it should be a way to contact each other during the summit01:52
xuhaiweido you use slack or line?01:53
yanyanhu slack? the one similar to irc?01:53
xuhaiweiit is a web chat room, similar to irc01:53
xuhaiweimuch smarter01:54
yanyanhuyes, but I just use an IBM internal one I guess?01:54
yanyanhusince all channels are for IBM internal usage in that slack01:55
yanyanhuhi, I have received the slice01:57
xuhaiweiyuanying will use wechat to communicate with you two01:57
xuhaiweimy part is from 'what can we do today'02:00
yanyanhuI see. do you have speak notes so I can know what you plan to say?02:00
yanyanhuand what you wanted to express02:00
yanyanhuespecially the demo progress02:01
xuhaiweionly a few notes02:01
yanyanhuok, if you have a detail one, that will be very helpful :) Or maybe we need a sync since I'm not very clear about the demo procedure.02:02
xuhaiweiI will make notes for it02:02
xuhaiweican I make a call to you now?02:03
yanyanhuok, let me try to find a meeting room02:03
xuhaiweiQiming, the mail is also sent to you, please check02:04
yanyanhuQiming, will you join?02:04
QimingI can02:05
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, the phone num is 5874830502:05
yanyanhuor you can give me you number02:06
xuhaiweinot the chat room we use?02:06
yanyanhuI will call you02:06
yanyanhuoh, it is I think02:06
xuhaiweiI am in the chat room now02:06
yanyanhuQiming, I will add you after the call is established02:06
yanyanhuchat room?02:07
xuhaiweiphone chat02:07
xuhaiweiususlly we have02:07
yanyanhuwechat based?02:07
xuhaiweithe phone meeting channel02:08
xuhaiweithe last time we used it to have a meeting about container cluster02:08
yanyanhuoh, you mean that02:08
yanyanhuwhat is the passcode?02:08
yanyanhulet me dial in02:08
yanyanhuI'm in now02:09
xuhaiweican't hear you02:09
yanyanhuonly myself is in that channel02:10
xuhaiweihow to host it?02:10
xuhaiweiI will join again02:10
yanyanhulet me redial02:10
yanyanhudon't know...02:10
yanyanhuyou may need the host number02:10
yanyanhuhost code02:11
xuhaiweiyou just wait a minute02:11
Qiming1 min02:11
xuhaiweionly me in the room now02:11
yanyanhuyou also used that passcode?02:12
xuhaiweiParticipant Code:  2157537102:12
yanyanhuyes, I'm using the same one02:12
yanyanhuthere should be a host code I believe02:12
yanyanhuwith which the dialing in will start the meeting02:12
yanyanhume and Qiming are all in now02:13
xuhaiweiin now02:13
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: [WIP]Reorg existing tempeset test cases
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Reorg existing tempeset test cases
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Reorg existing tempeset test cases
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Reorg existing tempeset test cases
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ddejaHi. I'm wondering if I create a senlin cluster containing nova servers, am I able to migrate or evacuate them using Senlin api?10:43
ddejaI was looking into source code and didn't find any place that would be calling 'nova migrate' or 'nova evacuate', but I wanted to double-check that10:43
Qimingddeja, we don't have that support yet10:45
Qimingit is a feature under development10:45
ddejaQiming: cool, thanks. So it will be available in Netwon release?10:45
Qimingwe will incorporate those operations into a health policy10:45
Qimingin that policy, you can specify the operations you want under different failure conditions10:46
ddejaoh, cool10:46
Qimingfeel free to contact the team if you have any suggestions/ideas10:46
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ddejaQiming: Thanks. I will be giving presentation in Austin
ddejaabout instances HA10:48
ddejaand I wanted to tell a little bit about Senlin, that it is promising but not ready yet10:49
ddejaso I wanted to confirm with you guys that I would't tell something that is untrue10:49
Qiminghealth management will be a major feature to deliver in newton release10:50
Qimingit is required for auto-scaling, not just HA10:50
Qimingwithout HA, we cannot do auto-scaling reliably, so ... it is something we cannot offload, :)10:51
ddejayeah, I see10:51
ddejaI have also seen that you will be giving speech about Senlin on Monday10:54
Qimingyes, monday, senlin deepdive10:54
Qimingtuesday, autoscaling10:54
Qimingwednesday, container clustering10:54
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ddejaI would probably be there (on Monday) so I if I have any more question I can ask them in person :)10:54
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: API documentation for policy types
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Reorg existing tempeset test cases
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: API documentation for profiles (1)
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