Monday, 2016-04-18

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add a profile example
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: api-ref docs site for senlin
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add API doc content (1)
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add Rally plugin for Senlin tempest
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix ref links in user reference docs
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix warnings in current documentation tree
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xuhaiweiQiming, I have sent you a mail about our presentation ppt, please check it06:54
Qimingokay, thanks06:55
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Qimingxuhaiwei, haven't got it yet07:54
xuhaiweiI will check it Qiming07:55
xuhaiwei谷歌试图传递信息,但它是由服务器收件人网域拒绝由 。 [ ]。07:56
xuhaiweiI will use another mail07:57
Qimingthere are many network problems recently07:59
Qimingmaybe our president has travelled to other countries again? LOL08:00
xuhaiweisent you again08:04
xuhaiweiby 163 mail box08:04
xuhaiweiby the way, I have sumarized something about senlin API validation08:05
xuhaiweiyou can check it and add comments08:05
QimingLooks good, will digest it later08:07
Qimingemail got, downloading attachment, it is ... 22.2 MB08:09
xuhaiweiyes, the demo is inside it08:09
Qimingomg, that explains it08:09
* Qiming is leaving for a cigar to calm himself down08:10
xuhaiweiI will go to pick up my daughter now, if you have something urgent, contact me on wechat, Qiming08:14
Qimingyuanying there?08:32
yuanyinghi Qiming08:33
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Qiminghi, yuanying, trapped into something else09:06
Qimingstill online, yuanying?09:06
Qimingjust want to touch base with you, do you feel comfortable presenting the first part of the talk?09:07
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yuanyingQiming: Actually I'm worried what I should be going to do09:09
Qimingokay, have you seen the slides haiwei and I are working on?09:09
yuanyingQiming: I saw the haiwei's part09:09
yuanyingQiming: It's ok for me09:10
QimingI'm wondering if we can have a quick sync tomorrow morning09:10
Qimingwe can use a conference call and discuss what are we planning to deliver09:11
yuanyingQiming: Ok09:11
Qimingthanks, yuanying, we send an invitation then09:11
Qimingwhat is the time slot you prefer?09:12
yuanyingQiming: Currently I don't have an idea what I want to talk the session09:12
Qimingyes, it won't be that confusing, hopefully09:13
yuanyingQiming: Ahh, sorry, I can't join the meeting tomorrow09:13
Qimingthat is why I think we really need a call to bring everyone to the same page09:13
yuanyingQiming: I have some meeting09:13
Qimingor, if possible, we can have a call tonight09:14
yuanyingQiming: what about next tomorrow ?09:14
QimingI believe Haiwei and I have already reached some common understanding, we already had some calls last week, in Chinese, ;)09:14
yuanyingxuhaiwei may pick up his son today09:14
QimingWednesday won't work for me09:15
yuanyingQiming: hmm09:15
QimingI'm out of town on Wednesday09:15
yuanyingQiming: maybe tomorrow 13:00(JST)- is ok if I can back office09:16
yuanyingQiming: 13:00-14:0009:17
Qiming13:00 would be our noon09:18
Qimingor later in the afternoon?09:18
Qimingmy original plan was to spend the afternoon at vmware, syncing on the other two talks we have09:19
Qimingbut I can call you from their office if afternoon works for you09:19
yuanyingQiming: Hmm, Its difficult, because I also have a meeting on the afternoon09:23
QimingI see09:23
yuanyingQiming: Bad timing, I usually don't have meeting..09:23
QimingThen ... besides Wednesday, when will you be avail?09:24
yuanyingQiming: morning, afternoon, both are ok09:24
QimingI mean, ... other than Wednesday09:25
QimingI won't be in office on Wednesday09:25
yuanyingQiming: Ah, thursday and friday09:26
yuanyingQiming: all day ok09:26
Qimingwait a minute, I'll strive to find a time slot on Wednesday09:26
Qimingthen we can have another one before we leave for Austin09:26
Qimingif needed09:26
yuanyingQiming: Thanks!09:27
Qimingokay, will check with haiwei when he is back09:28
yuanyingQiming: About tomorrow, I may have a time after 19:00(JST). If I would have a time, I'll tell xuhaiwei09:32
Qimingokay, thanks09:32
yanyanhuhi, Qiming09:40
yanyanhujust talked with rally guys about adding senlin support into rally09:40
yanyanhuI think they prefer to add some rally jobs in senlin and add it to rally gate to help verify the code09:41
yanyanhunot sure whether an experimental job is ok09:41
yanyanhuthere will be rally's weekly meeting tonight, will join it and discuss this problem with them09:42
yanyanhustill not very clear about how rally-gate job works09:46
yanyanhuwill investigate it09:46
Qimingthat is our business09:46
yanyanhuBTW, if so, should we rely on rally-gate to run scenario test cases?09:46
Qimingit will be about how senlin would leverage Rally, local testing or gating09:47
yanyanhusince I found other services do so09:47
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Qimingthe question I have is helps we need from Rally team09:47
Qimingbesides the basic support09:47
yanyanhuactually, we don't really need extra help besides the basic support09:48
Qimingrally gate runs at rally side or senlin side?09:48
yanyanhuif we decide to build the job by our selves without using rally gate09:48
yanyanhuall jobs are defined in senlin side09:48
yanyanhujust need to add a gate job in project-config09:48
yanyanhulike functional test09:48
yanyanhua gate job run in rally gate I guess09:49
yanyanhualthough I'm not clear how it works09:49
Qimingask for a pointer from them then09:49
yanyanhuyes, will ask them09:49
Qimingwe want to reduce code duplication to a minimum09:49
yanyanhuif possible, we will define this rally job as experimental09:49
yanyanhunot check or gate09:50
Qimingwhat are the best ways to leverage rally and tempest at the same time09:50
Qimingthen how we trigger it?09:50
Qimingfrom rally side?09:50
yanyanhulike what we trigger functional test I guess09:50
yanyanhuwhen performing 'check experimental', I think both functional test and rally jobs will be run09:51
Qimingokay, if that is what we need, why are they suggesting us to do so?09:51
yanyanhuif we define both of them under experimental section of senlin jenkins job list09:51
Qimingis there any additional setups needed at rally side?09:51
Qimingor it is still left to our decision?09:51
yanyanhuyes, this is another question need to ask them09:52
Qimingokay, please help touch base with them then09:52
yanyanhuI guess no additional setup is needed09:52
Qimingokay, then we will follow the best practices they suggest and use our own discretion09:52
Qimingyanyanhu, talking to lixinhui about meeting tomorrow afternoon09:55
Qimingor whatever time slot convenient for her09:55
Qimingshe will be available after 3 pm tomorrow09:56
Qimingand elynn09:56
Qiminginterested in a tour to vmware office tomorrow?09:56
elynnI think I'm available  tomorrow all day.09:57
Qimingempty your stomach then ...09:58
yanyanhulooking forward to it :)09:58
elynnI'm not available at Wednesday09:58
Qimingme neither, my Wednesday was booked09:58
elynnHaven't go through the irc logs09:58
elynnWe will have a talk at vmware tomorrow afternoon at 3PM?09:59
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Qimingso, we gather at xinhui's office tomorrow afternoon, 3 pm09:59
elynnIf you take a car tomorrow afternoon, don't forget to take me :)09:59
Qimingit's gonna be a prep for the design summit and talks on summit09:59
Qimingelynn, I'm calling a didi, we can share10:00
lixinhui_will get the room and coffee ready10:00
lixinhui_at your service10:00
Qiminglixinhui_, sending you a draft for the talk10:01
Qimingplease help review10:01
QimingI really hope Mark can help set the stage and deliver the messages we wanted to audience to know10:02
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lixinhui_He will10:04
lixinhui_let us discuss more tommrrow10:04
* Qiming is feeling hungry shamelessly10:05
* Qiming has decided to reprioritize having dinner to the top of the list10:07
Qimingbye for now10:07
Qimingrunning home10:07
lixinhui_See u10:10
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: [WIP]Add rally jobs for Senlin
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: [WIP]Add Rally jobs for Senlin
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Yanyanhuhi, Qiming, I'm joining rally's meeting. Hope to talk with them about Senlin support in rally.14:04
Yanyanhunetwork is rally poor...14:04
Yanyanhureally :)14:04
Qimingjust ended a meeting14:24
Yanyanhuok. they are still talking about other topics14:26
Yanyanhuguess 10 minutes later14:26
Yanyanhuoh, I just proposed a patch for adding rally jobs in senlin14:27
YanyanhuI will use it as an example to discuss what we should do14:27
Yanyanhuso just workflow -1 it14:27
Yanyanhusince I don't whether we really need it14:27
Yanyanhudon't know14:27
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Yanyanhuhi, Qiming, I think they have decided to merge that patch after their release is done14:50
Yanyanhuand I guess we don't need that plugin in senlin repo since they hope we contribute it to rally's repo?14:52
Yanyanhuwill start further job after the basic support patch is merged14:53
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/python-senlinclient: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/senlin: Updated from global requirements
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