Wednesday, 2016-04-13

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Rename tempest_tests to tempest
xuhaiweiQiming, morning02:21
xuhaiweihow to send the source to you?02:21
Qiminga minute02:21
Qimingyour account on github?02:25
Qimingadded you as collaborators02:26
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xuhaiweiI am trying to push it02:28
Qimingjust pushed a for testing02:30
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xuhaiweiI uploaded the source, did you see it? Qiming02:34
Qimingyes, pulling02:35
Qimingoh, my are you checking in a senlin clone?02:35
Qiming$ git pull02:36
Qimingremote: Counting objects: 26048, done.02:36
Qimingremote: Compressing objects: 100% (6001/6001), done.02:36
QimingReceiving objects:  35% (9129/26048), 2.40 MiB | 30.00 KiB/s02:36
Qiminglet's see what I will get, :)02:36
xuhaiweinot sure, I am doing the right way, only pushed the branch I created02:37
Qimingokay, ...02:37
xuhaiweiI should write something in the commit message02:39
xuhaiweiI will do a new one02:39
Qimingso I saw these changes:02:41
Qimingapi controller: container02:42
Qimingrpc client: container operations02:42
Qimingservice engine: container apis02:42
Qiminga simple driver for container02:42
Qiminga simple profile for container02:42
xuhaiweitha api controller container one is not needed maybe02:43
Qimingam I missing anything?02:43
xuhaiweiyes, these changes02:44
QimingI see02:44
Qimingand it works, :)02:44
Qimingdon't know how to make it the master branch there02:50
xuhaiweimaybe upload master branch too?02:50
Qimingdoesn't sound the right thing to do02:51
Qimingjust use this branch should be okay02:52
xuhaiweialso confused about it02:53
xuhaiweiI will go for lunch now, the time is limited02:53
xuhaiweitalk to you later02:53
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix problems in glossary
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xuhaiweiQiming, still there?04:12
xuhaiweiI uploaded the profile and heat template, also updated the commit message04:26
xuhaiweishall we dicide how to cooperate for the presentation?04:28
Qimingem, we will need a story line, will draft one for your review04:33
Qimingmulti-threading is painful04:41
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Use with_for_update in cluster_next_index db call
QimingR_lixh, there?07:13
Qimingyuanying, there?07:24
yuanyinghi Qiming07:47
Qiminghi, yuanying, what's your email?07:49
Qiminggot it, thanks07:50
Qimingsending you a story line for the talk07:50
yuanyingQiming: ok, thank you07:50
Qimingplease check and revise07:50
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xuhaiweiQiming, got your mail08:02
Qimingnot sure which one is your gmail, 84 or 8508:04
Qiminghave to reinstall my devstack08:09
Qimingand network is extremely slow08:10
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Add Rally plugin for Senlin tempest
Qimingjust learned myself some nova, in the hard way09:32
Qimingif you are pulling the latest source without doing a complete reinstall of your devstack09:33
Qimingyou may want to do "nova-manage db sync" AND "nova-manage api_db sync"09:33
Qimingelynn_, there?09:38
elynn_Hi Qiming09:40
Qiminghi, I was trying to run the tempest tests locally09:41
Qimingit fails in many ways09:41
Qimingfirst I met nova flavor problem because my nova code is new but DB is old09:42
Qimingthat was fixed09:42
elynn_Do you change cloud_backend to openstack_test?09:42
QimingI'm running real ...09:42
elynn_ok... I haven't prepare for real running...09:43
xuhaiweitwo of my Indian colleagues' visa are rejected09:43
xuhaiweifor no reason09:43
elynn_Since now all the image that used is hard coded09:43
Qimingno okay for you xuhaiwei09:43
xuhaiweiI am worrying09:43
Qimingelynn_, image could not be found, then I fixed that09:43
elynn_I haven't use the configuration from  tempest config yet.09:44
Qimingnow the network could not be found09:44
Qimingduring tempest run, I am seeing two networks from two projects09:44
elynn_So you might run into many problems when you use the real driver :)09:45
Qimingone of the network is named "tempest-TestClusterUpdate-674374683-network"09:45
Qimingso, node creation is now blocked here ...09:46
Qiminglet me try drop the network key from the profile09:46
elynn_Do you have a network name 'private-net' ?09:47
Qimingokay, now passed the network part, got a new problem:09:48
Qiming "Build of instance 5b4cefc5-f3f0-483e-80fa-4b8c2a45ec5d aborted: Unexpected error while running command.\nCommand: sudo nova-rootwrap /etc/nova/rootwrap.conf touch -c /opt/stack/data/nova/instances/_base/d856828b32ee974d5248aa71a18b2ca089994987\nExit code: 9"09:48
elynn_New profile is also hard code here ...09:49
Qimingever seen that before?09:49
elynn_Seems filesystem error?09:50
Qimingno, nova-rootwrap thing09:50
Qimingmet that one before, had to drop rootwrap for some reason, cannot remember now09:50
elynn_I haven't run senlin tempest tests on real driver yet.09:50
elynn_If you run on real driver, I think only this test can pass
elynn_This test might fail
Qimingno one has passed09:51
Qiminggiving up09:53
Qimingswitching to fake driver now09:53
elynn_Now you will get a quick pass :)09:54
elynn_I will start to work on support for real driver09:55
Qiminghave to have 'networks' property for the nova server profile09:55
Qimingno, elynn_, I'd suggest we focus on api test first09:55
Qimingusing real backend is about integration test09:56
Qimingto support integration tests, we need to tune a lot of configuration options based on the gate environment09:56
QimingI'd suggest we work on this step by step09:57
QimingI just accidentally ran into the problems of real drivers09:57
elynn_API tests first, then integration tests.09:57
Qiminglayer by layer09:58
elynn_yes, sir~09:58
Qimingthank you09:58
elynn_off work now, ttyl :)09:59
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