Friday, 2016-04-08

openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Add a TODO item (unexpected attribute)
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Qimingelynn, seems this is caused by trusts :
Qimingplease check if we should wrap the cred_create_update operation into a transaction03:26
elynnok, let me check03:26
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openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: Make cred_create_update operation into a transaction
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openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: Initial tempest plugin framework
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add senlin-dashboard in doc/source/overview.rst
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Initial tempest plugin framework
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yanyanhuhi, elynn, Qiming, I'm thinking whether we should rename the directory "senlin/tests/tempest_tests" to "senlin/tests/tempest/scenarios" and maybe also create "senlin/tests/tempest/api" in future06:26
yanyanhusince we have decided to use tempest to cover both scenario and API test for senlin06:26
yanyanhuand if we decide to use Rally for performance test in future, there could be a directory "senlin/tests/rally/performance"06:27
yanyanhuor "senlin/tests/scenario/tempest" and "senlin/tests/api/tempest"06:29
yanyanhuand "senlin/tests/performance/rally"06:29
yanyanhusince we now have "senlin/tests/functional" which is implemented using pure API request06:29
yanyanhufor functional test06:31
elynnYou mean rename tests/tempest_tests/tests/api to tests/tempest/api ?06:32
elynnI think in the future we should remove functional tests if we have tempest tests fully supported.06:33
yanyanhuelynn,  it's possible06:33
yanyanhujust feel we should organize our test cases based on its classification06:34
elynnRename the directory name is ok for me.06:34
yanyanhusince that will be clearer for developer and user06:34
yanyanhuthey will know we are using tempest to support API and scenario and maybe also functional test06:35
elynnThe dir structure copied from other project , I haven't think of it too much.06:35
yanyanhuelynn, ok, just feel the current dir structure is not very clear since you can't tell what kind of test it is from the name "tempest_test" :)06:36
elynnBut I think it's better put all tempest tests into the tempest/ folder.06:37
elynnBecause we only have one tempest entry in setup.cfg.06:37
yanyanhuelynn, yes, if so, the directory should be named like "senlin/tests/tempest/scenario"06:37
yanyanhuand "senlin/tests/tempest/api" and "senlin/tests/tempest/functional" I think06:37
elynnfunctional and API is not the same thing?06:38
Qimingrename the directory "senlin/tests/tempest_tests" to "senlin/tests/tempest/scenarios" and maybe also create "senlin/tests/tempest/api" in future06:38
yanyanhuelynn, I think there some some differences between them06:38
yanyanhubut there are some overlap with API test in existing functional test06:39
elynnthe tests in should belong to API or functional?06:40
yanyanhumay need some reorganization after tempest support is completed down06:40
elynnI'm not so clear about API tests and functional tests.06:41
QimingAPI tests should cover also negative tests06:41
yanyanhuelynn, I think functional test is for verification for some important workflow inside senlin service06:41
yanyanhuQiming, exactly06:41
yanyanhuwithout talking with other openstack services06:42
yanyanhuelynn, functional  test runs much faster than scenario test06:43
yanyanhuand the performance/stress test is the lowest one06:43
Qiming^ this is a negative test06:43
elynnok, now we still lacks of negative tests for API :)06:45
Qimingoh, sorry, that one is not negative06:45
Qimingthis one is:
yanyanhuelynn, yes. I think API test should be covered using tempest06:45
elynnlet me propose a patch to rename the dir structure and let's see if that is what you want.06:46
yanyanhuas well as scenario test which includes interaction between senlin and other openstack services like nova06:46
yanyanhuthanks :)06:46
Qimingwe will have a rest client shared by all api tests, functional tests, scenario tests, and integration tests06:46
yanyanhufunctional test is very fast and user can easily run it without complete openstack env locally06:47
yanyanhuto verify their change06:47
yanyanhuQiming, that will be great06:47
Qimingif we have good coverage of all api calls in API tests, we can make functional tests more focused on engine/profile/policies06:47
elynnQiming, Can we use the rest client from  tempest ?
yanyanhuit doesn't need to cover API part06:48
yanyanhuand also driver06:48
Qimingyes, that is the rest client we will use06:48
Qimingsome of yanyan's previous work were actually scenario tests I think06:49
yanyanhuQiming, yes06:50
yanyanhuwe need to split them from existing functional test06:50
Qimingfor example a cluster attached with scaling policy and we try scale it in that context06:50
yanyanhuand relocate them :)06:50
Qimingthat sounds great06:50
elynnokay, now I know the gaps of what we have now and what you want in future.06:51
Qimingthe most complicated test would be integration test06:51
yanyanhuand we can make further discussion in summit to decide the test infrastructure of Senlin06:51
elynnI will focus on API tests for now, then consider other tests.06:52
Qimingwhere we will be using real heat/nova drivers to exercise some stories06:52
yanyanhuelynn, once tempest support is done, adding more tests will be easy06:52
Qimingsure, that would be really great06:52
yanyanhuelynn, find an interesting phenomenon. After I reinstall tempest, I have to  reinstall Senlin as well to make tempest discover Senlin's test cases06:54
elynnHmm, that06:55
elynnthat's interesting...06:55
yanyanhunot sure whether this is a strict limitation06:55
elynnYou can open a bug first in case I forget it :)06:55
yanyanhuah, looks like it only happened when tempest version changed06:56
yanyanhuelynn, ok06:56
elynnMost likely it's not a bug in senlin :)06:57
yanyanhuyes,  I don't think so06:57
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openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: Redefine the tempest tests directory structure
elynnyanyanhu, Qiming  ^^07:09
Qiminglooks good to me07:33
Qimingjust curious about the services subdir07:34
Qimingand the services/clustering subdir07:34
Qimingfiles under them can be gathered into common as well?07:34
Qimingelynn, based on this:
QimingI think we should at least catch the DBDuplicateEntry exception somehow07:40
Qimingthe context manager way of handling DB concurrency is not a silver bullet07:41
Qimingfor example, it won't work because in our api pipeline, trusts are check before the current thread/eventlet even gets a context07:41
Qimingso a simple workaround could be just catch the exception and let it pass07:42
elynnQiming, hmm, that could be a quick fix.07:45
elynnabout services/clustering07:45
elynnI'm not so sure, just because all other projects using this structure. I might need some check.07:46
elynnWill leave for a while.07:46
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Define context.roles with base class
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Reorganize profile example for nova server
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Reorganize profile example dir
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Add unit test for event module (1)
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yanyanhutried to use Rally plugin, but it totally didn't work as described in Rally document...09:32
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yanyanhureally depressed...09:40
yanyanhutrying to read the code of plugin loading in rally09:40
yanyanhuhope can find some hint09:40
Qimingseems not a piece of cake09:46
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xuhaiweiQiming, sent you a mail to your company mail box09:53
Qiminggot it09:53
Qiminghaven't got cycles to read it carefully, will do so when back home09:54
yanyanhufinally, it works...09:54
xuhaiweiok, thanks09:54
Qimingin the right way, yanyanhu?09:54
yanyanhuperfect, if so, we only need the first patch to Rally09:54
yanyanhuwe can hold the plugin by ourself09:54
yanyanhuno need to contribute them to Rally repo09:54
Qimingglad we figured out the 'right' way to save our asses09:54
yanyanhumuch less dependency on Rally repo09:54
yanyanhuoh, it's still based on client now09:55
yanyanhutempest way still have some problems...09:55
yanyanhubut I think this give us another choice09:55
yanyanhuwe can easily adjust it inside Senlin09:55
yanyanhuit actually works as well for tempest scenario09:56
yanyanhuso we can use plugin to support Rally test of Senlin(either using client or tempest)09:56
yanyanhua little bit like heat resource plugin09:57
Qimingright, that was what we expected09:57
yanyanhuwill try to add more support to the plugin to see what we can do using rally now09:58
Qimingstarting to contribute to openstack-ansible now, ;)10:03
Qimingit helps understand how it works10:03
yanyanhumaybe we can find a day to sit together and share our recent work :)10:04
yanyanhumaybe in R_lixh's meeting room :)10:04
yanyanhuto vmware :P10:05
R_lixhMore Than Welcome :P10:05
Qimingyanyanhu, you do have a coffee addict10:05
yanyanhumis click...10:07
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: [doc] Removed the invalid link for Module Index
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nk2527xuhaiwei: I'm back12:28
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/senlin: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritNick Klenke proposed openstack/senlin: Fixed typos in the Mitaka Series Release Notes
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fixed typos in the Mitaka Series Release Notes
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openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/senlin: Updated from global requirements

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