Wednesday, 2016-04-06

openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritzhangguoqing proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Add assert for api test
xuhaiweijust finished another meeting02:01
Qimingsame number, same passcode02:01
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xuhaiweihave forgotten the passcode02:02
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xuhaiweiI have lost your mail02:08
QimingDial-in from Japan:02:10
QimingJapan Caller Paid 050-6864-8015PREFERRED ACCESS02:10
QimingJapan Toll-Free 00531-11-0086KDD02:10
QimingJapan Toll-Free 0066-33-830321SOFTBANK & MOBILE ACCESS02:10
QimingJapan Toll-Free 0034-800-600060NTT02:10
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openstackgerritEthan Lynn proposed openstack/senlin: Remove concurrency constraint for functional tests
yanyanhuhi, elynn, around?04:26
elynnhi yanyanhu04:27
yanyanhuI always got a err msg: ImportError: No module named lib when I tried to import tempest.lib module04:27
yanyanhuI have install tempest from source code in my local env04:27
elynnupdate your tempest code04:27
yanyanhuany experience about this04:27
yanyanhuyes, I have pulled the latest code04:27
elynnthen reinstall it?04:28
yanyanhuyes, I have done that04:28
yanyanhuthe current version of tempest is 5.0.1 now04:28
elynnIt should be >=1004:29
yanyanhunotice that04:29
yanyanhumaybe something is wrong04:29
yanyanhulet me try again, thx04:29
yanyanhuI see. The git config is incorrect in my tempest repo04:30
QimingSuccessfully installed tempest-10.0.1.dev14904:30
QimingYou are using pip version 7.1.2, however version 8.1.1 is available.04:30
QimingYou should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command.04:30
Qiming[tengqm@node1 tempest]$ python04:30
QimingPython 2.7.5 (default, Apr  9 2015, 11:03:32)04:30
Qiming[GCC 4.8.3 20140911 (Red Hat 4.8.3-9)] on linux204:30
QimingType "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.04:30
Qiming>>> from tempest import lib04:30
Qiming>>> dir(lib)04:30
Qiming['__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__package__', '__path__']04:30
Qiming>>> lib.__path__04:30
yanyanhuso the latest code hasn't been pulled correctly04:31
yanyanhuit works now, thx :)04:31
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Fix event generation
Qimingguys, pls check the above patch05:14
QimingI think we should backport it to stable/mitaka05:14
elynn_+2 for that05:36
Qimingthe event generation logic was placed in action base class, so ... we were actually passing in an action object as the second parameter05:37
Qiminghowever, in event module, we were not prepared for that05:37
QimingLiuqing was complaining that the event list for cluster/node are now empty05:37
yanyanhuoh, I recalled there was a related bug reported before05:38
yanyanhuabout event05:38
yanyanhuwhich happened in cases the entity doesn't have id attire05:38
Qimingyanyanhu, reproduce it, :)05:39
yanyanhunice, it is gone now05:39
yanyanhuoh, BTW, I found rally can run tempest in the way we expected05:40
yanyanhubut there are some constraints05:40
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yanyanhu1. it will install a tempest in virtual env for each deployment and it only treat built-in test cases of tempest project as available test set05:41
yanyanhu2. I guess there could be some authorization issue when invoking senlin tempest test from rally side(no very sure about this)05:42
Qimingokay, can dig more05:43
yanyanhuthe first constraint means rally can't find those tempest test cases defined in senlin repo...05:43
yanyanhuso it will complain our test case is unavailable...05:43
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix event generation
yanyanhuwithout that constant, we can define a senlin tempest test in Rally using a job description file like this:
yanyanhuwill dig more to see whether there is workaround for this problem05:45
yanyanhuhi, elynn_ , there?05:59
yanyanhuI got 403 error when running tempest tests using the following cmd given in this readme file:
yanyanhu./ -N -- senlin.tests.tempest_tests.tests.api.test_cluster_basic.TestClusterBasic.test_cluster_create_delete06:00
elynn_Hi yanyanhu06:00
yanyanhulooks like cluster and profile deletion request is rejected by service06:00
elynn_can you list the tests?06:00
yanyanhuyou mean the available tempest tests list?06:01
Qiming493099 looks beautiful06:01
yanyanhuyes, I can see senlin test cases in the list06:01
elynn_That's odd...06:01
yanyanhujust the test_cluster_create_delete test will fail to delete cluster and profile06:01
yanyanhucreation of cluster and profile succeeded06:02
elynn_do you use the latest codes?06:02
elynn_of senlin06:02
yanyanhusince senlin api policy only allows admin or owner to delete cluster/policy06:02
yanyanhuI doubted it is related to the environment of tempest testing?06:02
yanyanhumy env is for admin user06:02
elynn_What user are you using?06:02
yanyanhuI met similar issue in Rally, so I have to declare admin client when talking with senlin06:03
yanyanhumy openrc is for admin user06:03
elynn_In my env, it works fine.06:03
yanyanhuhmm, maybe something is wrong in my env06:04
yanyanhudid you configure your tempest?06:04
yanyanhu.e.g changing options in tempest.con?06:04
yanyanhulet me try again06:04
yanyanhuhi, Qiming, you have been in patent review?06:05
Qimingyes, it was canceled06:06
yanyanhuwhat about our review tomorrow?06:06
yanyanhucancelled as well?06:06
Qimingdon't know yet06:06
Qimingthis one was cancelled beause we cannot reach the attorney06:07
yanyanhuhi, elynn_ , I found the reason for that error. My senlin API policy file is not latest. Only admin or owner is allowed to delete resource06:21
elynn_is it work now/06:22
yanyanhuall deny conditions have been removed in lastest API policy file06:22
yanyanhuI think I should remove admin_client usage in my Rally patch as well :)06:23
elynn_senlin codes are changing quickly :)06:24
yanyanhuright :P06:24
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xuhaiweihi, everyone, I have asked my tempest core team member, but he said he is not familiar with Rally07:31
Qimingokay, thanks xuhaiwei07:31
xuhaiweithere is some project like Mistral, they are using both Rally and Tempest07:31
Qimingright, maybe we should have a rally-jobs kind of subdir in senlin code base?07:32
xuhaiwei   we can see from this patch07:32
xuhaiweinot sure about that, no matter tempest or rally, both are running the test cases in Senlin repository, right?07:34
Qimingin the ideal case, that is true07:34
xuhaiweiin that case, I don't know why we should support both07:35
Qimingcan tempest do benchmarking?07:35
xuhaiweiif we want benchmarking, that is the reason to use rally07:36
Qimingrally-jobs, seems to me, are mostly about gating07:38
Qimingstill need to understand how rally marries tempest without risking a divorce quickly07:39
xuhaiweirally-jobs are mostly running tempest tests?07:39
Qimingno, rally-jobs exist in many service projects07:39
Qimingbut ... no clear indication how each project is using it07:39
Qimingmostly about some gating I think:
Qimingas a measure to avoid severe performance degradation?07:41
xuhaiwei   from the README, we can see one of rally's actions is Verify(run tempest)07:45
Qimingbut that one is not very interesting, we can do verification with tempest directly?07:46
xuhaiweiI think so07:46
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openstackgerritzzxwill proposed openstack/senlin: Add senlin-dashboard in doc/source/overview.rst
xuhaiweihi Qiming08:50
xuhaiweijust chatted with a Mistral guy, he said Mistral uses Rally to do benchmarking, and use tempest to do scenario tests08:50
Qimingokay, that makes good senses08:51
Qimingthanks for reaching out08:51
xuhaiweiyes, double tests are not needed08:52
yanyanhuafter making more investigation, I think there is no graceful way to let rally directly support senlin tempest tests without making them tempest built-in jobs.08:57
xuhaiweithere is something else, Mistral uses Rally to do performance test(Time taken for creating and deleting workbook)08:57
yanyanhubut there is workaround for it, although not that beautiful08:57
yanyanhuxuhaiwei, that is what we want to leverage from rally08:57
xuhaiweiyes, so Rally and tempest can both be used, but for different goals08:58
yanyanhuwe just hope to hold only one set of test cases which is based on tempest08:59
yanyanhuand then use rally to invoke them for performance test08:59
Qimingyep, that would be ideal08:59
yanyanhuI believe we can achieve that goal09:00
yanyanhualthough the way could not be that graceful09:00
yanyanhuin current stage09:00
elynn_I saw your comments on patch
yanyanhuneed more digging here09:00
yanyanhuelynn_, yes09:00
elynn_Is the name thing important?09:01
yanyanhusince rally tempest plugin now filters built-in tempest tests with tempest.api prefix09:01
elynn_I'm not so sure what you want...09:01
yanyanhuI mean when we list tempest test cases, those built-in ones' name all have prefix like 'tempest.api' or 'tempest.scenario'09:02
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yanyanhuwith service type name following them09:02
elynn_I got what you mean09:02
yanyanhulike compute, volume09:02
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elynn_Just checking the rally codes09:02
yanyanhubut I'm not sure we can change those names of senlin tempest test cases09:02
elynn_But I can not find , do you have time to point me out?09:03
yanyanhusure, let me find the link09:03
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elynn_I notice that codes before...09:03
elynn_Briefly answer is yes, we can change the test cases' names , they are based on folder names.09:04
yanyanhuI think this is not our problem09:04
yanyanhuneither rally's since I guess they only support API scenario test based on tempest now09:05
elynn_Another way is to change rally codes.09:05
yanyanhuyes, but I'm not sure they like it09:05
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yanyanhuunless they believe using tempest to support scenario test for other service is what they want...09:05
yanyanhusince currently, most of scenario tests for openstack is based on osclient09:06
yanyanhumaybe they could be worried about the dependency on tempest?09:07
elynn_I think they must to, since many projects will use tempest plugin to run their tests, then the test cases' names won't start with 'tempest.api'09:07
yanyanhuelynn_, yes09:07
elynn_If you comment those lines ,will it work?09:07
yanyanhuyes, actually, this job description file has worked correctly in my local env :)09:08
yanyanhujust need to comment those lines and reinstall senlin into the virtual env that Rally created for tempest installation09:09
yanyanhuand also this fix:
elynn_That code is so old...09:10
yanyanhuelynn_, yes09:10
yanyanhunot sure why they add that constraint09:10
elynn_It's time to make some change :)09:12
yanyanhuif so we need to extend TEMPEST_TEST_SETS?09:12
elynn_And seems it only accept api tests, won't accept scenario tests09:13
yanyanhuthat means we need to make tempest project directly support senlin?09:13
yanyanhuelynn_, yes09:13
elynn_No, using tempest plugin is enough.09:13
elynn_Let me propose a patch and see some feedbacks :)09:14
yanyanhuhope them can accept it. that is a big obstacle :)09:15
yanyanhuah, elynn_ , wait a minute09:16
yanyanhuI think I made a mistake09:17
yanyanhuthese lines actually are not blocking us09:17
yanyanhuthey just influence services defined here: TEMPEST_TEST_SETS09:18
elynn_you are right09:18
yanyanhuthe obstacle is here09:18
elynn_you mean here
yanyanhusorry I mislead you :)09:19
yanyanhuthose lines are ok for us since we are not going to use them I think09:20
yanyanhuhere is the problem09:20
yanyanhuour senlin tempest test cases are not in "allowed_tests"09:21
yanyanhubased on the result of tests discovering09:21
yanyanhubecause senlin and tempest installed by rally is not in the same python env09:22
elynn_-            if (not test.startswith("tempest.api.")09:22
elynn_-                    and test.split(".")[0] in consts.TEMPEST_TEST_SETS):09:22
elynn_-                tests[tests.index(test)] = "tempest.api." + test09:22
elynn_maybe change it back is ok09:22
yanyanhuyou mean removing those three lines?09:23
elynn_oh...If tempest and senlin not in the same env, then it's troubled.09:23
yanyanhuso we can switch to that env and reinstall senlin09:25
yanyanhubefore using rally to make senlin tempest test09:25
yanyanhubut really an ugly way :)09:25
elynn_then the only way to solve this is to contribute senlin tempest codes back to tempest tree... Let me think...09:26
elynn_That's really frustrated09:26
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elynn_Not sure how rally works09:27
yanyanhumaybe we make another discussion09:27
yanyanhulet me dig more here09:27
yanyanhufor another one or two days09:27
elynn_I think before we run rally, tempest should be ready.09:28
elynn_which means tempest should be at the same env as senlin.09:28
yanyanhuelynn_, yes09:29
yanyanhubut actually rally now uses it's own tempest installation09:29
yanyanhuit creates a tempest installation for each deployment in an isolated python virtual env09:30
yanyanhuso the problem become how to let the tempest created by rally know those test cases define in senlin09:30
elynn_Oh, I see...09:31
yanyanhuso reinstalling senlin inside that virtual env works, but not graceful09:32
elynn_Or could we wrap tempest in senlin rally tests?09:32
yanyanhuyou mean?09:33
elynn_like we copy to your rally patch09:34
yanyanhuyou mean this one?
elynn_Just an option, since I don't know a better one for now :)09:37
yanyanhuso it's still senlinScenario, just it uses tempest at backend?09:37
yanyanhufor each atomic action09:37
yanyanhuthis is a possible way09:37
yanyanhubut hope to make it our second choice :)09:37
elynn_It's up to you, since I don't know much about rally for now ...09:38
yanyanhuactually I'm also very familiar with it...09:39
yanyanhubut the way you mentioned is really feasible09:39
yanyanhuwe just implement a interface maybe named as tempest_test inside senlinScenario09:39
elynn_Since other project just use rally in a simple way, you are a pioneer :)09:40
yanyanhuand make it accept test case name as input parameter09:40
yanyanhuelynn_, I believe mirrants guys are using Rally a lot :)09:40
elynn_yes, like we could also have a class SenlinTempest(utils.SenlinScenario):09:40
yanyanhumost existing test cases are written by them for real need I guess09:40
yanyanhuelynn_, yes. Just it is a little different from other service's plugin09:41
yanyanhunot sure what is Rally team's opinion09:41
yanyanhuoh, BTW, do I have to run testr cmd under tempest directory09:42
yanyanhuif I want to run senlin tempest test?09:43
elynn_I always using to run tempest tests.09:43
elynn_It's located in tempest directory09:44
elynn_But I can also list the tests in senlin directory, so I think senlin or tempest directory both ok.09:44
yanyanhuI see09:44
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard: Add assert for api test
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openstackgerritSharat Sharma proposed openstack/senlin: [doc] Removed the invalid link for Module Index
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin-dashboard: Fix empty Create/Update column in cluster/profile... tables
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openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Add a tutorial for creation of senlin cluster from heat template
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openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Add a tutorial for creation of senlin cluster from heat template
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openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Add a tutorial for creation of senlin cluster from heat template
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Liuqingthe events of clutser/node in senlin-dashboard comes back, thanks Qiming13:46
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openstackgerritLiuqing Jing proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Add node update action
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openstackgerritRonald Bradford proposed openstack/senlin: Define context.roles with base class
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