Friday, 2016-03-11

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Qiminghi, guys02:39
Qimingduring a discussion with some early users, I was answering their questions regarding how authentication is done, how multi-region deployment is performed02:40
Qimingso I was revisiting the api middleware source to make sure I'm talking accurately02:41
Qiminghowever, I am not feeling comfortable when I saw the trust middleware talks directly to db02:41
Yanyanhuyou mean the part about keystone middleware?02:41
Qimingthat is the question I want to raise02:42
Qimingshould we eliminate direct DB interactions from the API layer02:42
Qimingthat will make the architecture much cleaner02:42
YanyanhuQiming, this is what we wanted. but didn't find a better way to address problem before02:42
QimingI want to introduce some "internal" RPC interfaces for trust retrieval and creation02:42
Qimingin the api pipeline, trust comes after the context middleware02:43
Qimingso it is possible to decouple it from db02:43
Yanyanhuhmm, this is feasible. But on potential problem is the API request handling progress could be blocked if engine is busy02:44
QimingI can look into that if there is no objections on this02:44
Qimingif the engine is busy, you cannot make any progress anyway02:44
Qimingdon't believe that is a valid concern02:44
YanyanhuI mean the pgress inside middleware02:44
Yanyanhuyes, but that's a little bit different02:44
Qiminghave to leave for a moment02:45
Yanyanhuanyway, not a serious problem02:45
Yanyanhuok, ttyl02:45
lixinhuihave you ever meeting this problem02:50
lixinhuioctavia.amphorae.drivers.haproxy.rest_api_driver [-] Could not connect to instance. Retrying02:50
lixinhuiOnce you said some config need to pay attention02:51
Yanyanhuhi, lixinhui, octavia is another lb service in openstack?02:51
lixinhuiit is the provider of lb02:51
lixinhuiin haproxy driv er02:51
lixinhuiI wonder what it is02:52
Yanyanhuoh, I see02:52
Yanyanhuabout the configure, I mean the driver type and I can't recall whether there is some authentication related options02:52
Yanyanhuby the driver, it's actually the service provider02:53
lixinhuiDifficult here is hard to find real error02:56
lixinhuibehind the PENDING-to....02:56
YanyanhuI remember I used to check haproxy related process or something to ensure it works well02:58
Yanyanhubut can't recall the detail how to check it...02:58
lixinhuiso you do not use  octavia03:00
Qimingsounds like a networking problem?03:03
Yanyanhulixinhui, yes, I didn't use it before03:03
Qimingafter your ha_proxy machine is up03:03
Qimingyou can try connect to it manually03:03
Qimingsometimes, it takes time to have the controller realize there are new destination reachable03:04
Qimingsometimes, the security group thing jumps into the way when you try connecting to a VM03:04
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Yanyanhuhi, Qiming, I'm considering retore the obsoleted BP of access permission control in Senlin. Since this is not a work that will be done in this cycle, I will mark it as under discussion.06:02
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Yanyanhuwill read it carefully :)06:07
Qimingwhat we are proposing is actually called "DYNAMIC" RBAC in keystone terms06:07
Qimingspes from ayoung is here:
Yanyanhuthanks a lot for this clue06:10
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lixinhuiQiming, it should irrelevant to secuity group06:33
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lixinhuiand the loadbalancer instance hide behind and nova can not list it06:33
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lixinhuithe port id seems right06:33
lixinhuibut the error means the ha_procy driver can not connect to the built instance06:34
lixinhuiI will search more to see what is the process06:34
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Qimingwhat is the built instance referring to?07:10
Qimingif you cannot list it, try the admin account?07:11
lixinhuiadmin is the same07:14
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lixinhuithe built instance is the loadbaancer imstance in lbaas v207:14
Qimingthat instance is a VM07:16
Qimingmaybe it is in a special project07:16
Qiminglixinhui, this line:
Qimingit means the amphora instance may need a security group, but by default it is empty07:18
Qimingthat is something you may want to verify07:18
Qiminganother possibility, it takes too long to wait for the instance to become reachable07:19
lixinhuiit will us ethe default07:19
Qimingokay, you have configured your default security group?07:20
lixinhuithe port it used to ccreate the instance is right one07:20
Qimingthe new "default" security group is not blocking any port range, right?07:20
Qimingokay, that almost eliminates the possibility of secgroup07:21
lixinhuiall the samples I searched about lbaas v2 is using octavia07:22
lixinhuiso I am seaeching how to check correctness of ha_proxy process07:22
Qimingyou got to log into that instance07:22
lixinhuilet me try to find some clue to do it07:23
Qimingone way to try07:23
Qimingexport OS_USERNAME=admin07:23
Qimingthen 'nova list --all-tenants 1'07:23
QimingI didn't try it before07:24
lixinhuiwill try it07:24
Qimingbut I really believe the nova instance is created somewhere07:24
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Qiminggongysh, hi07:30
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gongyshQiming,  hi07:32
Qiminghi, we have encountered some LBaaS and octavia problem07:33
Qimingwhere I believe you are THE expert, :)07:33
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gongyshQiming,  no, I have not play with it yet. beyond mime.07:33
Qimingokay, give me a name07:34
QimingI'll let you go07:34
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Qiminggongysh, ???07:38
* gongysh looking ...07:39
Qimingamong these names:07:39
QimingAdam Harwellflux.adam@gmail.com07:39
QimingBertrand Lallaubertrand.lallau@gmail.com07:39
QimingBrandon Loganbrandon.logan@rackspace.com07:39
QimingDoug Wiegleydougwig@parkside.io07:39
QimingGerman Eichbergergerman.eichberger@hp.com07:39
QimingMichael Johnsonjohnsomor@gmail.com07:39
QimingStephen Balukoffstephen@balukoff.com07:39
gongyshQiming, IRC: #openstack-lbaas07:41
Qimingokay, :)07:41
Qimingyou are of no value now07:41
* Qiming pulls the trigger ...07:41
gongyshQiming,  shot dead.07:43
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Yanyanhuhi, Qiming, just quickly went through the spec from adam young07:52
Yanyanhuit's very helpful for controlling http resource access based on role check07:52
Qimingit looks like one07:53
Yanyanhubut it's not satisfied enough to meet our requirement07:53
Qimingbut as ayoung mentioned07:53
Yanyanhue.g. control the access to each single entity07:53
Qimingapi level or pre-api level access control is still limited07:53
Qimingit is not touching the resources inside database07:54
Yanyanhuit's understandable07:54
Qimingso, with that in minde07:54
Yanyanhuso I guess maybe we can have both of them07:54
Qimingwe can work on the permission thing07:54
Yanyanhuthis is what I'm thinking now07:54
Yanyanhuwill try to mix them07:54
Yanyanhuleverage what keystone can provide us as much as possible07:55
Qiminghowever, I'm not so sure if a per-resource access control is needed07:55
Yanyanhuand implement the function it doesn't provision in Senlin07:55
Yanyanhuwill leave for a while07:55
Qimingwe may need 'chown', 'chmod' calls07:55
Yanyanhuyea, will further think about it07:55
Yanyanhuthis is what we want07:56
Yanyanhuleave now07:56
Yanyanhugo back later07:56
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Qimingso ...08:05
Qimingthis is one of the quiet weeks where we are not supposed to add new features08:05
Qiminguntil newton development opens08:06
QimingI'd like to give testing a higher priority08:06
Qiminge.g. tempest, rally, functiona, stress ... etc08:06
Qimingnone of those will break the existing code08:06
Qiming(hopefully) :)08:06
YanyanhuQiming, yes, actually I'm now planning to add some functional test for failure cases which can be implemented inside existing framework08:16
Yanyanhue.g. creating cluster with invalid profile-id08:16
Yanyanhusomething like this08:16
Yanyanhufor more complicated cases, or API consistency test, may need new design08:17
Qimingwe can start shifting to tempest I think08:18
Yanyanhuyou mean shift functional test to tempest? Or using tempest for API test08:19
YanyanhuI recalled maintaining functional test inside each project individually is recommened?08:19
Qimingat least, api surface test should be done via tempest plugin08:20
Qimingyes, no conflict there08:20
Qimingthe code should live in senlin08:21
YanyanhuI see08:21
Qimingwe got some pretty good guidance the other day from a tempest expert08:21
Qimingwe can check how it works by looking into congress08:21
Yanyanhuso the difference is where we define the job, devstack gate or tempest?08:21
Qimingfor example08:21
Qimingit can be a tox env specified in tox.ini08:22
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Add engine service RPC api for credentials
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Add engine service RPC api for credentials
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lixinhuithat is the loadbalancer instance08:56
lixinhuibut can not ssh it08:56
lixinhuibecause of lack of router08:56
Qimingokay, checking08:58
Qimingyou cannot even ssh to it via
Qimingit has a security group named lb-mgmt-sec-grp09:00
Qimingand the management network is
Qimingyou will need a octavia_ssh_key to ssh, after switching to project eb59c8ab580b40c586c5bda06f51c8f809:01
Qimingif the ssh is still rejected, you can treat it as a normal SSH problem09:02
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: RPC support for credential operations
lixinhuino reponse too by 10.0.0409:05
Qimingcan you ping it?09:06
lixinhuiI can not09:07
lixinhuibut sure for management net09:07
lixinhuiand I can find the key under /etc/octavia/.ssh/octavia_ssh_key09:08
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Qiming"but sure for management net" ... what does this mean?09:11
Qimingyou can reach it from management network?09:13
lixinhuiI can ping through the management net09:13
Qimingthen you should log in via management net09:13
lixinhuibut ssh faild although I can find the key09:13
lixinhuissh: connect to host port 22: No route to host09:14
Yanyanhusecurity group problem?09:14
Qimingyou can ping it09:14
lixinhuihave done this09:14
lixinhuineutron security-group-rule-create f29c45ff-dfd3-44a3-a1a6-b7716eff9041 --protocol tcp --port-range-min 22 --port-range-max 2209:14
lixinhuiping workds09:15
lixinhuif29c45ff-dfd3-44a3-a1a6-b7716eff9041 is the management net09:15
Qimingssh is giving an inaccurate error message ...09:15
Yanyanhudid you apply this security group when booting up VM?09:15
Qimingwhat are the first few characters of the octavia_ssh_key file?09:17
lixinhuiPermission denied (publickey).09:19
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Qimingokay, that is a private key09:22
Qimingssh -i /etc/octavia/.ssh/octavia_ssh_key doesn't work?09:23
lixinhuien, same error09:23
Qimingit didn't ask for assword?09:24
Qimingokay, the image has disabled password authentication09:25
Qimingdo you know the OS installed in the image?09:25
lixinhuibu default it should be ubuntu09:27
Qimingssh -i /etc/octavia/.ssh/octavia_ssh_key ubuntu@  ?09:32
QimingI think we are creating a lot of problems because the installation and configuration of octavia wasn't complete09:33
Qimingwhen I tried read the source code of rest_api_driver.py09:33
QimingI found that octavia is actually doing a REST call09:34
Qimingwith a server certificate09:34
Qimingwhich should be configured in haproxy_amphora section, named 'server_ca'09:34
Qimingthat is the only thing required for the REST request09:35
lixinhuiit is set by default value09:36
lixinhuiand to avoid the mismatch problem09:37
Qiminghow is the server_ca generated?09:37
Qimingany script doing that?09:37
lixinhuiI ensure generate the octavia.conf very time now09:37
Qimingbut generating octavia.conf doesn't mean the generation of a server_ca09:38
Qimingokay, I see09:39
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lixinhuiit is indeed generated with the conf together09:41
Qimingokay, so it is generating certificates09:42
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Qimingif I were you I will add a LOG.error('%s' % reqargs) at here:
Qimingor, at line 242, try catch the exception and print it out09:45
QimingI really hate this design, which is making the most fragile link very difficult to debug09:46
Qimingafter you have modified the code09:47
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Qimingyou don't have to reinstall devstack, alright?09:47
Qimingjust kill the octavia service and restart it09:47
lixinhuiI see09:47
Qimingalso, you may want to try your luck in the #openstack-lbaas channel09:49
QimingI think such a problem must be among the top 5 in their FAQ list09:49
lixinhuithere have some one report this bug09:49
lixinhuibut no further action there09:50
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lixinhuiI leave some message at the channel hope someone could help09:55
lixinhuithe error content is09:55
lixinhui2016-03-11 17:47:52.794 3785 ERROR octavia.amphorae.drivers.haproxy.rest_api_driver [-] {'url': '', 'verify': '/etc/octavia/certs/ca_01.pem', 'json': {'subnet_cidr': u'', 'gateway': u'', 'mac_address': u'fa:16:3e:94:b0:2c'}, 'timeout': (10.0, 60.0), 'headers': {'User-Agent': 'Octavia HaProxy Rest Client/0.5 ('}}09:55
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Qimingthe above log shows you that the rest api is invoked from the 10 network, not the 192.168 network10:00
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Qimingsorry, it is about getting data from
Qimingand the port is now 944310:01
Qimingis that port opened?10:02
* Qiming is feeling very very very hungry ... 10:03
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lixinhui~$ netstat -nap|grep 944310:14
lixinhui(No info could be read for "-p": geteuid()=1000 but you should be root.)10:14
lixinhuitcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      -10:14
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