Tuesday, 2016-03-08

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Qimingwe have got three sessions accepted to the summit00:59
xuhaiweiSenlin introduction, container cluster and ?01:05
Qiminglixinhui is working on a poc doing a very comprehensive autoscaling solution01:07
Qimingit is senlin + lbaasv201:07
Qiminga cluster can be built with load-balancer, auto-scaler, high-availabiity guarantee very easily01:08
Qimingit is gonna be a great demo showing the potential of doing autoscaling with Senlin01:09
xuhaiweiit is not covered by general Senlin introduction?01:10
Qimingno, it is not01:11
Qimingthe overview is more about the project's scope, its overall architecture, its status and its next steps01:12
Qimingjust like the one I gave during our mid-cycle meetup01:12
Qiminglixinhui's session will focus on the specifics, i.e. answering the question: why do auto-scaling with Senlin? how do you compare it to AWS service, Heat autoscaling01:13
Qimingif you don't get your hands dirty, you will never realize the advantage we planted into senlin01:14
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openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Add property updatable check in Senlin profile  https://review.openstack.org/28922301:37
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lixinhuihappy to know all of our sessions are accepted. Good year to Senlin!02:29
Qimingwe really need to make good prepration for the presentations02:30
elynn_great news02:30
Qiminginstead of doing prompt speech, we should write down all we have to say during the 40 minutes02:30
Qimingmemorize it02:31
Qimingrecite it02:31
Qimingdeliver accurate, comprehensive, rich information to the audience02:31
xuhaiweiby the way, have all of you reserved the hotel?02:33
lixinhuiI have02:33
elynn_not yet...02:33
xuhaiweithe hotels recommended by the summit  are all almost full02:35
QimingI haven't raised trip request02:35
Yanyanhunot yet...02:35
Yanyanhuhaven't talked with boss02:36
YanyanhuAustin is a small city?02:36
lixinhuiyes, not very big02:36
Qimingnot big, when compared to  ... Beijing02:36
xuhaiweiI searched other hotels, there is one a little far from the conferance center which is still available and not expensive02:36
lixinhuiQiming, once travel there02:37
elynn_Not sure am I going to austin before...02:37
Yanyanhuelynn_, me neither...02:37
lixinhuinow happy to see you all in Austin02:37
elynn_ok, we should be quick...02:37
Yanyanhuanyway, book the hotel first02:37
xuhaiweiabout $160 for one night02:37
Yanyanhuwith tax?02:38
QimingAustin was the first stop I went to the states 9 years ago02:38
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, a little bit expensive :)02:39
QimingBill Tracy02:39
xuhaiweithat is the cheapest one in that area02:39
Qiminglixinhui, still remember the name?02:39
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, ok...02:39
xuhaiweithe others are all more than $23002:39
lixinhuiYes, Qiming02:39
zzxwillWill you go to the summit this time, Yanyanhu?02:39
Yanyanhuzzxwill, hope so:)02:40
Yanyanhuyou also have the plan :)02:40
zzxwillNope, so junior for the event and little contribution to the project:(02:42
Yanyanhuthat's totally ok. The only thing can stop you is the budget, haha :)02:42
xuhaiweiyes, like Jay's proposal, the summit should be done somewhere not so expensive02:43
Yanyanhuit's really a big party for openstack developer02:43
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, yep02:43
xuhaiweiluxury party02:44
Qimingpeople are voting agains the luxury aspect of the party now02:45
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add property updatable check in Senlin profile  https://review.openstack.org/28922302:45
xuhaiweiby the way, there is another way to go the summit without costing any budget02:46
Qimingby ship?02:46
Qimingby swimming?02:46
xuhaiweiopenstack foundation supports some developers' fee for travel and hotel02:46
xuhaiweiare all freee02:46
Qimingyes, you will need to apply02:46
xuhaiweione Indian member of our team uses this to go every time02:47
xuhaiweithis time three of them succeeded02:47
Yanyanhuxuhaiwei, any link for this application?02:50
YanyanhuI want to have a try :)02:50
xuhaiweifrom the openstack website, I don't know the detail02:50
xuhaiweibut for this time, it is too late02:50
Yanyanhuok, let me search it02:50
xuhaiweiyou can have a try for the next time02:51
xuhaiweithe application starts just after the Newton summit02:51
xuhaiweido it as soon as possible02:51
Yanyanhusure, will try :)02:54
xuhaiweiThe cheapest host I can find is Holiday Inn AUSTIN-TOWN LAKE, $178 for one night03:10
Yanyanhubut I guess we can get better negotiated price  :)03:11
xuhaiweiit's 1.4 kilometer far away from the conference center03:11
xuhaiweithis hotel will be sold out in one of two weeks I think03:13
zzxwillYou guys whose presentations were accepted by the summit can get free ticket, but have to afford the accommodations yourselves?03:14
xuhaiweitickets are free for who have submitted patches03:14
xuhaiweiall the developers are free03:15
Yanyanhuyes, once you have a commit merged, you get a free ticket03:15
xuhaiweibut flight ticket and hotel fee are the problems03:16
Qimingxuhaiwei, I can find 78$ one03:16
xuhaiweiyes, Qiming03:16
xuhaiweiwhich one?03:16
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Qimingthough the hotel is not good03:16
zzxwillWow, so it means I can get a free ticket!03:16
Yanyanhuanyway, just need a place to have a sleep03:16
Qimingzzxwill maybe a little too late this time03:17
zzxwillGot it.03:17
Qimingactive contributor only counts last cycle03:17
Qimingif you haven't got a registration code, it means you were not counted03:18
Yanyanhuzzxwill, proposing patch a little earlier in the next cycle will be ok :)03:18
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zzxwillSure, I will.03:18
zzxwillI got an email titled "Your registration code for OpenStack Summit in Austin". I ignored as I thought it's a span:(03:20
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lixinhuihi, everyone03:47
lixinhuido you have free register code?03:48
lixinhuiI am trying to help one colleagu of VMware03:48
lixinhuiconsidering most of us have had the speaker code03:48
lixinhuiI have use mine... so...03:49
elynn_I already used mine...03:49
lixinhuino problem. me too...03:49
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zzxwilllixinhui, from IRC log, I learnt you needed a promote code. You can take mine if you still need it.05:26
elynnHi Qiming , around?05:31
elynnWanna discuss about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/289261/05:32
elynntemplates for senlin resources.05:32
Qimingsaw my comments?05:33
elynnyes, don't put neutron resources there?05:33
Qimingspeaking from Heat's perspective, each sample template should have a purpose05:34
Qimingthis template could be used to demonstrate how a cluster resource looks like, how a policy, a receiver can be created05:34
elynnyou mean we just need to show how to use senlin cluster instead of a whole solution for monitoring and load balancing?05:34
Qimingit is already a lot of information to digest for users05:34
Qimingthat is point 105:34
Qimingpoint 2 is that the monitoring and load-balancing way are not how senlin has been advocating05:35
Qimingsenlin has a health policy working toward HA use case05:35
Qimingit has load-balancing policy for load-balancing05:35
Qimingthe currently proposed template is a misleading one05:36
Qimingpoint 3, I didn't mention in the review05:36
Qimingthe template should not be called an asg.yaml05:36
Qimingit has nothing to do with Heat ASG05:37
Qimingit is not closing the loop for autoscaling because the template did not include ceilometer/monasca alarm resource05:37
Qimingit is just a cluster, with scaling policy, and receivers created for manual scaling05:38
elynnok, so just adding cluster policy and receivers is ok?05:38
Qimingto keep the sample template ease of use, I'd suggest we start with os.nova.server profile05:38
elynnDo we need an example to os.heat.stack profile?05:39
Qimingthe template is already too crowded05:39
Qimingif we want to show some more advanced use cases, we can add a separate one05:39
elynnYes, I mean another template for stack profile.05:40
elynnOr we can add it later.05:40
Qimingyes, that can be left to users05:40
Qimingit is perfectly okay to add one later05:41
elynnok, I understood, just update it, help to review again :)05:42
Qimingsaw it05:43
Qiminglooks pretty simple and intuitive now05:43
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Qiminglooks beautiful to me05:44
elynnJust find a typo in description, will update it later.05:45
Qimingit shows at least 4 concepts from Senlin, it is demonstrating a way to manually trigger the scaling of a cluster, and the cluster scaling behavior is controlled05:45
Qimingthis is already a lot to digest for users05:45
elynnBut we still need some doc to show users how to use senlin in a closing solution, including monitoring and loadbalancer or even health monitor05:47
Qimingif you want to do load-balancing, you can propose a template with a loadbalancing policy05:48
Qimingthat is the way we do load-balancing05:49
elynnI'm not sure putting too many template in one folder can help users, they might get confused.05:50
elynnOr I add a lb policy in this template?05:50
Qiminglet each template demonstrate one thing05:54
elynnok, I will upload this template first, and consider what to do next.05:55
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lixinhuizzxwill, thanks06:21
lixinhuiI need that06:21
lixinhuicould you forward me by email?06:21
zzxwillDone. No thanks:)06:23
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Qimingseems cannot access openstack wiki12:59
yanyanhulet me have a try13:00
yanyanhume too...13:00
Qimingtried proxy13:00
Qimingdidn't work either13:00
Qimingseems https is blocked at the moment13:01
yanyanhuwiki is broken?13:01
Qimingor the site is down?13:01
QimingSecure Connection Failed13:01
QimingThe connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.13:01
Qiming    The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.13:01
Qiming    Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.13:01
Qimingdoesn't seem site down though13:01
elynnCan't either13:01
yanyanhulooks like site is done13:02
yanyanhuI also tried proxy, didn't work13:02
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