Thursday, 2016-03-03

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QimingYanyanhu, lixinhui02:08
QimingI believe the patches we need from openstacksdk are all in02:08
Qimingthe last one is the pool_id thing02:09
Qimingit is being verified02:09
Qiminghad to send terry an email to get that unblocked02:09
Yanyanhuwe can start to move to 0.8.102:09
Yanyanhuwill start to work on driver rework today02:09
Qimingplease help verify if there are still pending patches we need02:09
Yanyanhuah, I saw terry has removed that block02:11
Yanyanhucool, looks everything is ready now :)02:11
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Qiminglixinhui, please check this one:
QimingI'm expecting we are a little bit stricter at parameter passing02:17
Qimingif we are passing keyword arguments, we explicitly spell them out if possible02:18
Qimingpassing additional **kwargs would make the interface checking very difficult if possible at all02:18
Qiminglixinhui, about this:
QimingI'd suggest we fix it in health manager02:20
Qimingmaybe it is caused by the context usage02:20
Qimingwe should not reuse the context created in the __init__() method02:20
Qimingso ... a workaround is to create an admin context each time calling db apis02:21
Qimingsession merge is very dangerous ..02:21
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Use assert(Not)Equal/Less/Greater
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Remove WritableLogger from wsgi
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Make map schema resolve json serialized map value
lixinhuiThanks for these guidance, Qiming. I will act accordingly02:28
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add functional test for cluster update
Yanyanhuhi, Qiming, could you plz help to workflow +1 this patch. I will clone the lastest sdk code and start some tests. Thanks02:29
Qimingwhich one?02:30
Yanyanhuthe path_arg one02:30
Yanyanhulooks like it needs w+1 again02:30
Yanyanhusorry, omit the link02:30
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Revise the logic of cluster/profile metadata update
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add functional test for cluster update with new profile
Qimingokay, done02:31
Yanyanhuthanks :)02:31
Qimingdidn't find the patch being checked on gate02:31
Qimingto check if your patch is queued at gate, go:
Qimingyou can filter the pipeline there by the project you want to focus on02:32
Yanyanhuyes, this page is cool :)02:32
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Revise DRS policy to be a generic affinity policy
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Support to affinity policy
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lixinhuiQiming, bug related to 286575 is not caused by context. I have revised HealthManger arguments besides params for right mapping through notify method.03:27
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient: Sort resource show columns
Qiminglixinhui, it doesn't make any sense to do a session join03:28
Qimingif that is required operation, we will need to do that everywhere03:28
Qiming286575 is about context usage for sure03:29
Qimingsession is a property persisted into a request context03:29
lixinhuiI think we can keep self.ctx in ini as you suggestted to patch2 of 28638803:30
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-senlinclient: Fix node update receive a assertion error
lixinhuisince it is not the root cause of the bug 28657503:31
openstackbug 286575 in linux (Ubuntu) "usb-automount not working - workaround "modprobe -r ehci_hcd"" [Undecided,Fix released]
Qiminglixinhui, I suspect that is the root cause03:32
Qimingwe can roll back to initialize a context before making db api calls03:32
lixinhuisince DB write/delete is using request context03:32
lixinhuifrom notify03:32
lixinhuithat is irrelavant to admin_context03:33
QimingI mean we don't use that context03:33
lixinhuiI am sure we need to use request context instead of admin context03:33
lixinhuiremember 'tranlator' atrribute mssing problem?03:34
lixinhuithat is caused by wrong context03:34
Qimingthat is a different problem03:34
lixinhuithat is the reason why I commit into 26638803:34
Qimingthe reason of that problem is that you are passing a dict instead of a context instance to db call03:34
lixinhuiI tried admin_contxt firstly03:35
Qimingok ...03:35
Qimingexplain to me the magic of an admin context then?03:35
lixinhuithat is the content difference between the two03:36
Qimingthe url above is incomplete03:37
lixinhuiwait, office network is very poor these days...03:38
Qimingmaybe we should do this step by step03:39
Qimingsometimes we are talking about things on different sources03:39
lixinhuiyes, please do not roll back03:40
Qiminglet's focus on the first patch, the parameter passing one03:40
Qimingthe second one is all about garbage03:41
Qimingwe are not using that context to talk to any other services03:41
Qimingwe are only using that to talk to database03:41
Qimingwhen talking to database, the only thing that matters is the context.session property:
lixinhuiit is tightly related to context03:42
lixinhuito fix the translate missing problem03:42
Qimingthat 'translate' problem is not caused by this, believe me03:43
lixinhuiI change the registry method arguments from admin_contxt to request context03:43
lixinhuithen it never comes again03:43
Qimingwe are talking about things on different code base03:43
lixinhuiplease calrify03:43
Qimingit never come back again because you are using a real RequestContext instance03:44
lixinhuiwhat is it03:44
Qimingthe previous bug was caused by this:
Qimingyou were using the return value from get_service_context()03:44
Qimingwhich is only a dict03:44
Qimingit is meant to be used for the initialization of a RequestContext instance03:45
Qiminganother evidence03:45
Qimingwhen you use get_admin_context03:45
lixinhuiwhen is commit in03:45
lixinhuiand agin03:45
Qimingyou are using a RequestContext instance with nothing initalized, just the is_admin field for convenience03:45
lixinhuiI have changed it to admin_ctx03:46
lixinhuifor all my tests03:46
lixinhuifrom the very beginning03:46
QimingI don't know on which code base you are doing the test03:46
Qimingobviously you are not working on the master branch03:46
lixinhuilet me check now03:46
Qimingthis one:
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Qiminglet's focus on this one first03:47
Qimingthis one is not merged03:47
Qimingare you testing against it?03:47
lixinhuii am using the new code03:47
lixinhuiI think we are talking about 28638803:48
Qimingwith or without that patch:
lixinhuithe problem of transltor missing will jump out03:48
Qimingbut you are talking about this one:
lixinhuiyou are the one trying to relsove bug mentioned by 286575 in health manager03:49
QimingI have no objections to
Qimingjust need to get it fixed and merged03:49
Qimingthen we can proceed to talk about whether 286575 makes sense03:49
Qimingwith 286388 fixed and merged03:50
Qimingwe continue the discussion03:50
Qimingwhether we should use the ctx passed to register_cluster method03:51
Qimingif we are using the 'ctx' method, do we still need 28657503:51
lixinhuiwe need03:51
Qiming286575 is not based on 286388, that was where I was confused03:51
Qimingso you are talking about some problems you want to solve, based on a patch that is not yet in03:52
Qimingand the two patches don't have dependencies among them03:52
lixinhui286388 is the first patch I submut to resolve DB calling problem03:52
lixinhuiafter that, I met new problem03:53
Qimingthen please focus on 28638803:53
Qimingwithout 286388, how could we review 286575?03:53
Qimingto reproduce the problem with 286575, we need 286388 right?03:53
Qimingor is 286575 independent?03:54
Qimingthen you are talking about some problems not based on the 'current' code at master, you are talking about your local copy03:54
Qimingthat would confuse any reviewers03:54
lixinhuinot really03:54
lixinhuiif that is DB problem03:54
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lixinhuieven no 28638803:55
lixinhuijust non one tried that03:55
Qimingyou fix in 286575 makes totally no sense03:55
lixinhuisince without 286388, DBAPi even can not be called correctly03:55
Qimingplease get back to 28638803:55
Qimingwe are doing this step by step03:55
Qimingand 286388 is not merged03:56
Qimingif 286575 needs 286388, you are supposed to add a dependency between the two patches03:56
Qimingor else we may accidentally get 286575 merged before 28638803:56
lixinhuiwhy not03:57
lixinhuisince my fix is irrelavant to health manager03:57
lixinhuiand as I said03:57
lixinhui The problem is there03:57
lixinhuiJust easy or not to find03:57
lixinhuiThe thing in my mind is clear03:58
Qimingthat patch basically means that all db sessions should do a merge() call03:58
Qimingwhich is insane03:58
lixinhuitill you try to reolsve the bug of 28657503:58
lixinhuiby health manager03:58
lixinhuinot really03:58
lixinhuijust if the object needed is not in current session03:59
Qiming286575 was caused by the usage of sessions03:59
lixinhuiwe can add them back03:59
Qimingand sessions are property of context03:59
Qimingthat means an incorrect usage of contexts03:59
lixinhuithe verification is done by context match or not03:59
lixinhuiif not the ruight context, the03:59
lixinhuimerge will fail03:59
Qiminghow could an object falls out of the current session?03:59
lixinhuijust timeout03:59
lixinhuisome reason03:59
Qimingif an object can fall out of current session, do we need to add guard to all other DB api calls>04:00
lixinhuii think other methods need this need04:00
lixinhuito ooperate on the oject by pair operations as attach and deatch04:01
lixinhuisince the two operations can be casued with long interval04:01
Qimingit is database04:01
lixinhuibut session just memory object'04:02
lixinhuiof transaction04:02
Qimingwe create a new session each time04:02
Qimingeach session is an indenpendent call to the DB layer04:02
Qimingsession A created an object04:02
Qimingsession B can delete it04:02
Qimingwe can never guarantee that an object is created and deleted by the same session04:03
lixinhuiwe do not04:03
lixinhuiwe get session from context every time04:03
Qimingwhich context?04:03
lixinhuijust we can not avoid the object is not in the memory all the time04:04
lixinhuiit can merge back if context right04:04
Qimingwhich context?04:04
lixinhuirequest context04:04
Qimingwhere is it initialized?04:04
lixinhuiif not right, the merge act will fail04:04
lixinhuiyou can find the root04:05
lixinhuicode location04:05
lixinhuiI just can try this by practice04:05
lixinhuifor lack of experence04:05
QimingI know the root04:05
lixinhuiWhat I discussed here is the resilt I got from the real system04:05
Qimingso I'm suggesting you to fix it in a different way, step by step04:05
lixinhuiinstead of my deriation04:05
lixinhuior assumtion04:06
lixinhuihow about this04:06
lixinhuiwe leave the problem open04:06
Yanyanhuhi, guys, did you meet the following error when creating nova server profile using the built-in example spec?04:07
YanyanhuThe specified file is not a valid YAML file: mapping values are not allowed here04:07
Yanyanhuin "senlin/profiles/os/nova/", line 29, column 3404:07
lixinhuibut merge into 286388 firstly04:07
Qimingcould you please focus on 28638804:07
lixinhuii want04:07
Qimingthen I'll propose a fix to the context/session problem and see if it works04:08
lixinhuiit is not me  to induce this distraction04:08
lixinhuiwhat context seesion patch04:08
Qimingthere is no distraction04:08
lixinhuicould you let me know what you want to do04:09
Qiminglet's get 286388 in first04:09
lixinhuior you can get in your patch direcly04:09
lixinhuiI can abandon04:09
Qimingnot overriding the 286388 one04:09
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Qimingthat one is almost correct04:09
lixinhuiand will test them all in next week04:09
Qimingsaw my comments on 286388?04:10
lixinhuisaw it04:10
lixinhuiand tune it a little04:10
Qimingokay, let's get it fixed and merge it04:10
lixinhuiI have revised HealthManger arguments besides params for right mapping through notify method.04:11
Qimingthen we are talking about the same version of code04:11
Qiming"I have revised HealthManger arguments besides params for right mapping through notify method."04:11
Qimingchecked in already?04:11
lixinhuiWill do it right now.04:11
Qimingif it is not checked in, I have no idea what changes you have made04:11
Qimingand ... we will still be talking about different things04:12
lixinhui... I see ...04:12
Qimingyou are running too fast ahead of everyone else04:12
Qimingwhile I'm playing a guard's role regarding the so called 'code quality'04:13
lixinhuiI am trying to cooeprate with you to get everything qualified04:14
Qimingyes, very appreciated04:14
Qimingthe problem is something like this04:14
QimingI'm still on the 1st floor04:14
Qimingyou are already on the 2nd, maybe the 3rd floort04:15
lixinhuitry my best to reach the bar04:15
Qimingand you have found some problem in some room at the 2nd floor04:15
Qimingwhich I have no idea yet04:15
QimingI'm focusing on the things we need to do on the 1st floor04:15
Qimingafter the work is done at this level, we may choose a different way upstairs, so we can avoid getting trapped to the 'problematic room' on the 2nd floor04:16
lixinhuiI see and will do that04:17
Qimingsorry for not being able to catch up with every single thread04:17
Qimingeveryone got a good reason to hate the 'blocker', well... I am one04:18
lixinhuino, you are really good leader and tutor04:18
lixinhuiJust missing the days we sit togetehr and work together04:19
Qimingso, please help, get back to 28638804:19
Qimingwe work out a solution based on that commit04:20
Qiminggreat, thansk04:20
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Fix Health Manager Problems
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openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Fix Health Manager Problems
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Qiminglixinhui, there?05:28
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Add healthmonitor support for lb_policy
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Revise action dependency check
lixinhuiNo. Qiming, I am not here05:50
Qimingokay, keep waiting05:52
lixinhuijust Joking05:52
lixinhuiI saw your comments05:52
lixinhuiin your example, in DB registry, you hope to keep 'params':{ 'params': {'max_interval': 50} }?05:54
lixinhuiin a more complete dict: (Pdb) registry.__dict__05:55
lixinhui{'_sa_instance_state': <sqlalchemy.orm.state.InstanceState object at 0x7fb9db703510>, u'check_type': u'NODE_STATUS_POLLING', u'engine_id': '2c21af16-460c-447c-86c3-0f7b3e6dc5ca', 'interval': 60, 'params':{ 'params': {'max_interval': 50} }, 'cluster_id': u'1c51a727-0151-47a9-8fe8-fe864834d1cc'}05:55
Qimingin db, it will become params: {'some-key': 'some-value'}05:55
lixinhuithen please use **params05:56
Qimingin line 171, the internals of the params key is extracted05:56
Qimingusing **params is polluting the call05:56
lixinhuiplease see interface of notify...05:57
lixinhuiand register05:57
Qimingwhen determining the function interface, we should forget that params is a dict05:57
Qimingjust pass it as an integer05:57
Qimingif it is an integer, **params would be wrong05:57
Qimingand **params leaves no room for future extension05:57
lixinhuihow that can be an interger05:57
lixinhuiit must be key: value05:57
Qimingsigh ...05:58
QimingI spend one 30 minutes to find a reference to you but I cannot find the article05:58
QimingI know you will have questions like this05:58
lixinhui{'_sa_instance_state': <sqlalchemy.orm.state.InstanceState object at 0x7fb9db703510>, u'check_type': u'NODE_STATUS_POLLING', u'engine_id': '2c21af16-460c-447c-86c3-0f7b3e6dc5ca', 'interval': 60, 'params':{ 'params': {} }, 'cluster_id': u'1c51a727-0151-47a9-8fe8-fe864834d1cc'05:58
QimingI cannot convince you on anything05:58
QimingI have to refer to some standards05:59
lixinhuithat is the pdb result I got with params=params as your suggested05:59
Qimingbut I cannot find the standard right now05:59
Qimingthat is because something is wrong in the call path somewhere05:59
Qimingmy last comment to the patch is this: it works doesn't mean the code is right06:00
lixinhuitoo abstract to understand06:00
lixinhuiI do not like such kind of comment06:00
Qimingas a convention, when  you are passing a parameter, you should forget that parameter is a dict06:00
lixinhuiI only like things work well06:00
lixinhuiif the design is good, that is best06:01
lixinhuiif not,06:01
lixinhuiwork well is the most important thing06:01
lixinhuiin your example06:01
Qimingcannot waste more time on this06:01
QimingI'm really sorry06:01
lixinhuime eitehr06:01
Qimingthis kind of code is not acceptable06:01
QimingI have been telling you the simple truth06:02
Qimingwhen passing a parameter, forget that parameter is a dict06:02
lixinhuithen you should define the argment as args06:04
lixinhuiinstead of kwargs06:04
Qimingwe had to make it kwargs due to the oslo_messing call interface06:05
Qimingno matter how many data you want to pass through the 'params' parameter, they are all an integral part of a single parameter06:05
Qimingside by side, we may need to add other parameters in future06:05
Qimingif we use **params here today06:06
Qimingall those future parameters we be swallowed in to this 'params'06:06
Qimingthat is totally not acceptable06:06
Qimingi really don't care it works or not, if the code looks like this06:06
Qimingespecially when we already see problems in it06:07
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/senlin-dashboard: Imported Translations from Zanata
Qiminghi, guys, please input your ideas reagarding the design summit sessions06:32
Yanyanhuoh, right, need finish it by friday06:33
Qimingyes, then get back to ttx06:33
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Fix Health Manager Problems
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Fix Health Manager Problems
Qimingdixiaoli, elynn06:56
Qimingare you aware of any changes we need before cutting a release of python-senlinclient today or tomorrow?06:57
elynnNo from me, I will check with dixiaoli after she come back from meeting.06:59
Qimingthanks, elynn07:01
Qiminganother job is about sdk 0.8.107:01
Qimingpreviously we have been locking to sdk 0.7.407:01
Yanyanhuhi, Qiming, just tested nova server, heat stack profile and also lb policy with health_monitor enabled, they all works well!07:02
YanyanhuI'm surprised07:02
Yanyanhujust a little change need to be made in neutron driver07:02
Yanyanhusdk version is dev0.8.107:02
Qimingobviously we will need some patches which get merged between 0.7.4 and 0.8.107:02
Yanyanhunova server and heat stack update were also tested.07:02
Qimingbut I'm not sure those changes are affecting the senlinclient package in any way07:03
Yanyanhuyes, I think the influence should be different in client side07:03
YanyanhuBTW, I didn't test placement policy related part. Hi, xinhui, if possible, could you please help to test this part, thanks :)07:04
Qimingwe'd better get prepared since I'm pushing brian to release a 0.8.1 today, then we cut senlinclient release and test senlin server (Yanyan is already doing that)07:04
Yanyanhuabout the availability_zone param I think07:04
QimingYanyanhu, you mean zone_placement policy?07:04
Yanyanhusince I didn't have related configuration in my local env07:05
Yanyanhumulti-zone and region07:05
Yanyanhuso didn't test that07:05
QimingI still believe the best test case is your eyes07:05
Yanyanhuthe code looks good I think :)07:05
Qimingthe code may pass some test cases, but it doesn't mean we have coverage for all corner cases07:05
QimingI'm looking at it07:06
YanyanhuI think I may have some misunderstanding about sdk's property07:06
Qimingif the code is not referencing any particular property of an availability zone object, it should not break07:06
YanyanhuI see07:06
QimingYanyanhu, I myself was a little too much concerned about those changes as well07:07
QimingYanyanhu, zone_placement policy should work07:08
YanyanhuI think I need to spend sometime to read the code of resource class again07:08
Qimingno particulare reference to any properties07:08
YanyanhuI will submit that small patch for neutron driver07:08
Yanyanhuactually, it is for the change done by richard for pool_member create/update proxy call07:09
Qimingthe only thing we are referring to AZs happened in 'validate_azs()' function07:10
Qimingthere, we are referring to the 'zoneName' property07:11
Yanyanhulet me check whether related property has been changed07:11
Yanyanhuit wasn't07:12
Qiming44 azs = conn.compute.availability_zones()07:14
Qiming 45 for s in azs:07:14
Qiming 46     print(s['zoneName'])07:14
Qiming 47     print(s.zoneName)07:14
Qiming 48     print(
Qiming 49     # print(s['name'])  <-- this doesn't work07:14
Qimingthe first three ways of property references all worked, the last one fails07:14
Yanyanhuname property is still there07:15
* Qiming is feeling very much relieved 07:15
Qimingif you want to reference 'name', you will do az.name07:16
Qimingnot az['name']07:16
Yanyanhubut it shoud be an object of availability_zone.AvailabilityZone type07:17
YanyanhuI think07:17
Qimingyes, <class 'openstack.compute.v2.availability_zone.AvailabilityZone'>07:19
Yanyanhua bug?07:20
elynnHi Qiming , dixiaoli said there is no more patches from her for senlinclient.07:23
Qimingthanks, elynn and dixiaoli07:23
*** zzxwill has joined #senlin07:23
QimingYanyanhu, why is that a bug?07:23
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Revise neutron driver for change in sdk 0.8.1 release
YanyanhuI mean is there a bug here?07:24
Yanyanhunot there is a bug :)07:24
Qimingit is designed that way07:24
Qimingopenstack.Resource can be used as a Map07:24
Yanyanhuyes, that's is flexible, just a little complicated in some cases07:24
Qimingbecause it implemented __getitem__, __setitem__ methods07:24
Qimingas SDK, convenience, ease-of-use is the top concern07:25
Qimingif you don't like this way, there is another choice07:25
Qimingthat is a good design, IMHO07:25
YanyanhuI see07:26
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Fix action status update
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix Health Manager Problems
Qimingjus tested senlinclient07:35
Qimingthe output fields are based on the response json property keys, not the resource property name07:36
*** dixiaoli has quit IRC07:36
Qimingfor example, the 'user' property of a cluster has been changed to 'user_id'07:36
Yanyanhuyes, it is I think07:37
Yanyanhualso notice that07:37
Qiminghowever the openstack cluster show c1 still prints 'user', not 'user_id'07:37
Qimingthat is great07:37
Yanyanhuso I guess there is automatic converting between a key and an attr07:38
Qimingyii, that is magic07:39
QimingI hate magics, :)07:39
Yanyanhuhaha, me too07:39
QimingI have to know how things work, :(07:39
Yanyanhu:) I will go to read the code as well07:41
Yanyanhubut I can sleep well without knowing the truth, haha07:42
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Fix an error in test lbaas driver
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Fix an error in test lbaas driver
openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Argument Twist to Health Policy
elynnHi Yanyanhu , I just approve your patch , but I realize that should we wait for the openstacksdk 0.8.1 ?07:46
Yanyanhuelynn, yes, it is...07:47
elynnI thought it was released...07:47
Qimingoh, boy, not yet07:47
Qimingbut it doesnt matter that much07:48
Yanyanhubut maybe not that bad since it just change the driver method about pool_member creating07:48
Yanyanhuwe can revert it07:48
Qimingwe used to develop against the master branch of openstacksdk07:48
Yanyanhuyes. When will 0.8.1 come07:48
Yanyanhuby the end of this week?07:48
Qimingnot sure, just sent Brian an email this morning07:49
Qimingafter I saw the pool id fix merged07:49
Qimingthat is the last patch we need from them07:49
elynnI remove workflow, not sure it will merge or not.07:50
Yanyanhulet me check the zuul page07:52
*** dixiaoli has joined #senlin07:52
Yanyanhuelynn, now it is in a very odd status :)07:59
Qimingteach me why we need a 'vm' as parameter when you have time08:08
Yanyanhufaint, it should be hm08:08
Yanyanhumy fault08:09
* Qiming faints too08:09
Yanyanhustupid mistake08:09
openstackgerritYanyan Hu proposed openstack/senlin: Fix an error in test lbaas driver
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Revision to FEATURES.rst
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/senlin: Fix action status update
Qiminglixinhui, not online?08:17
lixinhuiyes, I am here08:18
Qimingdo you still have problems/questions with ceilometer?08:19
Qimingokay, just noticed that lianhao lu is on ceilometer channel08:47
Qimingsince we don't have other patches hanging regarding senlinclient08:54
QimingI'm gonna generate a release now08:54
Qimingit will be version 0.4.008:56
Qimingit will be a milestone for senlin client08:56
Yanyanhuso this will be the final release of senlinclient in Mitaka if no exception happen?08:57
YanyanhuI see08:57
Qimingwe still have a lot patches hanging at server side:
Qimingwe are cutting a m3 release for server side09:00
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Minor tweak setup-service tool
Qiminglixinhui, I'm trying to reproduce the problems you reported about deleting health_registry entries09:13
Qimingfor i in {1..100}; do senlin cluster-policy-attach -p hp1 c1; senlin cluster-policy-detach -p hp1 c1; done09:21
*** Yanyanhu has quit IRC09:26
lixinhuino need that way09:26
lixinhuijust attach then deatach09:26
Qimingokay, mysql is sometimes unpredictable09:26
Qimingwhen working on the action dependency09:26
Qimingsome problems are very sporadic, completely unpredictable09:27
openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix action status update
lixinhuiQiming, so we shoud claim it as "known issue" and "wont fix in senlin"?09:33
Qimingcannot reproduce it09:34
lixinhuiI can09:34
Qimingif it is still there, we'd better fix it, we still have time09:34
Qiminglet me find the bug report and see if there are hints09:35
lixinhuiHow for me to send you the log09:37
lixinhuior email09:37
lixinhuior some better way with Openstack infrastrature09:37
Qimingmaybe QQ09:37
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openstackgerritCindia-blue proposed openstack/senlin: Revise Cache of Registry of Health Manager
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/senlin: Fix an error in test lbaas driver
*** Qiming has joined #senlin14:32
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*** dhellmann has joined #senlin20:36
dhellmannany cores around? I'm looking for Qiming or someone else to talk about the milestone release.20:37
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